kim kardashian pregnant by kanye west

Trigger warning: Kylie Jenner

i just want to say  i don’t want anyone EVEN saying that Kylie is a bad role model just because she’s pregnant at a “young age” she’s a successful woman and if she’s exited to have a child more power to her. There’s nothing more beautiful than having children so if you call her a bad role model just for being a mom you’re an asshole 

I saw a post that said Kim & Kanye’s surrogate is 3 months pregnant. That would mean they got her pregnant about a month or two after Beyoncé’s baby announcement. Kim posted pics of her kid’s, “twin puppies” right after Beyoncé’s twin’s birth announcement. I guess when your husband is in love with another woman it’s hard to not blatantly try to copy her left and right.

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