kim kyu kong

Translation of Kyu's talk to MinJun on 08022014

Translated by Yingx501 based on Chinese Subs (Edited, due to Chinese subs error)

Kyu: Here~
Min: Is it the one near the wall? Where?
Kyu: Over here~ Over here~
Min: There there there! It’s him!
Jun: Oh that is, Kim Kyu Kong ssi, Annyeong Hasaeyo~
Kyu: ehhh~
Jun: Firstly, introduce yourself to the others~
Kyu: Annyeong Hasaeyo, I just came from Jeonju. I’m still trying to adapt to the timezone. [because in front Jung Min said that he was still trying to adjust to the timeline after coming back from the European Tour) Also, I’m approving Park Jung Min to cut his hair.
Kyu: I’m SS501 center, Kim Kyu Jong, very happy to see everyone.
Jun: Hello, thanks for being able to come~
Min: You faster come down.
Jun: You faster come down.
Min: You faster come down.
Kyu: Ah, I want to sit here.