dating sehun would include...

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- being a protective boyfriend

- he would text you late at night just to take you out somewhere

- like to drink boba :3

- sneaking around and having secret dates so the fans can’t catch you guys

- most of the dates would include cuddling and staying home watching a movie

- you guys would play mario kart and sehun would probs try to cheat 

- on the other hand if you try to treat…

- he will end up tickling you

- and that’ll probably be the cause of your death

- most likely going to end up with smothering each other in kisses and pecks

- y'all would bet on whoever loses has to buy boba for the person for a week

- giving baths for vivi


- probably would end up both of you splashing each other with water

- vivi just there like

- i can see him not being able to fall asleep and calling you at 3AM just to hear your voice

- when you guys fight 

- sehun’s gonna roast you with all those sassy remarks

- him whining all the time

- and you having to put up with his shit

- but y'all don’t mind cause you guys love each other so much



- sehun would get jealous every time you got near another member

“jongin get away from Y/N”

“she’s all the way across the room from me”

“no go away shoo to kyungsoo”

- spoiling you

- cuddling with sehun as he is the big spoon

- him giving you kisses on the forehead

- i feel he would use a lot of PDA in public, like swinging his arm around you

- to make sure everyone knows you’re his

- he would make sure you watch all the variety shows he’s on

- he would look so fricking cute in the morning with bed hair

- he would try to cook for you but end up almost burning down the house

- even if he has a busy schedule he would still make time for you

- on every free days he has he will spend all of his time with you

- he will really really love you dearly and sincerely 

in conclusion sehun would be such a loving, sassy, funny, and caring boyfriend. he loves you very strongly and will treat you like his world and he would never leave your side. he will be your source of happiness, he will love every flaw and quirk of you, and mostly he will love you for you. please treat him how he will treat you too. 

Jongdae says he wants to become a father.

Jongdae understood what the little kid was singing just by a “yeah”.

Jongdae couldn’t take his eyes off the kids.

Jongdae looked so happy when he was ranked at the top 2.

Jongdae held, fed, hugged Daeul.

Jongdae poked Daeul’s cheeks and smiled everytime the little kid breathed.

Jongdae played with Soeul.

Jongdae hugged and “protected” Soeul.

Jongdae wants to have a daughter first and then a son.

Jongdae wants to become a good father that always makes his kids see the positive side of things.

Jongdae loves kids.

Jongdae wants to have a family.

Jongdae is the best father material.

Jongdae can’t wait to have a family and he can’t shut up about it.

Jongdae is too precious.

EXO when their wife/gf/fiancé doesn't want children



*Gives you the look and disapproves strongly, but stays silent, waiting for you to change your mind*


You sure?


*Contemplates life and devises a plan to get you to want children*


You’re gonna have to rethink that after tonight.


Ah wae~ Jagiya, why don’t you want babies? Let’s make babies!


What? I’m sorry, did I hear correctly?


No~ Don’t say that! Please, baby? Pleaseee?


But I had everything planned out…*on the verge of crying*


Request and let’s love!

“A Confession” (Chen x Reader)

Hellooo!! I was wondering if u could do an imagine with chen(exo) (hes killig me) in which ur inscure about being his gf because u r nit asian but European and r scared that he might not like that?? Srry if it doesn’t make sense, if j didn’t understand can u plz make a really flufflg scenerio with him? Thx love u”

Name: “A Confession”

Character: Chen // Kim Jongdae (EXO)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,053

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Not many people’s hearts would drop at the words “I love you.” Many people would jump for joy and float away on a cloud of infatuation at the mere thought. Yet, you were trembling. The heat on your face ensure the slowly forming beads of sweat were imminent to evaporate of your face. Your eyes met with Jongdae’s.  He had a glistening pair of dark chocolate orbs that could charm the very soul off of you. You were greeted with a cat-like expression, his lips curling into a warming smile that could bring peace to many wars. But, the thought struck fear in your heart. He was confident and completely nonchalant despite the confession. Silence had fallen. You were gazed at him, wide eyed and bewildered. “(Y/N)?” he inquired. He leaned in towards you. “Did I offend you?” he asked. A gentle worry laced his features, but his eyes remained fixated on you. None of his actions alleviated the pressure. You stumbled the words. “I, uh, I have to run,” you excused yourself feebly as you bolted out of the situation. Your heart raced. You scurried away quickly until you found something sturdy to lean on, to serve as both a physical and emotional support. Breath escaped as your chest rose up and down frantically. You loved Jongdae, with your whole entire being. You were just frightened of the implications of one of the singers in one of the biggest groups in Korea dating a foreign girl: a European girl.

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