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Today's Main Headlines: July 17, 2014 Edition

This is a new, simple feature I’m going to try to do here and there. I think it’s important in helping one gain an understand of media bias, the importance of language, and simply put, priorities of news outlets. 

One can start to see patterns, some laughable (the all caps), some sad. Most obvious if you pay attention.

Here are tonight’s current main headlines:

  • Al-Jazeera America: Israeli military launches ground invasion of the Gaza Strip
  • BBC: Malaysian jet crashes in Ukraine
  • Fox News: Hamas warns Israel ‘will pay’ as military launches Gaza ground operation
  • MSNBC: Plane shot down by surface to air missile
  • CBS News: Malaysia Airlines plane with 298 on board shot down over Ukraine
  • ABC News: Israel launches 'ground phase’ in Gaza battle
  • Yahoo! News: FedEx charges will illegal drug shipments
  • NPR: U.S. Officials: Airliner That Crashed in Ukraine Likely Shot Down
  • The Blaze: A New Phase of Operation Protective Edge
  • Huffington Post: IT WAS SHOT DOWN!
  • BuzzFeed: Official say missile hit Malaysian plane: 'Blown Out of the Sky’
  • The Guardian: Missile destroys Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine, killing 298
  • Washington Post: Missile attack takes down Malaysian plane over Ukraine
  • Jerusalem’s Post: As IAF continues to strike Gaza, Palestinians report more deaths
  • Palestine News Network: Israeli military base attacked by a group of Palestinians north of Jerusalem
  • U.S. News & World Report: State Department calls deaths of Gaza boys 'horrifying;’ says Israel must not target civilians
  • The Onion: Everyone In Middle East Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution
  • US Weekly: Whoa! Kim Kardashian Shares Bikini Picture of Her “Lady Lumps”
  • Perez Hilton: Liv Tyler Has A Confession About Her Gorgeous Leftovers Co-star Justin Theroux: And Yes, It Has To Do With What’s In His Pants!