kim kayne

Taylor Swift, sis...


So Taylor’s new song is called “Look What You Made Me Do” and it’s some sort of retaliation to Kim and Kayne for exposing her for lying about Kayne’s song “Famous”. In the video she is apparently hitting back at those who criticises her as if she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Few things: 1. No one made you do anything. YOU made the choice to lie to everyone about letting Kayne use your name

2. Again the title: Look what we made her do. She’s blaming us. She’s blaming the fact that we saw behind the PR curtain of the sweet innocent white girl who can do no wrong that you have used to build your career and saw as Katy Perry called her “The Regina George”. Instead of taking responsibility for her bullshit actions, she is still trying to play the victim.

3. How you gonna make a video about not playing the victim while playing the victim??

4. The bathtub - really. I see you. I might not like the Kardashians but that was a shitty move.

5. This will, no doubt be credited as edgy and brave but it’s been done (Beyoncé’s Pepsi commercial).

6. I doubt Kayne is quaking in his Yeezys over Taylor Swift. The fact that she’s letting this eat her up for a year is just sad cuz if she was the “Strong feminist icon” some of y'all play her out to be she should’ve and would’ve let it go and move the fuck on.

The song was okay but instead of praising her how about people start asking for her to to take responsibility for what she did instead of help capitalise on what she did and start making her out to be the victim. She was revealed to be a snake and liar.