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| 01. every end of the day iu | 02. park trip peppertones | 03. girl next door brother su | 04. colorring lim kim | 05. pillow soyou & giriboy | 06. it’s strange really minah | 07. end of the season peppertones | 08. brunch ga in & cho hyung woo | 09. i think i’m in love juniel | 10. give love akdong musician | 11. love, love, love roy kim | 12. i like it g.o.d |

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EXO as Houseguests on Big Brother (OT12)

In honor of the beginning of #BB18 and me being complete trash, I present to you my first Reality TV related AU (probably of many), I hope you guys enjoy!



  • Fools everyone into thinking he’s just a cute lil smol bean
  • So in the house nobody really suspects anything at first
  • Kinda like “oh, he’ll just be leaving soon anyways don’t pay any mind”
  • But once they get to the first HOH challenge oOOOoooOOOOOOooOOOoOohhhHHH BOY
  • Hella competitive
  • Genuinely doesn’t expect all of the twists though
  • Makes an alliance with Chen and Luhan but lowkey tries to get them evicted
  • Creates a shit ton of drama the week he knows he’s gonna get evicted
  • #havefunbitches
  • Lasts just long enough to make it into the Jury House

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kim jong bros why so cute >.<