Mo Tae Gu x Choi Yoo Jin

I ship them! Seriously! Classy and charismatic villains from Voice and The K2. They may be from separate drama but i smell some burning chemistry from these two if you put them together on a single screen.  

Dear korean press, especially magazines,

Since Voice is over, can’t we get a badass villain photoshoot with Jaewook plus some guns, suit and tie and deep gazes? Pretty please :)))

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Voice 15-16 [END]

This drama broke me. I tried really hard to stay calm throughout this drama since it featured very strong images and sick people, but episode 16 just wrecked me to pieces.

All this time I thought it was a fictional story, but in fact featured real stories that actually happened, but some of those stories didn’t have the same happy ending some of them did in this drama. The drama featured the names of the victims at the end of the drama and with a message:

This drama was produced in hope that our society will no longer have to feel sorry for being unable to save these victims within the golden hour. Nor do we wish for more unfortunate and unfair victims to occur around us.

Sobbing uncontrollably. For those who haven’t watched this drama, add it to your to watch list. It’s a really good drama and very well put together.

Detective Moo managed to get to the bus passengers along with the rescue team and successfully saved all of the victims. The bus driver had some of his insurance papers with him and on it states that when he dies in an accident, Sungwun will inherit his life insurance. A big scam was uncovered and Tae Gu’s father’s past exploitation come to light and so does Tae Gu’s past.

In the end they manage to capture him and sent him to an asylum, but I feel that Kang Center could have helped him since he shared a special bond with her since he considered them superior to others. He considered himself a God and because of Kang Center’s hearing ability made them worthier in his eyes, but he did kill her father so yeah, rot in that asylum of hell until they stage a killing orgy and kill you…

I don’t want to spoil the ending so that’s why it’s a small recap.

Seriously this is a good drama. From the characters to the plot. The ending was satisfying since it never hinted a romance between any of the characters and all of them got closure. OCN did a phenomenal job with this one.

Kim Jae Wook did a freaking awesome job as the killer. He also starred in First Shop of Coffee Prince… mind is blown. He aged phenomenally  <3

I will skip Tunnel or maybe tune in to see if it’s good, so maybe. Get me some Choi Jin Hyuk’s vitamin :)