Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth being a total babe.

“Women make natural anarchists and revolutionaries because they’ve always been second-class citizens, kinda having had to claw their way up. I mean, who made up all the rules in the culture? Men-white male corporate society. So why wouldn’t a woman want to rebel against that?”

-k. gordon


Bull in the Heather | Sonic Youth [1994]

The music video features former Bikini Kill and Le Tigre singer Kathleen Hanna dancing, throwing Thurston Moore about by his guitar and kissing Kim Gordon, while wearing speedos over her tights. During filming, Hanna gave Thurston a bloodied lip.

“Soon after Kurt and Courtney got together and had their baby, Frances Bean, we were playing in Seattle, and the two of them came to see us. After the show, Kurt cornered me in the dressing room. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ he said. 'Courtney thinks Frances likes me more than her.' Someone took a photo of us right at that moment. My back is turned to the camera, and I remember that conversation vividly. I can’t imagine what life was like in the chaos of their drug-fueled life, and it’s hard for me to remember that they were together for only a couple of years. It takes so little time to forge a life, or in this case, a brand.”

—Kim Gordon, from Girl in a Band