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Bon Bon the Birthday clown is Kim Possible So the Drama.

Okay, so the mid season finale preview for Star vs the Forces of Evil have just aired and I can’t be the only one who see the similarities between these two. I mean:

A blond main character get jealous when their best friend is going to a school dance with someone else 

and deals with some kind of threat 

And question their feelings for their best friends 

While the other main characters and their love interest are having a good time 

With them ignoring important phone calls 

Seriously, did the staff watch a lot of Kim Possible or something? Starco is already compared to Kim and Ron relationship so it can’t be that far of a stretch. Honestly, the only thing that would make this crazier is if Jackie was like a evil robot, a double spy from another dimension, or some kind of shapeshifter disguised as Jackie to separate him from Star  which I highly doubt even though any of these theories would be one of the most mind blowing twists ever!

tfw you know its not endgame but you gotta enjoy the little things the creators make you hope for :’)


HERE IT IS! The thing that you have all been waiting foooor!!!!!! XD I present to you.. the official Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence Battle Arc Posters! *throws a bunch of confettis but got into mouth* blargh! not really my brightest idea! pffft!!!

Anyway!!!!!! I hope that y’all like it everyone! Especially my dearest friend @mrevaunit42 I hope he’s….. he’s you know…. not crying over this…or…somethin’….

For those who wanted to read his Star vs. the Forces of Evil future au fanfic -> 

I recommend! Trust me it’s really amazing.. *wink*

Star, Marco, Janna, Tom © Daron

Nova, Connor, Jack © @mrevaunit42

Kim Beelzebub is my OC… :3


“two best friends who genuinely care about each other more than anything but start to realize their feelings for each other” ships are ruining my life



I’m just saying, Kim Possible is proof that a Disney show can have its two main characters become a couple before the show ends and have an entire amazing season with them as a couple without the plot needing to resolve around their relationship and still be the amazing show we love. I’m looking at you Star vs the Forces of Evil.

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For @mrevaunit42’s fanfic “Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence”

The first sketch was from his latest chapter “Uncle Ferguson comes to tooooown”.
The rest are all just previews of the story arc we’re gonna co-write… Right E??? :3 be warneeeddddd……… C'mon E theres a lot of writting to do…. *drags E to the fanfic portal*

Time check: 10:25 pm

For @mrevaunit42’s future au fanfic “Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence” This is for the arc chapters that we’re gonna co-write… (E and Deth Cameo on the sketches… XD)

*whispers* ok its getting late and I better keep it quiet before E-… *shadows looms over me* uh oh…. *turns around and saw E* uhhh……. I can explain??? *smiles nervously towards E*

I just noticed Ron & Marco both are Very Similar…
They Both Have High Physical abilities.
(Karate & Monkey Kung fu)
They Both Like Mexican Themed Food.
(Nachos & Bueno Nacho)
They Both Are Sidekicks To Extremely Powerful Main Characters.
(Star Butterfly & Kim Possible)
There Both The “Funny Type” Characters.
(Marco gets blasted with Magic & Ron loses his pants or gets shot at)
They Both Wear Loose Clothing.
(If You Count Hoodies & Baggy Pants “loose”)
They Both Had Trouble With Aquatic Creatures.
(Marco’s monster arm was like an octopus & Ron’s bully basically turned into a lake monster named GILL)
There Both From Disney.
There Body Builds Are Both “Slim”.