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@ sm im still waiting on an ot17 nct life where tf is it like i appreciate all these small ones but i want all the boys together preferably all with natural hair bc that gets me real emo real quick so yeah how ‘bout it boi


NCT’s mentor : Kim Doyoung 👨‍🎓

What if 127 really stands for 7 original members + 2 more members (this comeback) + 1 member (next comeback) and the whole ‘127 is the longitude of Seoul’ is just a cover up?

I’m shook 

u know sometimes i regret not sleeping a decent amount but then i remember that some of y'all are still sleeping on jeno n renjun so

okay kids here we go

i have technically been stanning nct since rookies era but there was a slight period where i stopped being so interested in them and the reason was because i was worried that the fandom would turn nasty and hateful, and apparently some people have already begun to do so. i will say this once, we must not be what everyone else expects us to be, we must always be respectful and civilised, i don’t care what the other fandoms are doing, we will not become that fandom. i understand that we all want to protect nct with all our hearts, bc i really do, i really love them, but we will do it respectfully and we will not be delusional and not admit to their mistakes because we will not be that fandom. we will be courteous and considerate, compassionate and cordial, we will not bash or hate, please for the sake of making nct, the actual angels, proud, don’t have us turn into that fandom.

How NCT would react after they have an argument with their girlfriend....

Taeyong: He would be angry but then he’ll realize he was being too mean so he’ll come and apologize and will cheer you up with aegyo.

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Jaehyun: He’ll feel bad about it and would bring you a bouquet of roses with an apology letter.

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Hansol: He’ll be really sad and would not talk to anyone. He’ll keep thinking of a way to apologize to you.

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Doyoung: He would be really angry but after he sees tears in your eyes he’ll calm down and will run and hug you, apologizing to you again and again.

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Yuta: The members would probably calm him down and will tell him to go and apologize. The members will apologize on his behalf. He will realize it himself too after the members tell him.

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Johnny: He would sigh and come to you with a cheeky smile. He’ll apologize but you would still be frowning. He’ll then say, “Hey come on! Peace begins with a smileee..” and when you’re still frowning he will take out his phone and search for peace quotes and say, ”Okay how about this, forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve John-I mean peace.” And you’ll start laughing.

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Taeil: He will feel guilty and would keep on apologizing to you until you forgive him. And when you do he’ll hug you and say ‘saranghaeyo’ to you a hundred times.

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Ten: He’ll first think that he is right and there’s no need for apology but later he will realize that he was wrong. He will try SO MANY ways to cheer you up and would keep on trying until you smile.

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Winwin: He’ll have a sad face the whole time and when the members find out about it, they’ll help him you both in making up.

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Kun: The members will force him to go and apologize and he’ll fail again and again because of feeling awkward and shy in front of you.

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Mark: He will approach you as if nothing happened and would be casual with you.

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Jeno: He will be a gentleman and would apologize to you in the most formal way.

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Dongyuck: He will keep on apologizing and would whine, “Yahhhh why aren’t you forgiving me….whyyyy….pleaseee forgive me! I’m sorryyyyyy.” He would continue that until you get annoyed. XD

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Jaemin: He will come out of no where and would kiss you and when you ask him why he did that, he’ll say, “That was for being so mean and rude, sorryyyyy!”

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Jisung: He will come and stand in front of you awkwardly and will crack up while apologizing. You’ll both start laughing and will eventually make up.

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NCT reacting when you ask them for a towel while showering

*caution: naughty guys

TaeyongYou asked for it! Coooooming babe…*he licks his lips while he starts to take off his clothes to join you*

Taeil: *takes in a deep breath* Ok baby, just let me know if you need help to wash your back…*his thoughts are getting hotter*

Ten: Did he hear that clearly? You want him to handle you a towel…*nervous, he doesn’t know what to do* Ok baby, I’m going to close my eyes…But he smiles as he enters and sees you completely naked in front of him…oups…sneaky liar!

Doyoung: Let me join you first and I’ll bring you a towel! If not, you come over naked and take it for yourself…*savage and naughty DY knows how to blackmail you*

Kun: Are you sure honey?? Ok…just give me a second….*takes a glimpse of you naked behind the curtains, while he places the towel on the sink* I’ll be in your room when you’re done… *he starts to make a plan to seduce you*

Jaehyun: I’m coming right now baby! *finally he can take advantage of you all naked…and wet!*

Win Win: Which one,  sweety? You have so many colored towels…*he looks confused looking inside the drawer* You couldn’t wait to freeze so you made your way towards him all naked and wet…Ohh that was unexpected! he quickly covers your body…I’ll save this for later, ok?! smiling mischievously

Johnny: *forgets the towel, grabs the camera* So here it starts, Johnny’s body evaluation! * enters the bathroom* Come out baby! You scold him so hard, even if he asks for forgiveness…and while you try to run after him, you slip and fall…on him of course…well that was unexpected…

Yuta: He leaves the towel and takes a moment to blow you a finger kiss and gives you a slap on the buttSorry honey, my hand slipped for a moment! *he gets out giggling, quickly, before you could react*

Hansol: Here! Next time take it for yourself ok? * he feels somehow annoyed you disturbed him watching his movie* But when you ask him to join you while you push the curtains, he drops down the towel at the view of your body full of foam…well that was to make him feel..less stressed, because you are better than that movie for sure


this boy has been a main dancer since rookies era n i know he got centre during black on black but that was not enough , he doesn’t get enough recognition for his talents as a whole wtf love my son lee jeno pls

Favorite characters!

 thank you, @pleasantdreamsart for tagging me!! this is so fun^^ the rules: name 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms and tag whoever you’d like!!

(notice an alarming amount of characters voiced by okamoto nobuhiko, seiyuu goals- ☆ )

1. nishinoya yuu- haikyuu!!  ☆

*cough* nishinoya *cough* yuu *cough* is my fucking angel that took my heart away and threw it into dirt

2. yang xiao long- rwby

my firecracker <3 syawed my heart away, she deserves happiness and what happened to her is uncalled for, i blocked roosterteeth, locked myself in my room to cry, goddamit barb

3. obi- akagami no shirayukihime  ☆

couldn’t pick one picture, lol)) he is honestly my sweetest child and he’s bodyguard goals, shirayuki’s bff, deserved better, is a goofy ass that has so much love to give

4. orihara izaya- durarara


fuck he’s pretty.png

what you doin.png

what he plotting.png

FUCK he’s prett y om f g.png

accurate summary. ((these are all file names of pics of him)) my little devil. i love him but i’m glad he was punched.

5.tom-  star vs. the forces of evil

i just?? love him??? i love him!! it was a really hard choice between marco or tom. i picked tom bc in the end of the day- marco is the better singer. tom is my dorky son, who is also a deadly demon, and he cannot sing. so yeah, tom.

6.kuro- servamp

he is just me in real life… he’s adorable and deserves rest!~ mahiru is so lucky to have him, i’d love a little vampire kitty. i’d gladly take him and give him the attention and happiness he deserves.

7. shego- kim possible

had to go back in time to kim possible! shego had a huge influence on me as a kid and i absolutely adored her. she was so important to me, i figured- might as well put my queen on the list. my badass power hungry babe. 

8.karma- ansatsu kyoushitsu  ☆

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((i didn’t have any good pics of this badass)) i love psycho characters. like- i love karma. just give me more badass babes voiced by okamoto-san. you can never have too many. the development he goes through is amazing. he’s just amazing. 

9. kuriyama mirai- kyoukai no kanata

my poor angsty princess. i love her so much- she is so strong, everything she’s been through she did alone, she didn’t have anyone. it was really close between her and akihito, like really really close. she got so far. the movie though ;A; 

10. mikoto mikoshiba (mikorin)- gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun  ☆

that picture sums up his character pretty well. a ball of sunshine who is dumb and good looking, who’s so good with girls that he embarrasses himself. he uses the dumbest pickup lines and his friendship with chiyo is adorable. 100\100.

note: i fought hard battles to make this list. please note there are shows\animes that are so good i can’t pick a favorite.  

i tag!! <3: @mybrokenrecords, @frozenlance, @tina-nightray, @tintin-hq, @eladadika (you watch these!! also post something dammit) @harelmlg (ayye it’s working) and everyone else who wants to!! 

if you saw this and want to do it this means i tagged you! have a good day everyone!


bts au; tonari no kaibutsu-kun;
kim taehyung as yoshida haru; min yoongi as mizutani shizuku;

“If meeting you was my lucky moment, it balances out everything else that’s happened. Only good things have happened, since I met you.”

                              ( “I’m not going to fall in love with you, Taehyung”.

                                       “Fine. I’ll just have to change your mind”. )

NCT Reaction- Seeing You For The First Time and Thinking Your Pretty/Handsome

A/N- This is my first ever reaction post, so as you might guess it could take some getting used to. I’ll try to get the members as accurate as I can but they might not be 100%. I’m doing them in order of age. Thanks hope you like this :D

Taeil: He would be so shy. You might be walking passed and he saw you out of the corner of his eye. He would consider talking to you or not. Occasionally glancing in your direction. He would eventually go talk to you after his members noticed him looking at you, they probably would annoy him until he went up and spoke to you.

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Hansol: He would notice you while out with Yuta and Taeil. He would also be a bit shy but still would be more confident than Taeil. He would excuse himself from the two other boys and timidly approach you. He’d greet you with a small smile and try to talk as casually as he could, probably with not much luck. he might stutter or trip over his words but would feel comfortable talking to you after a few minutes.

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Johnny: When he saw you, oh boy he would probably practice flirting on Ten one of the members. Once he’d nailed what he was gonna say he would swagger be to you and probably say something really cheese like “So did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” you would reply with “No, but I might have scraped my knees crawling up from hell” his smirk would fall. But he’d start laughing and making it a joke. A few minutes later you two would be laughing so hard that Ten and Taeyong would have to come over to check you two are okay.

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Taeyong: I think he would be quite confident but not as much as Johnny. Probably talking casually with you. At first you were a little intimidated by his cold looks but once you started talking you realise he was actually really sweet. He might flirt lightly and send you a few winks here and there but generally pleasant to have a conversation with.

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Yuta: He be confident but not try to hard. You’d be at a restaurant or cafe when nct came in making noise. You and your friends would see them come in but would not pay much attention as your too busy talking. Yuta on the other hand who definitely notice you. He would try to get your attention by staring at you until he made eye contact. When you finally did notice him she kept smiling at you and would only get the attention of the members when he stood up to go talk to you.

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Kun: The China Line would be out on a shopping trip. You’d be in the same store with your friends, when you would accidentally drop your phone, you would curse in Chinese, LOUDLY. Chenle and Renjun gasp as WinWin gave a disapproving look. Kun would turn to look for the culprit but when he saw you a smile would spread across his face. When you realised that these 4 boys could understand Chinese you apologise. Kun would take this chance to start a conversation in Chinese, he would be pretty happy that he could speak to you without having to worry about translating what you were saying.

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Doyoung: He’s a cutie. He might go to talk to you but only after he has had a pep talk from the member. he would look calm and casual on the outside but he is a mess on the inside, he’d be constantly worried that he say something wrong or accidentally offend you. But if you call him cute or handsome the calmness will completely melt away and he will be a blushing, stuttering mess.

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Ten: Ok, we all know how extra Ten can be so it’s not a surprise that when he saw you shopping for clothes, he pushed both Jaehyun and Johnny out the way to get to you. He’d lean on the wall beside you and flash that killer smile at you and giving the most extra wink ever. At first you’d think he’s a playboy just looking for his next date but few minutes into the conversation you’d realise he a complete dork, even if he is a flirty one.

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Jaehyun: Okay this cutie will see you buying coffee and immediately start walk over to you without thinking of what he’s going to say. He’ll start off really confident saying “Hi” with a big smile but then when his brain connects to his body again he starts panicking trying to think of what to say next. You find it adorable and strange but start a conversation nonetheless where you take the lead. He just nods and agrees with everything you say, whilst watching your beautiful/handsome features.

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WinWin: This innocent child will notice you as soon as you walk into the cafe with your friend. The rest of his members will notice his change in focus and encourage him to go up and speak to you, he’ll ask them for advice and Johnny  being the friend he is gives this poor boy some useless helpful advice. So the boy tries to swagger up to you and stutters “S-sup” and puts on a forced smirk. You and your friend both laugh at him while he looks to his hyungs for help. You find him cute and ask him to eat lunch with your and your friend.

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Mark: He’d be out and about with his besty, Haechan, when he sees you across the mall and can’t stop staring which brings the attention of Haechan. Haechan being the person that he is dares Mark to go talk to you. So Mark picks himself from the table and awkwardly walks over to you. He shyly asked to sit at your table and offers to buy you lunch, cue Haechan running up to your table with a camera pointed at mark and you. He says “Mark and this stranger sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” in a sing song voice, to this mark hides his face while laughing trying not to show the blush on his face.

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Renjun: Goodness, he’d get so excited when he saw your moomin phone case. Jeno and Jaemin hah to physically hold him back from skipping over to you and making a complete fool of himself. The 00 line would help him come up with a strategy for him to go talk to you. when they all look up again your gone. A disappointed Renjun gets tap on the shoulder and turns to see you energetically beaming at him, “Hi I’m Y/N, I saw your moomin backpack and decided to say hello, I’m a moomin fan too” you show him your phone case and he resists the urge not to suffocate you in a hug. 

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Jeno: You would be in a soccer competition, your school against his. He noticed you when the referee blew his whistle and you took off like a rocket, flying past him and the other plays on the field, you waited until you were passed the ball and it took you less than 20 seconds to score a perfect shot into his school’s goals. He’d be impressed to say the least and would wait till after the match to talk to you. He would shyly walk up to you and ask if you want to hang out.

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Haechan: OMG, this kid, he may seem like the type to know everything about girls but when he saw you it would take him a full 10 minutes to figure out what he was gonna say and whether he should act like a bad boy or a sweet pie. He’d stress out over every detail. He’d walk up to you and act all bad boy but when you turned to walk way he would do a double take, moving quickly to step in your path. He would apologise and call you a cutie whilst do aegyo to win you heart, it worked.

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Jaemin: He would need some incouragement to help try and speak to you, he might ask one of his hyungs how you should approach you at. Which gets a lot of different opinions from the different boys of the group. At last he decides to just go up to you and start a conversation. But really he has no clue what he’s doing you’d notice him making his way towards you and say “Hi”. this got him slightly bashful. he panicked and mumbled “your beautiful” you start giggling while he scratches the back of his head. You two end up laughing at each other weirdness.

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Chenle: This child wouldn’t notice you at first he’d be more focused on petting your dog. Then when he asked what it’s name was, he didn’t expect to hear a beautiful voice to answer him. He looked up and redden slightly in the cheek seeing your attractive face. He’d confidently start a conversation with you about how cute your dog was. He might act a little shy but will quickly get over it.

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Jisung: This child is as innocent as it can get. When he saw you he would be a bubbly, embarrassed combination. He wasn’t going to talk to you but the members of the dream team pushed him into you as they walked past. He would apologise so much then after give you an awkward smile and turn to leave but you grabbed his arm and turned him round to ask his name. After that you would both start laughing about what his hyungs did but he wouldn’t tell that they did it because of him thinking your attractive. 

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A/N~Okay this took a long, long time so I hope it was worth it and that you liked it! :D 

Adding tags in an NCT related post be like...

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Me: Okay so there are 6 members in NCT U …oh! I forgot Doyoung and Mark.

*types Doyoung and Mark*

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*Counts again*

Me: ELEVEN?Wait lemme think….

 *after a few minutes*


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