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“Wanna One” Shingeki no Kyojin Edition [part 1]


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most of the time he is very steady and judgematic young fellow, but sometimes run mad. Not strong physically, bu full of ideas. Survives using his wit.

Similar character: Hange Zoe

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trying not to get attached to people because he knows how much it hurts to lose them. Very selfcollected. Create complex tactics and always has a backup plan.
Similar character: Erwin Smith

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Always trying to keep the team a good mood and belief in a positive outcome. However, he does this in order to achieve his own goal. Despite the frivolous image is very thoughtful.

Similar character: Historia Reiss

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Very quick-tempered and impulsive. Acts on the basis of his own motives. Can’t stand global injustice and will do anything to destroy it.

Similar character: Eren Yeager

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Could I get a mystic messenger and aot matchup? Im a daydreamer who loves exploring deep ideas. I tend to be humorous and random with the people im close with otherwise im shy and awkward. I can seem "babyish" and oblivious but also have a very profound way of looking at the world. I have a lot of depressive swings but I like to remain hopeful. Im an overthinker but chill and very insecure. Not "that" emotional but I like to delve into my emotions. Geeky, arsty, clumsy and wacky. Thank you!

Hi there!! 

For Mystic Messenger I match you with…

✷*✦.⋆✷*✦.⋆ Yoosung Kim ⋆.✦*✷⋆.✦*✷

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* You two are always joking around in the chat, Yoosung appreciating your silly randomness, just having a normal conversation and then “OMG I JUST SAW A CAT”

* When you first joined, Yoosung was already being sort of flirty and cute and you were super flustered over it. He thought that that was truly the most adorable thing in the entire world and he knew he had to get to know you more. 

* You two are def the babs of the group. Everyone has a dire need to protect you two because you’re just so pure and adorable, but they also know that both of you can get super deep and intellectual at times, coming back to chatlogs of you two discussing the universe or something.

* Yoosung has his own demons, so he understands when you tell him you have depression. He’s 100% there to help you whenever you need it, and has so much respect over the fact that you’re strong enough to fight it and stay optimistic about everything.

* He genuinely doesn’t understand your insecurities because he thinks that you’re just perfect the way you are. He’ll listen to your panicking when you think you said or did something wrong, but he’ll be there to comfort you.

* He likes that you’re able to fully understand your own emotions, because he still has problems with that. Identifying some as a different kind, but you’re there to help him with that!

* He definitely watches anime, so the two of you can geek out over your favorites together!!

* You two are just super cute and adorable together and I love it

For Attack on Titan I match you with…

✷*✦.⋆✷*✦.⋆ Eren Jaeger ⋆.✦*✷⋆.✦*✷

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* He’s hella abrasive, which made you wary to talk to him at first, but he made himself a consistency in your life be he was adamant on getting to know you because he thought your flusteredness was just adorable.

* If he can’t find you, he knows you’re laying under a tree and staring up at the sky, either daydreaming about nothing and everything at the same time, or contemplating the ends of the universe. He’ll sit down and ask, and you’ll explain and he probably won’t be able to understand but he likes hearing you talk. 

* You two are always joking around with each other and your friends, Armin and Mikasa always have a good time when you’re around. 

* Sometimes you two are just… the most aloof couple in the world. Eren is the most oblivious pos ever, and you have your moments, and when they happen at the same time… just… please

* Eren doesn’t really understand the whole “depression thing” as he likes to call it. Before he met you, he always thought depression was a feeling, rather than an illness. You educated him on it, and where he still doesn’t completely understand, he’s much better with it.

* Eren is finicky. Sometimes he’s okay with you blatantly talking about your feelings for him, sometimes he gets super flustered. Really it depends on who you’re talking in front of or what you say.

* Eren is totally a nerd, his favorite anime being action or horror. He refuses to watch slice of life or romance with you, even though you know he secretly likes it.


Alright, that’s all I have! I hope you liked it! Thank you for your ask!!!

~ Mod Usagi

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Make : Kim Jaeger
Film : Historia Films