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Group/Member: BTS // Taehyung

Genre: Humor

Word Count: 1.780

Prompt: AU w/ Taehyung 1
You’re the optometrist and I’m supposed to be getting my eyes checked but you’re just so darn cute that I’m having a hard time concentrating. 

A/N: okay but who seriously wouldn’t turn into a thirtsty mess if Taehyung was their doctor? And can I just say that typing Dr. Kim made me very happy~ *not proofread, will do so soon*

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“Hi, I have an eleven AM appointment with Dr. Kim,” you said to the receptionist as you leaned against the counter, watching as woman quickly typed something into her computer and then give you a small nod.

“He’s with another someone right now, but he shouldn’t be much longer if you’d like to just take a seat,” she says. Nodding you turn and sit in one of the chair in the waiting room, looking around at all the different glasses on the wall. Growing up it had been your worst fear as a child to have to get glasses. You’d seen plenty of kids get picked on and teased for having to wear the lenses, and because of it you’d done everything in your power to make sure that you kept a set of healthy eyes. Lord knows how many damn carrots you ate growing up, and you’d even done your best to limit screen time. In the end, here you were though, waiting to see the optometrist, and desperately hoping that you would only need reading glasses and not a prescription that you’d have to wear consistently throughout the day.

Looking around at all the other employees you found it strange how every single one of them had a pair of glasses on. Was that a requirement to work in a place like this? Maybe they weren’t even allowed to wear contacts and had to constantly wear frames in order to try and sell them to customers.

“Miss [Y/N]?” you heard, snapping you out of your daydreams and making you look back towards the receptionist’s desk, where there was now a young man standing there. Blinking a few times, you only gave a puzzled look, not standing right away. “I’m Dr. Kim, you can come back with me now,” your jaw unintentionally opening as you realized that this was the optometrist. Damn he was young…and extremely cute, the afterthought bursting through before your conscious could stop it. Standing up from the waiting room chair you followed him back into one of the exam rooms where there was one of the large chairs and a phoropter hanging from the ceiling. You’d always found those things to be quite intimidating as a child…you weren’t surprised to find that your opinion hadn’t changed.

“You can just have a seat right there and feel free to make yourself comfortable,” you heard Dr. Kim say, quickly nodding at him and taking a seat. You watched him as he turned his back to you and typed a few things into his computer. Even his shoulders were amazing to look at. The perfect width, but also quite strong looking through the sweater that he was wearing. Letting your eyes wonder down the length of his back you let them skin just above his butt before diving and admiring the shape. ‘Holy hell, he has a better ass than me,’ you thought in your head, biting your lip slightly before registering that he had turned around you were no longer look at his butt but now his front side…. ‘oh damn.’

“Miss [Y/N] I’m going to have you look straight ahead for me at the letter chart in front of you. Using both eyes can you read as many of the lines out loud for me as you can?” snapping your eyes up to his, your cheeks flushed a deep red as you nodded, cupping your hands together and trying as hard as you could to look forward. “U-umm…yeah of course,” you say flinching at the stutter.

“A, U, M, S, T, V, B, A, E, G, H, I, P….H? R? X?” you say, the letters coming out now more as a question.

“Alright, you can stop now,” Dr. Kim says as he writes something down, your head turning back to look at him, your thoughts having been wanting to soak up more of his figure the entire time that you had been reading from the chart. Letting your eyes meander back down again you let your thoughts run wild again. ‘Seriously how big is-.”

“Alright Miss [Y/N], let’s try again but while only using one eye,” Making his way towards the letter chart he holds his pen out and points towards the first letter. “Close your right eye first.”

Biting your lip, you do as told and begin to read off the letters once again. “A…,” a quick glance over at Dr. Kim, “U…” another glace, this time at his thighs. Holy hell they were nice. “M, S, T…U, I mean V,” you say quickly, having been trying to sneak another glance at him. You finish off, Dr. Kim stopping you when you begin to mess up around the same spot, and then having you switch eyes. This time you mess up a lot sooner and are told to stop, leaning back in your set and biting your lip hard. What in the hell were you doing? You were acting like a thirty teenager! Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath you do your best to clear your thoughts, but when you feel a presence directly above you they snap open again, a small gasp leaving your mouth at the sight of Dr. Kim leaning directly over you in the chair, his arms reached out and grabbing hold of the phoropter.

His tongue was poked out slightly as he reached for the device, and the smell of his cologne was nearly intoxicating, your salivary glands kicking into gear, you tongue becoming wet, along with other parts of your body. Taking a deep and calming breath you’re can’t help but frown when he pulls away having placed the large machine directly in front of your eyes.

“Okay Miss [Y/N], I’m going to show you a series of imagines and you’re going to tell me which image appears to be clearer to you.

“Okay,” you breathe out, realizing that he would be standing directly next to the chair to change the imagines, the strong smell of his cologne still intoxicating you.

“Alright, so starting with Imagine A….and now Image B. Which is clearer for you?” he asks, changing them back and forth periodically for you.

“B,” you say, taking a moment to inhale deeply but quietly through your nose, eyes fluttering shut for a moment and how good he smells.

“Alright, and from these two, A or B?” you don’t even register the question at first, your eyes still shut against the machine. “Miss [Y/N]?” you hear him ask, your eyes opening immediately.

“Oh umm…A. A is clearer,” you say, not even having remembered what either of the two images appeared like. Moving through more of the images, you find yourself distracted on multiple times, calling off random images, embarrassed that you have been so distracted by your optometrist that you can’t even concentrate through a simple eye exam.

“Alright,” you hear Dr. Taehyung say as he flips down a few of the lenses on the machine and then goes to write on his piece of paper. “It looks like your vision isn’t horrible, but you will need to have these glasses on when you’re driving and when you’re using a computer or reading,” he says as he writes down all of the numbers he had collected. “I’ll send this to the lab and you can pick out any frames you like and then they should be ready for you in the next couple of hours.”

Pushing yourself to the edge of your chair you nod you head, feeling slightly uncomfortable from how turned on this damn eye exam has made you. “I’ll give you a sheet with all the numbers and results from today’s exam,” he says with a smile as he collects a small pile of papers from his printer, writing on top sheet before handing them to you. “Have a good day Miss [Y/N],” he says with a small smile, his eyebrows raising ever so slightly as he watches the red spread across your cheek, managing a small smile and an awkward thank you before you shuffle out of exam room and back out into the main area of the building where all of the frames are. Distractedly you look through the frames selection, grabbing the first pair that you think would match before filling out all the paperwork and paying, being told you could drop by later to pick them up.

It isn’t until you’re in your car that you look at the papers he’s given you. To you it’s just a bunch of nonsense that you don’t really understand, having gotten summaries of visits just like this from the doctor, always agreeing to take home a printed copy and then finding them under the seats of your car where they’ve been kicked. On the top page however you notice the neat lines of ink from where Dr. Kim has written something, your hands immediately pulling the paper closer to see what he’s written.

‘Miss [Y/N], I know that today’s appointment was a little distracting, so when the glasses don’t work like they should, feel free to call this number…’

-Kim Taehyung

Firstly, you blush at the fact that Dr. Kim, Taehyung as you know knew, had been completely aware of your wondering eye. Secondly however you look at the number that was written. Digging quickly through your purse you find the business card that you had used to first make your appointment and compare it with the number that was written. It takes you a moment but not long before you realize that this wasn’t the office’s number…this was a personal cell number…Kim Taehyung’s number. “Holy shit,” you breathe, a wide smile spreading across your.

Later that day as you return to pick up your glasses, the employee has you try on the frames before you leave and just as Taehyung had predicted you’re unable to see anything, having chosen the wrong images during your exam because of how distracted you had been. Being a young doctor, and an attractive one at that, Taehyung was used to this sort of thing. Usually he would correct his patients and get their attention where it needed to be, but unbeknownst to you, you hadn’t been the only one with a wondering eye that day in the exam room, and maybe it hadn’t been the most professional idea but sitting back at home later that night, with a glass of wine in hand, Taehyung had been more than happy to answer the phone call from an unknown caller. A call from a young woman who had received a pair of glasses that day but was unable to wear them because they weren’t the right prescription.

Promise [Original Version]
Kim Jongdae & Zhang Yixing

[TRANS/LYRICS] Promise - Original Version

내 마음은 문을 닫고 난 생각에 빠져
무대위 내 모습을 상상하다 지쳐
“영원히 함께하자” 약속했던 우리지만
그 약속을 지키지 못하고 너를 울려
언제나 그 자리에 기다려준 너

I close my mind and fall into my thoughts
I feel exhausted* thinking about myself on stage
Although we promised “Let’s go on together forever”
I couldn’t keep that promise and made you cry
You always waited for me at that place

(*t/n: 지쳐 = exhausted, weary, extremely tired, used when you have no more will or strength)

Note: Audio released during 160607 Lay’s Exomentary Live V App, and lyrics translated by ear. Lyrics may be assumed to be written by Kim Jongdae as he has written the published lyrics of Promise, where all lines except the last one differ (with varying degree).

source: chenrrerorocher
translator: carol
please DO NOT reupload or take out our translations without full credit!

BTS at Fans magazine Vol.129 (Taiwan Magazine) [160102]

Q1: BTS recently won the 1st place with ‘RUN’, congratulations! How do you all feel about achieving such a good result at the end of the year? And during 2015, what do you think you have gained the most?

JIN: I’m really happy that we could have more chances to share the joy with our fans. And I also hope we will have more happy moments like this in the future!

SUGA: In 2015, it seems that more people recognizes BTS, and more people got to know our music. I hope we can show a better side of us in 2016.

RAP MONSTER: More people recognizes us, we were able to win the 1st place, as well as releasing my own solo mixtape and I was active with my solo activities. From those experiences, it makes me feel that I have gained a lot.

J-HOPE: In 2015, we were able to achieve very good results with our fans’ love and support. We will work harder to repay everyone. BTS in 2015 has really gained a lot of love from the fans.

JIMIN: Although we worked hard preparing the album, but it’s all thanks to our fans’ support that we could achieve such a good result. So I want to say thank you to our fans! In 2015, everyone got to know us more, so I think that’s the biggest achievement.

V: To be able to be loved by fans and achieve the 1st place, it’s all thanks to our fans. Being loved by fans is definitely the biggest present that I have received in 2015.

JUNGKOOK: BTS’ recognition is getting higher and higher. And this makes me very happy. We have been working very hard to show ourselves from the start until now, but I know that if we want to become a better singer, we still have a long way to go. So, in 2016, we will work harder!


Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 is a glorious thought experiment on climate change
Over the course of his career, Kim Stanley Robinson has written some of the best known — and most plausible — works of science fiction: Red Mars, 2312, and Aurora, just to name a few. In his latest novel, New York 2140, Robinson takes a look at the future of the planet as sea levels rise due to a warming climate and the changes civilization needs to make in order to survive. It’s surreal to be reading this book right now, especially against the backdrop of the Trump administration’s dismissal of the dangers that climate change poses. Read more
So this happened!

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haughtinherre  asked:

re: ep 11 being nevermore. "The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is a narrative of a young man who is bereaved by the death of the woman he loved." (im at the point in mourning where im ALMOST interested to think about the parallels that could be used in this ep. almost)

What ever Kim has written will be full of compassion and be written so well. Knowing that she has written this episode, has given me some hope. Even though Kim doesn’t have final say about events that happen, she will do her best do do damage control.

 Kim is known to write the Clexa dynamic so well. I think that this episode will be heartbreaking but also amazing. Kim has written my two favorite episodes of this series so far (Bodyguard of Lies and Ye who Enter Here), and I have faith that she will write another amazing episode – given the circumstances. I don’t have faith in Jason anymore, but I do have faith in Kim. I am not giving up, not yet.