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So I’ve been playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood again and if any of my followers who are still here saw any of my posts from when I used to play, you’ll know I love Cassio and I want nothing more than the chance for my character to date him.

So I’ve been busy so I haven’t opened the app for a couple of days. And now I just did, and this is what pops up immediately.

And I FREAK. I’m literally so freakin excited. He’s my favorite character and he’s rarely ever in the game, so it just seemed so random, but I wasn’t complaining.

So, I’m freaking out. Obviously. I’m impatient as hell, so I spent twelve K-stars (that I just got from opening up one of those daily boxes too) to speed it up and be able to do the gig right away.

Now, I knew something was up. It wasn’t going to be that easy to date Cassio, and I knew damn well he wasn’t about to ask my character to marry him. But I was excited for Cassio so I dived right in.

Now, I was so excited to see him that I was way to engulfed in the conversation, not the name listed above his dialogue…

I mean of course I said yes do you even know who I am

I… I just. Glu Games. That was a low blow.

It’s like they knew exactly what would get me going and they went for it. T_T

See, I’m just hoping something good comes out of this. I mean, maybe they chose Cassio to use in this prank because a lot of players want to date him? Maybe we’ll actually get to date him?

I can dream, can’t I? T_T

Locations + Airports

This game is full of MULTIPLE locations for all the quests. It can definitely get a little confusing, especially when Simon decides not to tell you where the restaurant or club is located.

Check out the locations below. It’ll save you from wasting money by mistake because of going to a wrong city.

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Excuse me? “Make friends?” I am not about to waste five of my energy on this gray-eyebrowed D-list nasty-ass fugly slut who is trying to ride my coattails to stardom. She can’t even change her outfit. That light coming down from Club Lif is probably a Miami Metro PD helicopter picking this bitch up for being a stinky piece of trash. Dexter Morgan has this no-good dick gobbler in his sights. DAMN.

Seriously Simon you need to stop calling me two seconds after I’ve just finished a gig and used up all my energy spending three hours doing the same pose over and over again and then walking out of the shoot to go fly to Miami so I can tap some random birds and fire hydrants for more energy because I already tapped every bird and fire hydrant in Southern California and when I tap those birds and fire hydrants I don’t get any energy anyway so I have to drag myself back to the photoshoot and the photographer is oblivious to the fact that I just up and walked out and just keeps taking pictures that I never even get to see. You are seriously the manager from hell and my social life is a mess because my so called girlfriend just calls me out of the blue and says we should break up and she’s basic anyway and has no appreciation for all the bottles of wine I buy and the fancy ass dinners where she insults my outfit and then we go straight to kissing because that’s apparently a sign of a healthy relationship in this town.

But yeah I’ll take the gig.

—  SincerlyChantelCox