kim kardashian privat


38 states in the USA use the one-party consent law when it comes to wiretapping or publishing private conversations (18 USC 2511 (2)(d)). This means you can make a phone conversation public as long as one of the parties of the conversation consents to it, or when you are one of the involved parties. Let’s say the party would be Kanye - no issue.
The Kardashians live in California. California is not one of those 38 states. In California, you need two party consent - big issue.

Not only is it 100% illegal for Kim Kardashian to make a private conversation public (ohhh, money damages lawsuit), it is ridiculously childish. I get that Taylor Swift is a bit much sometimes, but also have some decency.

Closing remarks:

1. Yes, I am aware Taylor Swift wrote songs about her exes. Yes, she probably didn’t ask for their consent. No, this is not the same thing.
2. Kim Kardashian fighting Kanye’s battles astonishes me. Also the ‘point’ is whether or not TS consented to KW calling her a bitch in a song, coincidentally KK doesn’t seem to share that specific footage, what a COINCIDENCE.
3. The fact Khloe Kardashian then goes onto twitter moaning about how her snaps won’t get attention and being vulgar to Chloë Moretz, just proves how incredibly childish this all is.

I hope Swift sues. If I had no other choice, I’d rather listen to Break Up Song #264 than some slander from a man that thinks he’s a deity. What a bunch of utter rubbish. These are adults! That earn millions of dollars! And they occupy themselves with this kind of petty shit! While people get shot and discriminated against and banned and can’t afford to put food on the table. Fucking disgraceful.