kim kardashian exposed

So basically they did not know shit about the Shawn Mendes collaboration and they tried to sit her down and see what the fuck was up and she was like LOL nope I don’t fuck with you. and they were like LOL no we gave you three fucking years of our lives you can give us five minutes to talk and she called her lawyers and said tell them I am leaving!!! And they was like BITCH THE FUCK??? That’s how you do us?? And then they posted their statement and said this bitch fucking gave up on us. and then Camila graduate of the Taylor Swift school of pettiness and victimization was like uh no I didn’t I am an innocent and everyone should love me. And then they were back to this bitch you had a lot to say about us on Instagram, Camila what’s good? *Kim Kardashian level expose*

When stories are published calling Taylor “insane” and a “control freak”, and when entire Tumblr threads are devoted to how “annoying” she is, we’re sending a message to young girls and women: You are not allowed to be seen enjoying your success or your sexuality – and you are certainly not to appear to think you deserve either.

Justin Bieber caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to his neighbour’s property by egging it, and allegedly spat on his fans. He repeatedly storms off stage in the middle of concerts and talks openly about his relationships – yet he still can be redeemed.

Swift writes catchy songs about some ex-boyfriends, appears surprised when she wins awards, complains about how she has been represented in a Kanye West song, and is never photographed with a hair out of place. Those are her crimes. And they are apparently unforgivable.

Before her, Hathaway’s crimes were crying when she won an Oscar – and obviously wanting to win an Oscar. Lawrence’s was being too goofy. Meanwhile, Woody Allen continues to make movies, Bill Murray is a loveable but curmudgeonly old fella’ and Terry Richardson is a feted photographer.

Swift is the only woman to win the Grammy for album of the year twice; she has sold 40m albums worldwide and has written the vast majority of her own hits. If she seems little intense, it probably has something to do with why she is so wildly successful, yet we remain determined to reduce her – in her own tongue-in-cheek words – to a nightmare dressed like a daydream.


The Guardian 

“Taylor Swift’s ‘downfall’: what the online celebrations really say” by Bridie Jabour