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Flowers and Ink II

Rating: G

Warning: N/A

Jinki gets his first tattoo on the day he turns 19. His mother almost falls off her chair when he proudly shows her the small flower on his bicep and he isn’t allowed to show it in public. 

Unluckily for Jinki’s mother, he is old enough to get more than one tattoo.

In Jinki’s opinion, tattoos are the most exquisite form of art. He admires those who paint on him and other people and often wishes that he could do it too.

His own passion lies elsewhere, however. Such as with the countless of orchids that fills his room and his most beloved bonsai that sits proudly in his window sill. His friends think he’s silly - Jinki likes to think that it shows how compassionate and warm he is.

Whatever it truly shows doesn’t really matter, though, because Jinki still proudly nurses his flowers and the garden as if it was his kid and no matter what people say, they can’t change that fact. That’s why most people have accepted that flowers and Jinki go hand in hand. Now Jinki and tattoos go hand in hand as well.

Over the next couple of years, Jinki collects a sleeve, a small side tattoo and black and white line art on his shin. Jinki’s mother slowly starts to accept that her son is beginning to look like those rockers she sees in the news sometimes - except Jinki’s tattoos are of flowers and plants and mostly harmless, not skeletons, guns and girls.

When Jinki turns 26, Minho hands him a beer and sits down beside him.

“I’ve heard a new tattooist started in Hongdae,” he says and takes a swig of his beer. “Rumors has it that there is this really cute piercer.”

Jinki bites his lower lip so he doesn’t start laughing at Minho’s dreamy sigh.

“You could barely handle getting your eyebrow pierced. I don’t think you could get another,” Jinki says and Minho turns to glare at him.

“I could if she’s cute.” He takes another gulp of his beer and then points it towards Jinki. “Hey, you should go with me. Get a new tattoo from this place as well! Maybe the tattooist is awesome. After Taeyeon left The Holy Koi you haven’t really been able to find a new one as good as her!”

Jinki grumbles a little at that. Minho is right. Taeyeon had been Jinki’s tattooist the past year but she had left for Tokyo with her boyfriend Jongin and Jinki was not flying to Japan every time he needed a new tattoo.

After a few seconds of thoughts he nodded and agreed to accompany Minho to the shop, if only because Minho wants to flirt with the piercer.

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The #SoftJonghyun Masterpost

The time has come, aka, I finally got off my butt and compiled the final #softjonghyun masterpost and here we are! Please enjoy, and share this post to spread everyone’s hard work! 

Thank you to everyone who read and reblogged and otherwise supported this challenge along the way, and a special thanks to the nine writers and eight artists who contributed to the challenge, some of them multiple times. Your efforts as creators make this fandom a better place, and it was a real privilege to look at and read through all your work. 

Note: The art is organized alphabetically by artist, and the fics are organized by rating. 

Fan Art / Edits 


Tiny Crush

So this is for @jinki-as-thumper. It’s about Jinki being a big ass dweeb and the girl across from him in his most boring class catches his eye when he’s trying to distract himself. She’s tiny and cute, and he may just have a tiny crush on her. Just maybe. 

pairing: Jungyu (jongyu)

w/c: 2,454

Tap. Tap. Tap Tap Tap. Tap. Tap.

Jinki’s eyes were focused on his pen hitting the desk, his mind somewhere else from the classroom because of how boring the lecture was. Only 10 minutes in and he felt like ripping his hair out would be a more entertaining and interesting taker upper of his time than this stupid class his advisor told him would look good on his transcript. Then again this was his third class today and it was Monday. He really didn’t know why he did this to himself when he registered last semester. With a huge sigh he dropped his pen completely onto the table and looked around the room for something more interesting. 

There was a couple up in the corner playing grab hands, but he quickly moved his eyes from that. Next came a big soccer player on his phone thinking it wasn’t completely obvious that he was. Everyone knew that no one’s lap could be that interesting. There was two girls giggling about something they were reading on a note the boy behind them tossed to them when the professor’s back was turned. The professor probably couldn’t see the desk in front of him he was so old, so there wasn’t much need for subtlety.

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Like Puppy Love (Oneshot)

Pairing: het!jongyu (jinki/junghee)
Word Count: 3672
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, I don’t even want to put angst but there’s a tiny teeny bit of sads?
Warning: None
Summary: Being friends with Kim Junghee is a rollercoaster ride on its own.

“Hey Jinx, what would you say if I said I’d want to kiss you?” Junghee says suddenly, making Jinki look up from his paper, his lower lip still caught between his teeth.

Junghee is looking at him with big bright eyes, her head tilted to the side slightly as she waits for him to answer and even if Jinki might feel like melting inside, he merely narrows his eyes at her.

“I’d say you’re trying to get out of doing your work.” He declares, raising an eyebrow as if the question didn’t just make his stomach turn all jittery – those drama classes he took in high school have to come in handy sometimes. “Focus.” He adds, poking the girl’s nose with the tip of his pen.

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