#broducechallenge - super hot: choreography references

note: there are more references but these are my favorites :D


hidden box : jihoon & jonghyun


bumkeyk 부메랑 찍는데 하나둘셋 안하고 찍은 우리 매니져형. 김기범 동공 지진

bumkeyk instagram update with Jonghyun 170623

ORIGINAL CLIP from WE BARE BEARS Sorry for the inaccurateness... BTW ignore my cameo lol Starring: Kang Dongho Kang Daniel Park Jihoon Kim Jonghyun Kwon Hyun...


Outfits inspired by “Love Paint (Every Afternoon)” by NU’EST

NU’EST’s “Hello (여보세요)”, released in 2013, has been nominated for Inkigayo after 4 years! Produce 101 was NU’EST’s last chance, and now the public is giving them the attention and love they deserve. Please support our boys by streaming the “Hello” MV from their official channel (even if it’s only watching it once)!

Search for NU'EST(뉴이스트) - 2nd mini album ‘여보세요’ from your YouTube homepage and watch from beginning to end without any pausing or rewinding at 720p or higher and video volume above 50%. Clear your cookies and watch history periodically if you want to watch it multiple times and don’t press refresh or replay, or the views will not be counted! And if possible, please don’t skip the ad. From the bottom of our hearts, L.O.V.Es thank you <3 Let’s do this for NU’EST!


– talking to your best friend!Jonghyun and trying to cheer him up


My heart is healing from the news and I had to do this :’)

Also if you want any fake produce 101 Top20 texts just send me a request and i’ll get on it :))))

Produce 101 as House Party Guests
  • Jisung: Plays DJ for the evening and gets into a fight with everyone who comes too close to the djing desk. Is seriously offended when someone criticizes his taste in music.
  • Jaehwan: Loves to mix terrible drinks and hands them to others while laughing hysterically. Constantly forgets that most of them are minors. Hands them out anyway.
  • Daniel: The guy that helps you prepare the party or stays longer than other guests to help you clean up that mess they left behind. Hits peak at 2am. Shows drunkenness in something he calls "B-boying Extreme!".
  • Jonghyun: Center of every group hug. Tells the best stories. Owns the dance floor with the crazy dance moves.
  • Minhyun: The one who proposes to play embarrassing games but vanishes halfway through it so he doesn't have to participate in it.
  • Seonho: Introduces self to everyone. Can't sit still for 5 seconds. Wants to stay awake all night but falls asleep on the couch before the real party starts.
  • Guanlin: Needs a break from Seonho. Gets dragged into dance-offs. Plays with his phone a lot.
  • Jihoon: Eats at least 5 sausages and 2 steaks. Doesn't want to take off his shirt afterwards. Gets pushed into pool anyways.
  • Jinyoung: Sticks close to Jihoon. Which only results in him getting pushed into the pool as well. Calls his Mom to pick him up.
  • Woojin: Only showed up because he got dragged there. Can't bare to look at how his friends behave. Just wants to leave.
  • Sungwoon: Said he'd only stay until 10pm. Stays until 4am. Said he wouldn't drink a thing. Ends up being the most drunk. (Video's will be taken for future blackmailing.)
  • Daehwi: The only person that followed the dress code of the party. Feels slightly out of place now. Writes own name on cup with edding.
  • Hyungseob: Starts cooking with random ingredients at midnight. Forgets to turn stove off. Also, talks Samuel into taking a jump off the roof into the pool.
  • Samuel: *jumps from roof into pool* Is happy about it though. Get's high on Ice-Tea.
  • Seongwoo: Jumps too. Just for fun. Yolo. Brings group of friends that were not invited after what happened last time.