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How Kim Dong Wan Dealt with Sasaengs

Whenever he comes out of the airport, he always takes pictures of the fans with his DSLR. 

When the fans say, ‘Don’t take pictures of me!’ he yells back, 'You take pictures of me!’ and then he continues taking pictures. He later posts all of those pictures in high quality on the official website. 

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Talking about sasaengs on the radio:

Speaking of dorms, I really hate the kids who come to the dorm!!
If she was my daughter, I would hit her. Ah~ Really, stop coming to the dorm? Okay?
I promise you, but a~~ll singers and celebrities hate fans who come to the dorms. 

Don’t come to the dorms. 

Use that time to find a hobby.
If you don’t want to go to cram school, then do something else. 
Steal that cram school tuition without your mom knowing and go learn something that you enjoy. 
Even if you skip school and go on a trip, I would agree with that if I was a father. 

But don’t come to the dorms.
You sitting there, crouching, is really pathetic to see. 
Adults don’t like to see it. It’s not good. 

And in front of our dorms, the fans camping out there cry and tell me that male students passing by came and hit you. They don’t take you seriously because you’re crouching there all the time. You probably got hit because you guys started verbally fighting after getting picked on. 

I don’t sympathize with you at all. 

Don’t come to the dorm, okay?

You all were born beautifully so how can you be doing this?
Go on a blind date. Go to a cola-tech with your school friends - how wonderful would that be?
When I was young, I really liked ice rinks. So go to a ice rink or something…holding your boyfriend’s hand.


After scolding all the fans, who hung around the dorms at night, asking if they were beggars or if their parents knew they were doing this, Kim Dong Wan would ride his bike around the neighborhood every morning to check that nothing happened to the fans who stayed out all night. Picture: 21-year old Kim Dong Wan in 1999. 

translations: lilshinhwafreak

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