kim kyung kyu


Posters for Chicago typewriter are out as the premiere date drew nearer.

Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo individual posters too.

Screenwriter of Chicago typewriter, Jin Soo Wan, is also famous for her previous works like Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC, 2015), The Moon Embraces the Sun (KBS2, 2012). While director, Kim Chul Kyu is famous for directing On the Way to the Airport (KBS2, 2016), My Beautiful Bride (OCN, 2015), Emergency Couple (tvN, 2014), Dae Mui (SBS, 2010) and Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006). 

With a star-studded cast, a star screenwiter and a star director, my expectation for Chicago Typewriter is certainly set really high now.

I do hope I will not be disappointed. But I am confident that the drama is going to be as good as its profile looks.

How I currently spend my week
  • Monday & Tuesday: *Excited because Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is on*
  • Tuesday Night: *Super excited for my Wednesday/Thursday dramas*
  • Wednesday & Thursday: *About to cry from the double dose of dramas because The Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo is on*
  • Thursday Night: *Not sure if I can survive the excitement of my Week-end dramas*
  • Friday & Saturday: *On the verge of death because Goblin is on*
  • Sunday Morning: *Dead from too much excitement over the week*
  • Sunday Night: *Coming back from the dead to get ready for my Monday/Tuesday drama*

Life is about turning into different roads every day. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality placed in front of you. You can’t find the right answer every single time. But Kim Sabu always said this: “Do not give up on asking questions about why we live, and what we live for. The moment you give up on that, the romance in life ends. Understood?” That is what he said.