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They’re nominated for #1 against Sejeong from I.O.I/Gugudan & Kim Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon this Sunday 12/04. They’ll be performing live, no prerecording. For livestream links and more information, click here.


Kim Heechul And Min Kyung Hoon To Release Music Video Featuring TWICE’s Momo

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon are the next artists to feature on SM Station.

The two artists jokingly refer to themselves as “Universe Cowards,” a reference to Kim Heechul’s self-styled “Universe Big Star” title and Buzz’s hit song “Coward.” The song will be a rock ballad and will be released on November 19 at 12 a.m. KST. The music video will be released an hour later.

The video features both Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon, as well as TWICE’s Momo as the main female lead. The three of them will be involved in a love triangle story.

Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon are currently working together on the JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything.”   [source: soompi]

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Reveals Trauma Left By Sasaeng Fans

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon were guests on the November 22 KST episode of TvN’s talk show “Taxi.”

The two talked about a variety of things, including sasaeng fans. Kim Heechul said, “I don’t add ‘fan’ to when I talk about sasaeng fans. Sasaeng fans are not fans.”

He said, “Even now I locked the bathroom door and only use the sitting toilet. Long ago, fans once just threw open the door [when I was using the urinal], and I was traumatized by that experience.” Kim Heechul added, “They would also secretly come into my house.”

Min Kyung Hoon also talked about his experience with overzealous fans, describing the time he found someone sleeping in the clothing room of the house he lives in with his parents. He learned that his parents had brought the person in after finding them shivering outside of their house.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon recently released a song title “Sweet Dream” together through SM Station, showing great performance on music charts.[c]