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[ARTICOLO] Il produttore di “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” parla della partecipazione allo show di Jin e Jungkook dei BTS

“A seguito dell'episodio del ventisette settembre del programma della JTBC “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”, il produttore Bang Hyung Young ha parlato della partecipazione di Jin e Jungkook dei BTS.

I membri si sono uniti ai presentatori Lee Kyung Kyu e Kang Ho Dong nel cercare delle famiglie con cui cenare a Samseongdong, Seoul. Jin e Lee Kyung Kyu fortunatamente sono riusciti nell'impresa, trovando una famiglia con delle fan del gruppo. Sfortunatamente Jungkook e Kang Ho Dong non hanno avuto successo e quindi non hanno potuto cenare durante il programma.

Il produttore Bang Hyung Young parlando con Star News ha riferito: “Lee Kyung Kyu era davvero contento della partecipazione dei BTS, in quanto li aveva aspettati tanto. Visto che sono molto giovani e Lee Kyung Kyu e Kang Ho Dong hanno quasi la stessa età dei loro padri, c'era una buona chimica.” Il produttore ha anche detto che Jin ha particolarmente ricevuto affetto da Lee Kyung Kyu per le sue battute divertenti e il suo fascino.

Il produttore ha continuato: “Jungkook non ha vinto per poco. Visto che erano i BTS, abbiamo scherzato dicendo “La porta è a prova di proiettile”. Comunque, altri idols non venivano riconosciti neanche dopo aver nominato il proprio gruppo. Anche se siamo andati in una zona dove ci sono molte persone anziane, i figli di tante persone amano i  BTS, quindi li conoscevano e li hanno accolti.”

Bang Hyun Young ha aggiunto ulteriormente: “Tutti hanno lavorato sodo e bene, ma non tutto può funzionare, nonostante la presenza dei BTS. Quel giorno era una domenica e mentre delle cose posso andare bene, altre possono non funzionare. Questo è il fascino e la difficoltà dell'imprevedibilità.”

Ha spiegato “Per poter cenare devono verificarsi molti fattori. Le famiglie, non devono aver già mangiato, devono avere cibo già pronto e hanno bisogno del permesso di tutti i membri della famiglia. Dato che tutti questi fattori devono verificarsi, quando succede, il timing è perfetto.

Bang Hyun Young ha concluso dicendo “Dato che questi fattori non si sono verificati, Kang Ho Dong e Jungkook sono dovuti andare in un convenience store. Di recente non ci è capitato di dover andare in un convenience store, quindi è stato un duro colpo per Kang Ho Dong. É stato spiacevole, in quanto, voleva cenare con Jungkook. Comunque, ha cercato di passare del tempo con lui al convenience store.”

Intanto, Jin e Jungkook dei BTS hanno fatto divertire tutti con le proprie battute, hanno condiviso storie e altro durane la loro partecipazione al programma “Let’s Dinner Eat Together”.”

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Jun Ji Hyun Interview in Harper's Bazaar Vietnam May Issue

Part 1  

Jeon Ji Hyun rose to stardom since 2001 after she starred in the South Korean box office hit “My sassy Girl.”  In time, along with her maturity and experience in acting, Jeon Ji Hyun’s beauty has been even more bedazzling.  She’s currently one of the most sought after celebrity in South Korea for fashion and beauty products endorsement.  

Jeon Ji Hyun has set aside some time to complete this photoshoot as well as sitting down for a chat with Bazaar.


She came from the stars


Playing the female lead in the television drama “You Who Came From the Stars” has one again brought Jeon Ji Hyun’s fame to the forefront.  Actor Kim Soo Hyun, who played the role of Do Min Joon in the same drama has said, “I think  for Jeon Ji Huyn to assume the role of Cheon Song Yi in the drama YWCFTS, that was destiny.”  

I truly believe in that as well.  When observing and comparing Jeon Ji Hyun’s life to Cheon Song Yi’s in the drama, I have a hard time differentiating which is which. There is a remarkable semblance between these two women.  


When I was interviewing for this article, even though I knew before hand that Jeon Ji Huyn was to arrive at the studio at 11am, I was still amazed when she entered.  It felt like I was talking to Cheon Song Yi.  I was no longer uncertain when I hear many people commenting that Cheon Song Yi is Jeon Ji Hyun.  


In Jeon Ji Hyun, I sense a fierce and powerful beauty yet sheltering a lot of perceivable pathos within.  "The moment I knew I was similar to Cheon Song Yi was when Do Min Joon brought two bowls of udon to me and told me someone gave them to me, I’m only bringing them back“


"Actually in that scene I was playing someone who was very hungry, so when Do Min Joon brought back the udon, I was very happy.  I don’t know if you could remember that very short scene in the drama where I took the two containers of udon and quickly ran into the kitchen to pour them out into bowls?  That detail is actually very much like me in real life.  I am truly someone who loves to eat.”  Jeon Ji Hyun smiles as she shared this story with me.  


During the photoshoot, I was able to witness and verify the things Jeon Ji Hyun had told me when I saw her eating lunch in a corner of the studio with such great appetite.  It must be said that Jeon Ji Hyun is someone who is very organized and follows a strict routine.  Every day she wakes up very early and goes exercising without fail for the last 10 years.  Our lunch with her had to be exactly at noon, after she was done with her make up.  


The Memorable Movies


It’s been 14 years since Jeon Ji Hyun took part in the romantic movie Il Mare.  She tells me, “I have always wanted roles such as the one in the movie Il Mare.  If it’s slated to be a romantic movie, then it’d better be romantic.”  In the movie, Jeon Ji Hyun portrayed a woman who loved the actor Lee Hung Jae who was someone who lived in the past.  


I can’t remember which male actor made the most compatible “lover” next to Jeon Ji Hyun on screen.  However, personally, I find the chinese actor Li BingBing as someone who has the best scenes about friendship and love with Jeon Ji Hyun in the movieSnow Flower and the Secret Fan by director Wayne Wang.  


The Thieves (2012) is a movie that helped made Jeon Ji Huyn and Kim Soo Hyun into a great onscreen couple.  "I think Kim Soo Hyun is South Korea’s version of Leonardo DiCaprio.  He can both transform himself into a young man with boyish charms or a  manly man.  He can also effectively express sadness even when he smiles.  I think he is very suitable for free spirited roles or charismatic roles.“  Said Jeon Ji Hyun with a smile as she shared her thoughts about her handsome colleague.  


"I was the one who recommended Kim Soo Hyun for the role of Zampano in the movie The Thieves at the very beginning of the casting process.  At the time, I was watching something with him in it.  I recognized in Kim Soo Hyun the ability to convey a lot of things with just his eye-acting.  As such, he was very successful in the role of Zampano.  I think it was precisely because of him that the love story between Yenicall and Zampano became very exciting (lively, dynamic).”  Once again, Jeon Ji Hyun talks about her favorite fellow co-actor. 

Part 2

Becoming a fashion icon


With a running list of successful films and diverse female character roles, Jeon Ji Hyun has quickly become a name of a well respected actress.  


The combination of her beauty and style also have enough qualifications to make her into a fashion icon.  Specifically, the drama YWCFTS has created a “Cheon Song Yi phenomenon.”  This character has significantly contributed to bringing high end fashion brands closer to TV viewers, who constitute a very large population in society.  


All items worn by Cheon Song Yi in the drama quickly became hot items and sold out in Asia.  Lip gloss, mini skirts, hand bags, boots, rings… anything Cheon Song Yi wore was readily and phenomenally embraced by women.  And thus Jeon Ji Hyun has become a worldwide fashion icon.  


Like today, when she is wearing a Chanel chiffon dress, Dolce & Gabbana shorts, or  an cream colored skirt by Tod’s… for the photoshoot, once again I’m seeing Cheon Song Yi walking slowly in the gentle beats of Leela Jame’s song, Don’t Speak.  


“We had a team of talented stylists working under the direction of director Jung Yoon Ki.  We delighted in the task of finding different suitable fashion styles for the character of Cheon Song Yi.  Actually it’s her personality that helped us create the types of fashion styles we dreamed of.” Jeon Ji Hyun informed me.  


The drama YWCFTS not only attracted the viewers due to an excellent script, interesting and attractive characters, but also due to all the scenes with Cheon Song Yi appearing in various beautiful and seemingly perfect outfits.  "After every 2 episodes, we had to try on all the outfits in conjunction with all kinds of accessories.  We truly had to be very careful in each decision made, but we had a lot of fun the whole time working together.  Of course now, everyone is satisfied with the result and success brought by the drama.“  Jeon Hi Hyun added.  


The beauty of Jeon Ji Hyun


When talking about the beauty of Jeon Ji Hyun, actor Ha Jung Woo observed, "She doesn’t only possess a beautiful face and body, but there is also a very charming and lovely sense of humor. That’s the magical essence of her beauty”  

“As you can see, I cannot even hold up to Kim Hye Soo if we compare our chest measurements,” Jeon Ji Hyun cheekily responded when I asked her to compare her beauty with her The Thieves fellow actor. “I only hope that everyone become more happy when they see me.  In all of our interpersonal exchanges, I tried my best not to show exhaustion even though that was a very hard thing to do. While acting in this drama, I had learned one thing, which is making others smile is a precious joy.  I myself don’t have whatever that makes people laugh, but the character of Cheon Song Yi whom I play, she can do that.” Jeon Ji Hyun tells me.


Even though she is famous and successful, it is truly surprising when Jeon Ji Hyun says the thing that makes her happiest is when she is not like a celebrity.  "Sometimes I want to mature more.  But there are also times when I am very satisfied that I am still myself. “ Said Jeon Ji Hyun.



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Saw this on Weibo. interestingly, Chinese fans like to capture his “Micro-expression” . In this scene, they found that he seems very happy when she is by his side, he wish to smile but he clam down himself immediately.

…this expression also match the scenario in the scene - CSY said she got  good experience in love relation and she could forget her ex-boyfriends easily, however, DMJ knows that, this is her first love…..   

KSH - you are so lovely, and you deserved for the King of Drama.


“I am very happy, my perfect woman, lovable goddess is celebrating with me on my birthday! ”


Quote from starsoohyun

“ The last picture was him standing in front of birthday cake with Jun Ji Hyun and the director of You Who Came From The Stars during the last episode filming in late February. At that time they filmed the sad scene where Minjoon disappeared and promised to comeback so Songyi must wait for him. Apparently that day was his birthday so it didn’t feel right to celebrate it in happy mood while they were in sad scenes. And it even more didn’t feel right because his hand was held by the director, not by Jun Ji Hyun LOL.”      

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