I’m actually laughing my lungs off, because B.A.P “rock paper scissors” everything lolol

Like, the line up for their solos to be singed at the concert. I bet they rock paper scissors the line up for the bathroom too! I love these six dorks 😂😂

Youngjae: Ya Kim Himchan! The floor is lava!

Himchan: *keeps looking at the phone*

Youngjae: I said–

Himchan: Then we’re all going to have to burn.

Youngjae: Stop it…

The signs as amazing K-Pop songs/videos to check out~

Aries: a song with a great line distribution

Taurus: a music video that touches on social and political issues

Gemini: a music video that that has actors of different ethnic backgrounds

Cancer: a song with a killer beat with even deadlier visuals

Leo: a music video with hot guys in it that sing and rap real fuckin good

Virgo: the greatest song of 2017

Libra: a music video with a plot that will leave you #shook #shaken and #shaking

Scorpio: a fantastic video by a group with a flawless rap line

Sagittarius: an amazing instrumental with beautiful vocals and hard-hitting raps layered above it

Capricorn: a song by a group that can do every genre and do it well

Aquarius: a perfect song that is sung by a perfect vocal line

Pisces: stan talent