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Is it just me or does the nct family seem like the best family.

Mothers always over protective and caring: Taeyong, Taeil

Fathers who stand at the BBQ talking about the Game, hidden love of anime: Hansol, Yuta

Weird Uncles that get along with the kids: Ten, Johnny

Responsible Uncles from time to time show a savage side: Doyoung, Kun

Well behaved cousins who also hide a savage side: WinWin, Renjun

Sneaky twins who never get the blame: jeno, jaemin

Teenager that no one understands but everyone loves: Mark

His cool older brother who always gets the girls: Jaehyun

Mischievous son who is the main source of the families fear of being pranked: Haechan

Awkward youngest son who stays in his room and plays games: Jisung

The very loud kid who is always around but no one is actually sure how he’s related, probably just a friend of Jisung: Chenle

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@ sm im still waiting on an ot17 nct life where tf is it like i appreciate all these small ones but i want all the boys together preferably all with natural hair bc that gets me real emo real quick so yeah how ‘bout it boi


after receiving many asks about a master list, we finally have one!

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Late Night Call - ten

Sexual Paradise - doyoung

Kinky Night - jaehyun

Don’t Hide It - jaehyun

Silk Robe - johnny

Black Leather - taeyong

Taken By Force - taeyong

A Little Lesson To Learn - winwin

Life Of The Party - Johnny

NCT As Boyfriends - all

MTL Finger You Under The Table At A Dinner Party - all

MTL Moan The Loudest - all

MTL Have Sex When The Other Members Are In The Next Room - all

MTL To Buy Their S/O Sex Toys, Lingerie, etc. - all

u know sometimes i regret not sleeping a decent amount but then i remember that some of y'all are still sleeping on jeno n renjun so

What if 127 really stands for 7 original members + 2 more members (this comeback) + 1 member (next comeback) and the whole ‘127 is the longitude of Seoul’ is just a cover up?

I’m shook 


hoooooo thanks for 1000+!!! im so happy so many people enjoy my silly little doodles ;;

okay kids here we go

i have technically been stanning nct since rookies era but there was a slight period where i stopped being so interested in them and the reason was because i was worried that the fandom would turn nasty and hateful, and apparently some people have already begun to do so. i will say this once, we must not be what everyone else expects us to be, we must always be respectful and civilised, i don’t care what the other fandoms are doing, we will not become that fandom. i understand that we all want to protect nct with all our hearts, bc i really do, i really love them, but we will do it respectfully and we will not be delusional and not admit to their mistakes because we will not be that fandom. we will be courteous and considerate, compassionate and cordial, we will not bash or hate, please for the sake of making nct, the actual angels, proud, don’t have us turn into that fandom.

Getting to Know NCT: Shows and More!


Okay so this is not smut I know. 
But someone requested this and I can´t just let a poor soul wander around N City all lost and confused. 

Anon requested: Hello so this is random but I’m slowly getting into the nct fandom and was wondering if you could recommend any shows/interviews they’ve done id like to get to know the members better❤️ thanks! have a nice day :’)

???Author???: karma and yu

???A/n???: I always want to introduce new people to NCT so this was great!!! thank you so much!! Please, anyone, tell me if there is a mistake or if I need to add something. We really hope this helps you out! Also, we love random asks and stuff like that please dont be afraid to send things non smut related we like to engage with our followers!! 

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NCT Bee Movie AU

I just don’t care any more. Requested by a lovable satan.

Taeil: Mrs Benson (sweet, confused and very concerned for the young one)

Hansol: Honey Seller Guy (was just trying to do his job but no one would let him)

Johnny: Mooseblood (chill dude probably gives great advice and UNDER APPRECIATED)


Yuta: Queen Bee (very cool looking, a flirt but isn’t seen enough, stoned half the time)

Kun: (looks like he knows what he’s doing, seems sensible but honest so done with everyone)

Doyoung: This Distressed Lawyer (regrets everything that has lead him to be surrounded by these people)

Ten: Angry Lawyer Man (you can’t deny it that they both suit a bowtie)

Jaehyun: All These Jocks (probably calls everyone bro and was everyones high school crushes)

WinWin: Adam (another sensible one, too cute, will also fight you too the death if need bee)

Jungwoo: Bee Larry King (the only one that probably has their shit together most sensible)

Yukhei: This Guy That Represents Us Watching The Bee Movie (never seen but has the best facial expressions)

Mark: This Random Guy Who Lost A Fight To A Bee (he tries his hardest even with the very little he has)

Renjun: Mr Benson (his hair is so soft you wanna ruffle it, has a dark past that his kid doesn’t know about, is done with his son nd is ready to kill)  

Jeno: This Chap (probably has more dad jokes than years left to live)

Donghyuck: Barry (has more sass than you can handle, will fight you on everything and too cool for you)

Jaemin: The Tennis Ball (we were only together for a bit but when we were together you seemed very bright)

Chenle: This General Looking Man (every time we see them they’re screaming at people or just in general

Jisung: The Poor Man (is given literally 0 respect, IS NOT PAYED ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THIS, is ready to tear your head off)


this boy has been a main dancer since rookies era n i know he got centre during black on black but that was not enough , he doesn’t get enough recognition for his talents as a whole wtf love my son lee jeno pls

❀ nct masterlist ❀

bullet scenarios

bestfriend! au

boyfriend! au

superhero! au

dad! au

mafia! au

prince! au

highschool! au

university! au

bad boy! au

cuddling with nct