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“The girl tends to be harmed more when there’s a scandal so I discussed it with Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim about how I should react when a scandal broke out. I also told him whom, and from which label, I was dating. I told him [Lee Soo Man] that if a scandal happened, to announce that I really like her a lot. I told that to both Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim and also to her label. I still don’t know much about dating but I really didn’t know anything back then. I was only worried about a solution to when we got caught and wasn’t focused on my girlfriend. I thought that was love and caring. I’ve never even taken pictures with her. I dated her for about 3 months but I think we met like 5 times… I don’t think I even saw her 7 times in total.” - Heechul, Super Junior

“I was originally training to be the main vocalist of TRAX rather than as an idol trainee. At the time, my musical taste did not line up with SM producers, and I collided with them a bit. I always had to write letters of apology. I was frustrated and quit on debuting with TRAX, so I returned to my hometown of Gangwondo. TRAXJungmo and Jay, TVXQ’s Yunho, and Super Junior’s Donghae convinced me to return to SM.” - Heechul, Super Junior

Super Junior 11th Anniversary

This year I was very indecisive about making the anniversary image for the guys, as a group they don’t have an representative icon or something, every ‘comeback’ they had new typography, new concept, evething was new, so it was difficult to find something to match and go well to the anniversary, in all this stuff on my mind I remembered 'Label SJ’, the Super Junior’s biggest achievement in all their career, so I included the SJ beside the 11. Before it, I really want to include the anniversary date (November 6th 2005) as 05-11-06 but it was to long for the space, so this is why exists a sencond version, and it would be use as a facebook cover.

I don’t know, I try to do my best for my favourite group :) If you like, please share and spread the sapphire blue for the entire world!

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[soompi]Super Junior To Make Comeback In Second Half Of 2017

We have good news for Super Junior fans!

It has been revealed that Super Junior is planning on releasing a new album during the second half of this year.

Currently, members Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, and Sungmin have already finalized their military duties. Eunhyuk and Donghae will be discharged this July, while Choi Siwon is set to return in August.

Ryeowook will be unable to participate in the album as he will be discharged in 2018, and Kyuhyun may also be enlisting before the release of the album. But with most of the members available after August, they aim to release the album before the year is over.

This will be their first release in about two years after “Magic” in September 2015. The new album will be loaded with various new tracks worth looking forward to.

There’s still a lot of waiting to do, but they’re coming back! Are you ready, ELF?