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You know what I’m missing this fine day? Yixing with his brothers!!! I am eagerly awaiting the return of ot9, whenever that will be….

Siblings {Kim Junmyeon Drabble}

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Just a short drabble for a brother Suho concept :3

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 331

Disclaimer: I don’t own the images/gifs used.

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“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” {y/n} twirled around in her new dress in front of the mirror before stopping to admire herself once more. She straightened it out, before looking at her brother’s disapproving stare from the reflection of the mirror.

Scoffing, she turned around and placed her hands on her hips in an authoritative sort of way. “Kim Junmyeon, I am a twenty year old woman, will you stop looking at me like I have two heads?”

“I just think it’s a bit… showy. If it were any shorter you’d be flashing your underwear. And that’s a sight I don’t want to witness.” He told her, folding his arms as he perched on the edge of her dressing table.

“I don’t want you to witness that either,” {y/n} rolled her eyes, “However, it doesn’t mean I don’t want someone else to witness it. I mean, I’ve been single for ages, I really need to catch someone’s eye tonight.”

Suho groaned, “Can’t you just wear something else? If you want a guy to like you then charm them with your amazing personality instead.”

{y/n} rolled her eyes, “That isn’t how it works Suho and you know it, especially at parties.”

He sighed, giving up under his sister’s intimidating stare. “Fine, but make sure you call me when you get there, and I’ll wait up for when you come back.”

{y/n}’s face softened, smiling ever so slightly at the words her brother had spoken. He was protective to the point it irritated her beyond belief, but he did it because he cared.

“Thanks Suho.”

“It’s okay, not get outta here before I change my mind and make you stay.”

{y/n} smiled, pressing a kiss on her brother’s forehead before heading towards the door.

She then stopped to turn back and grin, “you’ll always be the best guy in my life, even though you are a complete asshole.”

Suho laughed, shaking his head. “Likewise, little sister.” 

EXO as Houseguests on Big Brother (OT12)

In honor of the beginning of #BB18 and me being complete trash, I present to you my first Reality TV related AU (probably of many), I hope you guys enjoy!



  • Fools everyone into thinking he’s just a cute lil smol bean
  • So in the house nobody really suspects anything at first
  • Kinda like “oh, he’ll just be leaving soon anyways don’t pay any mind”
  • But once they get to the first HOH challenge oOOOoooOOOOOOooOOOoOohhhHHH BOY
  • Hella competitive
  • Genuinely doesn’t expect all of the twists though
  • Makes an alliance with Chen and Luhan but lowkey tries to get them evicted
  • Creates a shit ton of drama the week he knows he’s gonna get evicted
  • #havefunbitches
  • Lasts just long enough to make it into the Jury House

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for the happier sound of spring and summer


| 01. every end of the day iu | 02. park trip peppertones | 03. girl next door brother su | 04. colorring lim kim | 05. pillow soyou & giriboy | 06. it’s strange really minah | 07. end of the season peppertones | 08. brunch ga in & cho hyung woo | 09. i think i’m in love juniel | 10. give love akdong musician | 11. love, love, love roy kim | 12. i like it g.o.d |

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kim jong bros why so cute >.<