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Now this person answered this under this post and I’m curious about what they meant to be perfectly honest because I feel like they don’t understand the situation as we see it - as we’ve been seeing it since, haha, forever actually. Visibly they don’t understand why we, Jin Stans, are complaining about the lack of attention Jin gets (don’t hesitate to correct me if I’m wrong, really I’m curious about how these guys think).

Well let me tell you guys how I think about all of this. Seokjin is a beautiful, hard working, talented human being. He’s the visual of the group and has a very beautiful voice - he made me cry a lot with Awake, Eomma and I Love You. Yet he’s being slept on so fucking bad??? In almost every single song he has like, barely 3 lines. I could understand that back in the days when they were singing true, hard hip hop because his voice wasn’t really made for this type of songs but now? He could get so much more than what he has.

And now what do we see in Not Today? Well, haha, nothing actually. The boy has 1 second of screen time (best 1 second of my life) and he’s supposed to be their freaking visual remember? He also sings for 4 second in a 4 minute long song which is, hahaha, a ridiculously short amount of time??

And now the worst thing is : no one reacts? Literally last week the entire fandom imploded because Hobi got no lines in Spring Days (friendly reminders that the entire album is about him with the Outro, the Interlude, his gorgeous solo and BS&T so they don’t really get the right to complain) but when Jin’s left out “It’s okay guys, it’s just Jin so no one gives a shit” how in Hell is that fair? We see this situation negatively and we have the right to do so because Jin is a member of BTS, not a fucking back-up singer/dancer!

You see, this kind of person is the reason why the situation hasn’t changed over the past few years. These guys refuse to acknowledge how unfair bighit is to Jin, how talented this beautiful boy is, so nothing changes. And I’m pissed, and salty, and bitter about it because I’d like to see my bias more in MVs and I’d like to listen to his voice too! Because he worked his ass off to have such a pure and stable voice, so he deserves to be heard!

So there you have it. I could go like that for days but you probably stopped reading this a while ago, so I’ll shut up now and go reblog for the 100th time these 4 very short gifs we have of him from the Not Today MV. Have a good one.

Love, War and Im Jaebum (PART TWO)

Summary: You’re the daughter of a mafia boss, he’s the son of a mafia boss. Lets just say your families hate each other with a burning passion, What happens to the Star Crossed lovers of Seoul?

Warnings: Swearing…Smut…basically NSFW.


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character aesthetics > jung joon hyung from weightlifting fairy kim bok joo:

Of course I have changed. I can’t survive in this world if I’m still that shy… 

Be honest, aren’t I more attractive than before? Right? 

imagine going on a museum date with taehyung. “i dressed up as an artist today, so i could match the art!” he joked. you both spent the whole day exploring the museum, seeing the classic paintings to the modern sculptures. along the way, you found van gogh’s ‘starry night’, “tae, pose in front of the piece and ill take a picture!” you suggested. you snapped photos of him while laughing at his poses, “wow look at this beautiful piece of art! i wonder how god made him so beautiful” you commented.


🌸 I don’t give a fuck, I’m not giving up, I still want it all 🌸// FOOLS // Troye Sivan