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❗ When you say to Heechul that your daughter want to be with Yesung and she’ll marry him one day 

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [6/7] hottest scenes (no specific order)

Super Junior » Kyuhyun and Yesung on Immortal Song 2
I was so blown away by their performances! Rockstar!Kyuhyun and Passionate!Yesung were amazing! Kyuhyun made me enjoy the song by making it so fun and Yesung’s voice touched my heart deeply to the point where I cried because he has the voice of a god!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Kyu with eyeliner so hot & Yesung’s high vocals so arousing! 


❗ When you send to your husband Yesung photos of you and your daughter + “Everyone thinks that I’m MaRin’s older sister!!”  

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Super Junior Reaction To: Cheering Up Their GF After She Had A Bad Day


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“Babe, look at me.” (*cheesy face*)


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“You’re the best!” (*tries to be cute*)


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“I love you.”


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“If you’re sad, I’m sad.” (*pouty face*)


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“You look so cute.” (*imitates your angry face*)


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“You can’t be upset when you see me, right?


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“But look at my pocket!”


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“Don’t be upset, I know you don’t want to be.” (*Kangin charm activate*)


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“I found this lying around here!” (*silly face*)


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“Focus on this instead.” (*sexy dance*)


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“I don’t want to see you do any of this.” 


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“Who made you upset? They shall pay!” (*dangerous Siwon*)


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“We’re at the beach, does this make you happy?” 

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❝ I didn’t want to ruin you. ❞

Plot: Yesung is your ex-boyfriend, but you and he still love each other (He left you because he thought you were too young (you are 22) and he was afraid to break your life). But he found out that your mother found a groom for you and he came to your house, saying that he want to marry you.

Pairing: Yesung x Reader

Words count: 1,2k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

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‘W-what do you mean?’ You stutter, standing in the rain on the sidewalk outside your apartment.

‘We are over Y/N’ His voice is cold.

‘W-why are you doing this?’

‘It’s because you are too young…’

His voice echoed through your head every time you closed your eyes. Yesung was your first kiss, first time and first lover. Since the day you broke up, everything went upside down. You still loved him with all  your heart, but you weren’t sure he loved you anymore. The pain was too much to handle that you had one wish towards your parents. The wish of marriage. An arranged one.

‘Do you like this colour?’ Your mother ask you as you walked through the floral shop.

‘Maybe a lighter one?’ You asked.

‘I agree,’ She nodded, ‘How about you go and ask the ahjussi in the back.’

Nodding, you walked to ask the elderly man while your mother stood looking around the large shop. It had six months since your departure with Yesung and everything was set for your wedding tomorrow, besides the flowers you were going to use. You were vey indecisive in which one you wanted. Your mother looked around the shop before she felt someone tapping her shoulder.

‘Yes?’ She turned around to face a young gentleman, Ah, Yesung?’

‘Hello, umma,’ The raven haired male smiled, ‘How have you been?’

‘I have been good, Yesung, thank you.’ She smiled.

‘What are you doing her?’

‘Y/N is getting married tomorrow so we came to get her bouquet sorted out.’

Those words made the colour in Yesung’s face drain. His heart seemed to shatter in a million pieces at this new piece of information. There was a reason to the break up between the two of you.

‘M-marriage?’ He stuttered, ‘To who?’

‘The son of one of our family friends,’ She filled him in, ‘Lovely boy.’

He was about to speak before you appeared and called your mother. You looked at Yesung before you and all but turned your back and walked out the store with your mother. The elderly man had your bouquet sorted out and said to deliver it to the church tomorrow. He bit his lower lip before storming out the store.

‘Yah! Why are am I here?’ Heechul asked Yesung, ‘I have plans tonight.’

‘I am in distress hyung!’ Yesung threw his hands up, ‘Y/N is getting married.’

‘And?’ The elder asked with a raised brow, ‘You broke up with her.’

‘I know but…’

‘You are still in love with her, aren’t you?’

‘What?! No!….Yes…aish I don’t know.’ He took a seat and buried his head in his hands.

Heechul had a heavy sigh before taking a seat next to Yesung and rubbing his back, ‘If you love her, then go get her back. She isn’t married yet ya know.’

‘You look beautiful Y/N’ Your sister complimented you, fixing the veil, ‘Jihoon is one lucky man.’

‘Do you mind seeing if the bouquet has arrived?’ You asked, just wanting to be alone for a second.

‘Ummmm the ahjussi said someone had picked it up.’


‘That’s the thing, he doesn’t know.’

‘Are you telling me I have no bouquet!’ Your voice slightly irritated, ‘Please go and sort this out, I need a second alone.’

Your younger sister left you as you wished and you took a seat on the bed. Your head was sore, heart beating uncontrollably and you were pretty sure you were about to throw up. How could your bouquet go missing?! A heavy sigh left your lips when a knock at the door went before it opened slowly.

‘Go awa…Yesung?’ You stood up as you saw the man you love walk inside in a formal suit and a box in his hand ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I must say, I am pretty hurt to not be invited to this wedding.’ He faked his pain, closing the door behind him.

‘Why would I invite you, you broke up with me,’ You folded your arms, ‘Remember?’

‘What are you doing, Y/N?’ He sighed, placing the box on the bed ‘Why are you getting married?’

‘Because I don’t want my heart being broken again.’ You admitted.

‘Do you even love this guy?’

‘I will learn to..’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It’s an arrangement.’

‘Why the hell are you having an arranged marriage!’ He all but shouted.

‘Because the man I loved broke up with me!’ You yelled back, ‘Do you have any idea how broken I was when you just ended things with me!’

‘You are to young to understand the reason, Y/N.’ He whispered.

‘What does my age have anything to do with this!?’ Your voice still loud, ‘I am getting married!’


His confession made you stifle the next sentence that was about to come out of your mouth. Your words got stuck in your throat at the sudden confession. Yesung was generally a very soft human being, he rarely ever raised his voice to anyone let alone you.

‘You are 22 years old Y/N…. Why would you want to date someone as old as me anyway.’ He confessed, taking a seat on the bed,’You are a beautiful human with the softest heart. You deserved more than a 32 year old man dragging you down because of his idol life.’

Getting on your knees, you knelt before him, ‘I never loved you because you were old or anything like that, Yesung. I loved you because you were a free spirited person, not because you were an idol. Your smile is what made me fall in love with you, not what it said in your bank account. I know you don’t love me anymore, but -’

You were cut off by the softness of his lips on yours. He had your face in his hands as your eyes fluttered close and you took in his warmth. Your lips moved together with his as they moulded perfectly. It was as if his was designed to fit on yours. Pulling apart gently, he stroked your cheek with his thumb and placed a tender kiss on your forehead.

‘I still love you, Y/N’ He whispered, ‘I never stopped loving you, but please, don’t get married.’

‘Yesung I-’

‘If you want marriage then fine you can have it, but only if it is to me, because I can not see the woman I love walk down the aisle to wed another man.’

‘Y/N it is time….oh, Yesung?’ Your sister walked into the room.

‘Hello Seunghee.’ He greeted.

‘It’s time Unnie,’ She clarified, ‘Yah, isn’t that the flower box?’

‘This?’ You opened it up and saw your bouquet, ‘Why do you have this?’

‘I picked it up on my way here, I didn’t know what it was at the time.’ He confessed.

‘We have to go!’ Your sister pulled you out the door.

You now stood at the entrance of the church. You left Yesung alone and your head was in a confusion. You loved him and he loved you, yet you were still marrying another man. The wedding march began to fill the venue as the large door opened and the flower girls walked in front of you. Scattering the flowered, you followed behind them. At the end of the aisle stood your future husband. Your father left you at the alter as your veil was lift and the pastor began.

‘We are gathered here today in holy matrimony to wed Y/N Y/L/N and Lee Jihoon.’ He began, ‘If there is any reasons to why these two should not wed, speak now or for ever hold your peace.’

‘I object!’ A familiar voice shouted, ‘She is marrying the wrong man!’

Gasps filled the church as Yesung ran down the aisle. The groomsmen tried to block him out but the singer was to fast for them. Arriving in the front, he caught his breath and got down on one knee. Shuffling in his pocket, he pulled out a black velvet box and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring.

‘I refuse to see the woman I love, marry another,’ He declared, ‘I don’t care what anyone says but you Y/N. Will you do me the honours in marrying me?’

Looking at your parents, fiancée and the crowd, you gulped, ‘Yes….’