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skam week: dag fem, favorite quote

– It doesn’t mean I’m gay, though. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, I’m just not “gay” gay, like you. You get what I mean, right? That you talk openly about sucking dick and Kim Kardashian and lavender fragrance. I respect that you take the gay-thing all the way, I’m just not like that. – There’s no “gay-thing” that I’ve decided to take all the way, I’m just trying to be myself, Isak. – Of course you’re yourself. What I mean is that it seems like everyone associates being gay to being “like that”, and that’s a bummer for those who aren’t like that. Because it’s not like I’m gonna wear mascara and tights and go to gay pride just because I like Even.

Tyga and Auntie Kylie had a business meeting to discuss a possible fragrance as a couple. Much like Auntie Koko and Lamar’s fragrance “Unbreakable”, they wanted a name for the scent that was inspired by their relationship. They eventually landed on “Unlawful”.