kim has a birthday


I found this on my Soompi App and I found it really hilarious when some members of VIXX trolls around each other again on N’s birthday. I don’t know, but are they pulling a prank or what?!

*slips in through @crystalsoul16‘s door and leaves this before slipping back out*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!! Sorry this is a day late…but I hope you like it ^-^ Here’s to another year of fawning over our wonderful, smart and talented husbando <3

Imagine getting help from the rest of Seventeen when you’re trying to bake a cake for Mingyu’s birthday.


if we just walk together like this
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

to the boy whose passion exceeds limits, whose kindness brings joy to others, and whose heart is always in the right place.

kai, it’s your 23rd birthday today, but even if the years make you older and wiser, in my eyes you’re still the bright, kind kid whose one and only love is dancing; the kid who lives and breathes for the stage. thank you for being one of the warmest, sweetest people i know. for loving your fans so greatly, and for caring for all the other exo members. thank you for having a big, bear heart! one that loves a little too much. thank you for your loud, silly laughs and your strong and supportive words. for your pretty selfies, your lovely singing voice and your mind-blowing dancing. for all the hours and all the artistry you put into your work. thank you for all the years of laughs and tears you’ve shared with us; and most of all, thank you for the ones that are yet to come.

to the sweetest dancing king i know! happy birthday kim jongin!

when you realize that they're 88 days between Jongin and Sehun’s birthdays

and then you remember that sehun chose 94 as his number knowing that its a shared number between him and Jongin because of their birth year


For Yugyeom, GOT7 is a blessing to him that he will cherish forever. Not only he considers them his dear friends, but also family as well. It is obvious that Yugyeom loves and cares for each member so much and in return each member cares and loves Yugyeom too. No matter what, GOT7 will always be there to cheer on Yugyeom when he slays it up there on the stage or laugh with (or at) him when his playful nature comes out. The bond he has with all of them is something one finds once in a life a time. Not only that, but the bond he has with all of us ahgases means the world to him as well.

No matter what, us ahgases will continue to cheer for Yugyeom and support him no matter what. He brings us so many smiles and laughter due to his fun antics as he plays around or just due to his loving nature. He continues to make us proud as he continues to grow in talent and as a person with a big heart. Yugyeom is someone that you cannot miss because his a star that shines brightly that you can’t help but to notice. I hope he continues this wonderful journey with got7 and creates many more happy memories with them and with us ahgases. Happy Birthday Yugyeom!  #HitTheGyeomsDay ♥

SHINee fanfiction

i just realized that I’ve never posted links to all my fanfiction here lol So for any of you that have been wanting to read anything, I’ll leave these here!

(newest to oldest) * = oneshot

*Sleepless  Night (future!jongkey, non-AU, fluff, completed)

If Kibum woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, Jonghyun was always in his little studio down the hall. 

*Lonely (jongkey, AU, angst, some fluff, character death, trigger warning, completed)

Kibum was tired and lonely. There had to be something missing from his life. He wasn’t sure he wanted to live it anymore.

*Company (jongkey, aedan-millspuppyjjong AU, humor, completed)

Jonghyun doesn’t appreciate when alone time with his master is interrupted by company.

*Hug (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/humor, completed)

Key asks Jonghyun for a hug.

*Polaroid (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/humor, completed)

Too much jongkey? Not possible.

*Skeleton Flower (jongkey, non-AU, character death, trigger warning, completed)

Inspired by Jonghyun’s Skeleton Flower

*Bubbles and Kisses (jongkey, non-AU, fluff, completed)

Jonghyun and Key enjoy a bubble bath after comeback preparations.

Rain: Lock & Key (jongkey, AU, fluff/romance/friendship, chaptered, in progress) 

There’s something going on between them, they just have to figure out if it’s worth paying attention to.

*Melody (predebut!jongkey, non-AU, friendship/romance, completed)

It was months before debut and Jonghyun and Kibum had a day to themselves. 

*Frustrations (jongkey, non-AU, slight angst/ romance, completed)

Key was angry and frustrated because Jonghyun was his everything. Jonghyun was frustraed and angry because Key couldn’t see that he was the only person he could see.

Insomnia (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/romance, incomplete-may be added to in the future)

With worries about BASE, there is only one person who can put Jonghyun at ease. That person is Key.

*Riptide (jongkey, AU, supernatural/drama/romance, completed)

Love was something that had never come to his mind before Key came along. Jonghyun always kept himself secluded, away from everyone else, so when Key came along, it was not easy to adjust. He still kept his distance from the beautiful boy, but he was always aware of him. He knew what was happening though. It was like walking into the calmer part of the water, but then getting dragged out to the middle of the ocean in a riptide. But that’s just falling in love, isn’t it? 

*Heartbeat (2min, non-AU, fluff, complete)

Minho tells Taemin what his heart is saying.

*Goodbye (jongkey, non-AU, angst/romance,completed)

Goodbyes don’t always mean you won’t see each other again. 

Breathe (jongkey, non-AU, angst/romance, trigger warning, two-shot, completed)

And without Kim Jonghyun, there would be no more Kim Kibum.

*Red Bow (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Jonghyun has a birthday present for Key.

*Tease (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Key is a tease and Jonghyun is tired of it.

*Guava (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Their scent was intoxicating and delicious, even more so when they were mixed with Jonghyun.

I had a hard time staying away from him already.

I fidgeted on the couch, ignoring the anime he was watching, fighting every bone in my body not to throw myself at Jonghyun and see if he tasted as good as those damn candies.

Maybe he tasted even better.

*Smile (jongkey, non-AU, romance/slight romance, completed)

His smile.

It had to be beautiful, just like his voice.

Big and wide.



Love Sick (2min, humor/fluff/romance, three-shot, completed)

Minho gets sick, Taemin is there for him.

Weakness (jongkey, romance/humor, two-shot, completed) 

Jonghyun has a weakness. That weakness is Key.

*Stumbling (onew, romance/humor/fluff, completed)

Falling in love is as easy as tripping.

*Selfish (minho, romance, completed)

We all can be a little selfish.

just WHOA. I never realized I’ve written so much stuff lol just a small warning, those last four or so are kind of cringe-worthy xD read those at your own risk!

Disheveled - Chen

You guuuuuuuys, I’m actually slightly on time for once! Here’s a quick snippet that’s a little longer than a drabble for the birthday boy :3

(Yes, you are aware that it’s his birthday.)

Kim Jongdae’s hair has gone through several dramatic stages since you were first assigned the task of intricately styling his locks to perfection.

To amend your statement and defend yourself from loyal Exo fans, you’re obviously exaggerating.  

Although you’ve seen his bandmates go from shocking pink to bleached blond within a week, Jongdae has not once agreed to turn his hair into an oozing palette of ridiculously bright colors. Shades of colors that shouldn’t even be part of a ‘hairstyle.’

You don’t blame him for the ridiculous concepts his company goes for.

Other than your long standing job (you’re so good with scissors now you can practically cut paper sculptures while blindfolded), Jongdae’s hair has been one of the few constants in your life. So are his frequent visits to the salon due to his stubbornness with hair dye.

Today is no exception. He’s right on time for his appointment. No surprise there.

But you are slightly more anxious now, not because you continue to fret over original looks for multiple idols at once, but because this is a very important day.

Today, you’re styling for a birthday.

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