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Gasoline: Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: Language, sort of fluffy

A/N: Have already started on Part 3; decided to cliffhang ya’ll a bit so everything is spaced apart. Again, this is an AU fic. Please do send feedback and let me know if you enjoy this/would like this to be a mini series or anything else. Thankyou!

Part One

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You were pacing your room in your robe and slippers, arms crossed over your chest wondering what the fuck just happened. Bubbles were still trailing down your slick legs and dampening your slippers, but you failed to notice due to how wired you were.

Jensen motherfucking Ackles, the man whom you shamelessly fantasised about on a regular basis on your favourite show, just accidentally walked in on you masturbating.

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The Professor (Part 2)

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Reality hit you. “Don’t show me, Amy,” you said, looking at her. You felt a little bad because she, in her ill state, had gone to the trouble of digging up dirt to find his Facebook profile. “I doubt a guy like him isn’t already taken,” you said sadly, your mood suddenly changing. “He’s married, isn’t he? Hell, he probably has fucking kids! I should’ve known…” You trailed off as a smile crept onto Amy’s face.

“Just look at it, geez, Y/N,” you leaned towards her and you looked at his Facebook page. Amy guided you through it. “His name’s Chris. I like it…‘Chris Evans’…has a nice ring to it. He’s twenty-eight, single, has a fucking PhD!”

“Dude’s a whole premium package,” you said, scrolling down the list of posts.

You burst out laughing at one of the links he’d shared. “Grandmas react to the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and our innocent professor here, said ‘this is absolutely, without question, the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I wanna hang with these ladies.’”

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hello-btsfangirl  asked:

Bts reaction to their gf with big boobs wearing no bra and asking them to hold up her boobs because they are so heavy 😂

Uh, @hello-btsfangirl​– you can hold up your own boobies, darling. I’m going to modify this request to you wearing no bra and so you’re holding them up– like holding your own boobies cause they’re your own. Okay? AIN’T NOBODY HOLDING UP ANYBODY ELSE’S BOOBIES ON THIS PAGE! lmao.


Jin hands you his jacket to cover up anything that might peek through. He whispers in your ear, “(Y/N), next time, please don’t forget to wear your undergarments.”


“(Y/N), please go put on a bra. This is too provocative. Do you want the whole world to stare at your boobs?!” Yoongi is completely flustered.  



“Kim Kardashian used duct tape to secure those for the Grammy’s. Want me to get you some?”


“(Y/N), maybe if you put on a bra, you wouldn’t have to carry them around like that. People are starting to stare…”


Taehyung makes fun of you running down the stairs while holding unto your boobs. “I’m (Y/N)! I have such big boobs that i can’t go down the stairs without holding them down~!”


Confession: Kim Kardashian

It’s 2014 and I still see this whole Kim is a slut/ whore/ etc. bullshit. Kim is a grown ass woman and at the end of the day she can sleep with 10, 15, 20, 400 people, it’s none of your business. So what if she had a sex tape. Y'all act as if she was the first and only person to have one. And I why don’t y'all give Ray J this same kind of hate? He’s constantly appearing on tv shows and I never see people try to “call him out” on his sex life or the sex tape.