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Lady Knight by Kim Junghun

You are one of the few dozen women amongst hundreds of men in the army. While comfortable at home in the palace, having someone else fight your battles never sat right with you so here you are, war bonded with the hundreds of other brave souls.

How does your family feel about your choice to join the army? How do you feel about it? Is you mind beginning to cave in due to the horrors of war or are you loving every minute of it? Have you made any life long friends or is attachment during war the least of your concerns? Are there any other reasons for why you joined the army? Are you the oldest child next in line for the throne? Or are you the middle or youngest child who wanted no dealings in politics?

anonymous asked:

Het do you have any photo of a post-battlle paladin (shoulders hunched and back arched, rsting against a battle vompanion, a weary look on their eyes aa they expect the next batle ?)

They’re lacking a companion, but this isn’t too far off.

For honor warden_Fanart by Kim Junghun