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  • Jungkook: i am the worst jin-hyung was just like "kook-ah don't forget the sun is a star. a real big one." and i almost said not as big as your ass before remembering this is my motHER
  • Yoongi: jungkook you do know that jin-hyung isn't actually your mom right

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[ENG TRANS] 100 Q&As FOR 100 DAYS WITH UNIQ (Part 2) Questions 31. ~ 60.

31. A song you want to let your fans listen to? And why?
sungjoo: Family Portrait (Kim Jin-ho). The lyrics are touching.
seungyoun: Run Away (Kanye West); I 
(Kendrick Lamar)
yixuan: Not Afraid. It gives me the motive force to go forward no matter what i have to face.
wenhan: the new song(s) we’ve prepared
yibo: We Dem Boyz. Nice melody and addictive beats.

32. What would you be doing right now if you were not in UNIQ?
sungjoo: doing street performances with friends
seungyoun: soccer player
yixuan: stage director; dance instructor
wenhan: businessman or basketball player
yibo: dancer

33. If the end of the world comes next week, what will be the one thing that you must do before that?
sungjoo: be with my family
seungyoun: play around burden-free
yixuan: go home
wenhan: drive to someplace far away with somebody important
yibo: be with my family

34. Anything you must try in this year?
sungjoo: cooperate with Bruno Mars, he he, if possible, he he~
seungyoun: present to our fans the songs I write
yixuan: compose songs as traveling
wenhan: write songs
yibo: make songs

35. What would you most like to do when you meet your fans?
sungjoo: “Love you~~”
seungyoun: sing to fans
yixuan: smile with a thumb-up
wenhan: play my guitar
yibo: thank them for their support

36. Any secret of your body that others don’t know?
sungjoo: none
seungyoun: surprisingly broad shoulders
yixuan: none
wenhan: I’ve been trying for 21 years to find my knee-jerk reaction part, but in vain
yibo: none

37. What would UNIQ be like in 10 years?
sungjoo: making music we like!
seungyoun: artist
yixuan: doing our 10th-anniversary concert
wenhan: 10 years or 20 years, whatever; we are forever family
yibo: performing songs we make

38. What you would most like to hear from others?
sungjoo: “You’re just like Bruno Mars!”
seungyoun: “I recognize you!”
yixuan: “You’re not just an idol; you’re an artist.”
wenhan: “Really touched by your singing.”
yibo: “Your dancing is awesome. I’m really impressed.”

39. What animal do you think you are like?
sungjoo: husky dog
seungyoun: fox, weasel
yixuan: bull or horse
wenhan: wolf or dog
yibo: panther/Leopard or wolf

40. Apart form being a singer, any other field you want to get into?
sungjoo: modeling
seungyoun: fashion career
yixuan: directing movies, writing books and poems
wenhan: acting, playing blues music
yibo: professional choreographer

41. What place would you go to together with your girlfriend if any?
sungjoo: one-day trip to Maldives
seungyoun: any place will be fine
yixuan: the seaside
wenhan: places she like; Boston, to watch NBA games
yibo: Ireland, France

42. Your fashion style?
sungjoo: Dandy, long styles, hip-hop
seungyoun: … It can be any style
yixuan: sweater, suits, hip-hop
wenhan: sweater, hoodie, casual suits
yibo: hip-hop, casual suits

43. Your favorite place in Seoul?
sungjoo: 삼청동 (Samcheong-dong)
seungyoun: our home~
yixuan: 가로수길
wenhan: 이태원 (Itaewon)
yibo: 홍익대학교 (Hongik University)

44. Any member you thought was hard to get close to?
sungjoo: none
seungyoun: none
yixuan: none
wenhan: me myself (He told on Happy Camp that he used to keep things to himself when he became a trainee just after coming back from America.)
yibo: none

45. Which year would you like to go to if there’s a time machine?
sungjoo: 2011
seungyoun: 2000
yixuan: 2055; to talk to the future me
wenhan: 1994.07.22
yibo: 1997.08.05

46. What do you do in days for rest?
sungjoo: sleep through most of the time
seungyoun: really just rest
yixuan: watch movies, go shopping, do exercise, read
wenhan: watch movies, go shopping, do exercise, sleep
yibo: go shopping, play video games, watch movies

47. Use one song to describe yourself.
sungjoo: Moonshine
seungyoun: Go Crazy
yixuan: Not Afraid
wenhan: 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song)
yibo: Turn Up The Music

48. One movie or one book that became the turning point of your life:
sungjoo: The Bible
seungyoun: 8 Mile
yixuan: “secret” (not sure whether it’s a movie/book title or he just wouldn’t tell)
wenhan: Before I Go to Sleep
yibo: none

49. If you could become another member for one day, who would you wanna be? why?
sungjoo: yibo; great dancer
seungyoun: I still think I’m good…
yixuan: yibo; to wreck his hard-to-reach cold image
wenhan: wenhan; too handsome
yibo: sungjoo; good voice

50. Your favorite drink in a coffee shop:
sungjoo: Iced Americano
seungyoun: Matcha Frappuccino
yixuan: Americano / Latte
wenhan: Green Tea Latte
yibo: Black Tea Latte

51. Essentials you go out with:
sungjoo: Bruno Mars’ music, wallet
seungyoun: wallet, watch
yixuan: pen, lyrics note, iPod, perfume
wenhan: ear phones, PSV
yibo: laptop, beanie/hat

52. What impression would you like to leave on people? As you yourself / as a group
sungjoo: me as a singer who touch hearts with his singing; UNIQ as a group with world-wide influence
seungyoun: artist
yixuan: UNIQ as a group that can touch the hearts of people at different ages with different personalities
wenhan: me as an all-round artist; UNIQ as a group that deserves expectations
yibo: me as an all-round artist; UNIQ as a group with both great visuals and great talents

53. What kind of songs do you want to write if you get the chance to?
sungjoo: songs like Bruno Mars’
seungyoun: any kind that is possible
yixuan: songs that you listen to when quiet and peaceful; songs for parties
wenhan: love songs with strong beats, with melody and lyrics that resonate
yibo: addictive songs with strong beats

54. Favorite fruits?
sungjoo: mandarin oranges, oranges
seungyoun: oranges, grapes, mandarin oranges, apples, mangoes, acai berries, bananas, cantaloupes, watermelons etc. All fruits.
yixuan: peaches, plums, watermelons, oranges, grapes
wenhan: watermelons, kiwi fruits
yibo: watermelons, peaches, litchis

55. What kind of man do you think you are? Bad or kind?
sungjoo: kind man
seungyoun: a kind bad man
yixuan: what do you think?
wenhan: true man
yibo: the man of men, cool man

56. What is UNICORN (fandom) to you?
sungjoo: energy drink
seungyoun: people who back me up
yixuan: the loveliest people
wenhan: girlfriends
yibo: noonas / elder sisters

57. Which do you prefer: snow or rain?
sungjoo: snow
seungyoun: rain, when I’m at home; snow, when I’m outside
yixuan: light rain; heavy snow
wenhan: neither
yibo: snow

58. The 3 songs you love listening to recently:
sungjoo: Family Portrait (Kim Jinho), Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), Last Love (Kim Bumsoo)
seungyoun: If I Die Tomorrow (Beenzino), I (Kendrick Lamar), At Gwanghwamun (Cho Kyuhyun)
yixuan: Not for Long (B.O.B), Time of Our Lives (Pitbull), songs i’m writing
wenhan: Downtown (Augustalsina), Outlaws of Love (Adam Lambert), Animals (Maroon 5)
yibo: We Dem Boyz (Wiz Khalifa), Downtown (August Alsina), TKO (Black Friday Remix) (Justin Timberlake)

59. The first thing to do when you’ve saved enough money:
sungjoo: purchase garments
seungyoun: purchase my own house
yixuan: travel
wenhan: do investments
yibo: purchase garments

60. What food do you eat together often, when you get hungry after training till late night?
UNIQ: hamburgers, snacks, energy drinks, fried chicken, pizzas.


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Kim Jong Kook and Two Kids
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“Imagine there is a door and all you have to do is enter through the door”

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