kim kardashian and ray j

This whole Kehlani thing got me fucked up

Because some of y’all niggas got me fucked up. I don’t listen to her music. She is talented from what I heard and whatever. What she may have done(key word is may because from what I gathered, she used to be with what his name anyway and that may have been an old pic and he is just a bitter ass nigga)did not deserve this overblown reaction. What got me so perplexed is y’all niggas act like this is a reason why y’all dogs. Because being a nice guy does not get you shit and I’m like, “the fuck is wrong with you?” Let’s look past that a 20 something woman nearly committed suicide because the incessant bullying right now and let me ask how pathological are you turn this into “Niceguy”  justification?

No really, let me ask. How fucked up do you have to be? From a scale from 1 to Ray J after Kim Kardashian got married, how bitter are you? What? The girl that you wanted to date in high school turned you down and you angry about that? Y’all niggas need to grow up. Yes, people have infidelity and if you are into the whole monogamy thing, that is fucked up when they do. And yeah, feeling sympathy for the alleged cheat-ee is something, but none of you niggas was saying that shit about Allen Iverson who we know was fucking around his wife that he married after high school? Or Kobe Bryant? Or Future? Or every nigga that get money and decide that they are bigger than the concept of being faithful? You damn sure was not coming for them like you are coming for Kehlani. Calling her a thot and essentially bullying her for a mistake many young people.  

And what I don’t see is anyone coming from the home wrecking nigga like he did not know that she was in a relationship. No, you decide to even give him kudos for being the asshole. And yeah, Kehlani is not innocent, but y’all act like she fucked the whole team(and if she did, oh the fuck well…you niggas dream of having a list of women to dial so fuck you).  I don’t know the situation. I don’t know who she is even. I just know as a clinically depressed man, seeing her so ashamed that she nearly committed suicide hurt my fucking heart. 


You niggas are the reason why I don’t trust you so called woke niggas on this site because you can’t let your patriarchal double standards go in your own culture. In fact, you niggas justify them sometimes or conveniently forget that consciousness when it comes to your relationship with your so-called black queen. Being all sweet for notes and nudes. Putting on your Malcolm Xerox routine. Fake ass niggas. Fucking predators.

Excuse me if I feel a type of way about the men in black tumblr who claim they woke, but as a male who is black, I makes me sick to see a post from black women who are sick of black men knowing it is because of shenanigans like this. 

Be better.


I’m not a fan of the Kardashian clan but it always bothers me when people say that Kim and her family got famous because of her sex tape. There are millions of homemade amateur porns out there and you don’t see those people walking on red carpets. The reason why it’s called a sex tape is because Kim had SOME relevance to her name before it. Just like Paris had SOME relevance to her name before her sex tape. For anyone who’s too young to remember: Kim’s the oldest daughter of the (deceased) lawyer Robert Kardashian who represented O.J. in the ‘90 (and he was also friends with the guy). The family was already rich and (im)famous. She had family money and that’s the only reason why she was hanging out with Paris and why her boyfriend at the time was Ray J. The sex tape was merely a stepping stone. An unconventional at that, but still. She managed to get the attention of E! and they quickly realised that the family had major potential because of it’s history, drama and because Kris married athlete Bruce Jenner. Whom BTW is the father of Brody Jenner (who was on The Hills) and ex-husband of Linda Thompson. The Kardashians were NEVER regular people. That family had been in those Hollywood circles LONG before Kim decided to have some camera fun. Kim’s sex tape did NOT make her famous.