Breaking The Waves

Author’s Note: welcome back to chanvember everyone!! busy times for me tbh, but i couldnt pass a holiday about giving thanks without doing something for my main man <3 im terrible at standard fluff, so be gentle here lmao enjoy!
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Summary: It isn’t that you’re lonely, just that you mostly prefer to be alone. You’re okay with this, and don’t usually mind it. All you need a is a good song to get you by. But what happens when well chosen song from a jukebox changes your entire summer?
Genre: teen/college!au; fluff; romance
Rating: PG
Warning: some minor swearing
Word Count: 5,308

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22 August, 1996

Seeing him in front of me makes my tongue feel heavy, breath caught in my lungs and turning the muscle into a dry, withered thing too tense for me to move.

Thinking about the sweat on my palms makes me feel a bit sick, like everything about me is yellow - not the good yellow, the kind of yellow in a kitchen that looks tungsten and makes your eyes burn. 


This is a terrible place to start.

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drooling in your sleep


He would wake up one early morning, only to see you beside him dreaming silently and drooling all over your pillow. To say Minseok would find this cute was an understatement. This boy would literally see this act of yours as the absolute most endearing thing he ever had the privilege to lay his eyes on.

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Coming home from a busy day at practice only to find you soundlessly asleep on the couch he’d smile softly, at how tired and innocent you looked, however when Junmyeon noticed you were actually drooling, he’d giggle and would become all giddy.

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Being a light sleeper your soft snores would instantly wake him up, he was ready to shake you awake in order to make you stop snoring, however when Yixing suddenly saw how your mouth was slightly parted with drool falling out, he’d laugh silently and would kiss your forehead, asking himself how he ever got so lucky.

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You had teased Baekhyun the other day for his drooling, however the tables had abruptly turned once he finished showering, ready to jump onto the bed with you for your weekly movie night, when he noticed you were asleep and most importantly of all, drooling. He'd definitely wake you up with his loud laugh, loving the fact you also drooled, and adding to the list of things he’d constantly bother you for.

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He had woken up early in order to get ready for a long day at the mall which he had been wanting to take you to for the longest of time, getting ready to stand up from the bed, he suddenly felt a slightly wet patch on his chest, looking toward you he noticed it was your drool. Jongdae would try his hardest to not giggle in order to impede waking you up, partially failing when he burst out laughing making you stir awake.

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Loving to annoy you litterally at all times, Chanyeol had actually awoken you just to tease you for the drool he found laying on your pillow, however his seriousness would die the moment he saw your sleepy face glaring at him. He literally wouldn’t be able to contain a straight face for more than five seconds without chuckling at your cuteness.

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You had fallen asleep over Kyungsoo, during an important meeting regarding exo that you were both invited to. He had noticed something wasn’t quite right when he felt a particular wet substance on his shoulder. Shaking you awake, he’d act repulsed, trying his hardest to throw you one of his deathly glares, only to smile softly at himself for your cuteness once he knew you weren’t looking.

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Jongin had dragged you on over to practice. Despite you being immensely tired, he kept making you feel guilty for never being alongside him at practice so you reluctantly went along. It came as no surprise when you fell asleep, however once he saw you drooling, it made him flutter inside with just how incredibly adorable the scene looked.

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You were asleep when Sehun got home. Leaning in to kiss your cheek softly, he had noticed you, of all people, were drooling. With a grin that spread from ear to ear, he’d go running to grab his camera, ready to photograph the adorable moment since he had never seen it happen before and definitely wanted to remember the adorable expression on your face.

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Part 1 / 2 (Kris, Tao and LuHan will be found in the next post)


Minseok had always admired you for your intelligence, so when you told him you were good at IT he wasn’t shocked, just happy you would fix his phone for him. Not only did he admire your skills, he was incredibly turned on by them and found it hard not to interrupt you in the middle of your work. You could feel his eyes on you at all times and when he had had enough he wrap his arms around your waist from behind, kissing your neck with gentle kisses. ‘’What did I do to deserve someone as smart as you?’’ he’d whisper in your ear before letting you return to the task at hand. As soon as you were done and he wasn’t interrupting you anymore, he’d carry you with strong arms to the bedroom and properly thank you for helping him.


Jongdae’s complaints could be heard clearly from his room which caused you to go investigate. He was seated at his desk and looked up at you with puppy eyes. He already knew about your IT skills so he asked with a honey voice if you could fix his frozen computer. “Mm, I won’t do it for free,” you answered in a teasing tone which instantly caused him to forget all about his problem in favour of turning on his flirty mode.

“well how could I ever repay you for your use of your genius mind and amazing skills?”

“I have an idea" you smirked. He immediately attacked you with sloppy kisses, telling you the computer could wait.


Chanyeol would be -way- too excited when you fixed his computer, which he insisted wasn’t broken because he downloaded too much porn. He’d act like you just jumped over the moon or something, even when you told him you were just good at IT, and not a magician. Park “The Hype Man" Chanyeol would for the next few days tell everyone that wanted to listen, and sometimes those who didn’t, how amazing and talented his partner is. Although it drove you nuts you couldn’t help but smile at the adorable puppy you called your boyfriend.


When Baekhyun mentioned something about getting someone at the company to look at his phone, you offered to do it instead. He sent you a questioning look but let you do it with a teasing warning, “if you break it completely you’re making dinner the rest of the month.” You simply rolled your eyes at him and got to work. Once you were done you triumphantly handed him his phone and you could see a glimmer of amazement in his eyes. But that teasing little shit would simply go “pft I could’ve done that too you know, I still think you should cook dinner" which caused you to start a vicious tickle fight to teach him a lesson, but that fight quickly turned into making out on the floor.


Yixing approached you with the eyes of a wounded puppy and an adorable pout, holding his phone in front of him. “It’s frozen,” he stated. He’d be shocked when you told him you’d take a look at it, not thinking you’d know anything about IT. Turns out his phone was just messing up due to a new update and you fixed it within a few minutes. “Here,” you smiled as you returned it to him and his eyes instantly widened. “Woah! How did you do that, is there anything my Baobei can’t do!” He’d then insist on repaying you by showering you in a thousand kisses, not letting you protest.


Kyungsoo didn’t approach you about his broken phone, but after hearing many frustrated grunts coming from him when it wouldn’t work, you took matters into your own hands. Taking it from the table where he had put it down, you began fixing it and within minutes it was back to normal. “Here,” you said as you handed him the phone. He’d be confused at first but when he realized it was fixed his eyes widened and a small smile grew on his face. He’d simply say “thank you,” but on the inside he was deeply amazed and proud.


It was no secret that Jongin was definitely at fault for his frozen computer; his “Magic Hands" being at work again. He was embarrassed but asked for you help with begging eyes nonetheless. You couldn’t help but laugh at his puppy like look and told him you’d take care of it. He’d leave you alone to work, partly because he didn’t want to disturb and partly because he didn’t want to get any judging looks incase it was unsalvageable. When you got back you couldn’t help but tease him a little.

“I’m sorry but..I couldn’t do anything, you fucked it up real good"

“Ah jagiya! I’m sorry you had to work so hard on something I screwed up!”

He didn’t understand it was a joke until you started laughing hysterically. He instantly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder with a smirk.

“put me down!” you protested. “Not until you apologize for scaring me like that” he’d laugh in return.


Sehun would seem so unimpressed that it started to annoy you. He had asked you if you could fix his laptop for him, which you easily did, but all you got in return was a dry “thanks.” You didn’t expect to be showered in praise, but you had hoped he’d be at least a little impressed. You started to notice that every time he had technical issues he’d turn to you, which confused you a bit. “isn’t there someone at the company that can help you?” you asked. “Mm, but they’re not as good as my beautiful and talented partner he’d answer while wrapping you in a big hug and kissing your neck. Turns out he was impressed after all.


Junmyeon would, like any other mother, be endlessly confused by all sorts of technology so when his pc refused to work he instantly turned to you, seeing as anyone would have a better chance at fixing it than him. He’d sit by your side with an interested expression as you took a look at it and would ask questions once in awhile so he could improve and maybe fix it himself next time. He’d ask how you knew so much about computers to which you just raised your shoulder and explained how you had spent a lot of time figuring out when you were younger. *aegyo mode on* “Woah, I have the best jagiya in the world ~”

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Lunch Break

“Baekhyun, we’re gonna get caught,” you warned.
“Do I look like I fucking care?”

Your eyes darted over your shoulder to steal a glance at the unlocked door to your husband’s office.

You had tried to surprise him with lunch, just lunch, while he had other plans on his mind.
Not that you minded of course, getting screwed over Baekhyun’s desk has been a fantasy of yours since you first laid eyes on it, but you would prefer if said screwing happened behind locked, as well as closed, doors.

Despite your disapproving words, your body was having a completely different reaction to what was going on.
One of your hands was threaded through Baekhyun’s hair, pulling him closer into your neck so that he had more room to play with his lips, tongue, teeth.
Your other hand was gripping onto the side of the wooden desk, the fresh polish giving your fingers a hard time.

“Lift your hips, baby.”

You complied, following Baekhyun’s instructions so that he could pull the tight skirt off your body and kick it wherever his foot could manage.

“Are you sure about this?”
“I’m the boss, Y/N, no one is going to walk in unless they knock and get my permission.”

Baekhyun noticed you opening your mouth to continue voicing your concerns and swiftly bit down on the junction between your neck and shoulder, pulling a gasp from your lips faster than any of your words could manage.

“I’ll just give myself something to hold me over until tonight.”

You cocked your head at your husband, confused about his intentions.

He had lowered himself onto his knees in front you, staring directly at your still clothed center, holding both hands on each of your thighs for stability.
A tongue darted out to wet the lips that enclosed it, the sight before the owner too enticing.

Neither of you spoke as Baekhyun’s fingers pulled your panties down your legs, making sure to give a subtle yank once the piece of fabric reached your ankles.

The smell of you engulfed the room, especially festering within Baekhyun’s nose, his mind, his everything.

The silence was disrupted by the gasp of air that entered your body as Baekhyun’s tongue did the same.

hey can we not tell the boys they need to lose weight or get abs because IF YOU REMEMBER CORRECT they are perfect and the most goddamn ethereal humans to ever exist regardless of how much weight they gain or lose WHAT A CONCEPT