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HERE IT IS! The thing that you have all been waiting foooor!!!!!! XD I present to you.. the official Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence Battle Arc Posters! *throws a bunch of confettis but got into mouth* blargh! not really my brightest idea! pffft!!!

Anyway!!!!!! I hope that y’all like it everyone! Especially my dearest friend @mrevaunit42 I hope he’s….. he’s you know…. not crying over this…or…somethin’….

For those who wanted to read his Star vs. the Forces of Evil future au fanfic -> 

I recommend! Trust me it’s really amazing.. *wink*

Star, Marco, Janna, Tom © Daron

Nova, Connor, Jack © @mrevaunit42

Kim Beelzebub is my OC… :3


“two best friends who genuinely care about each other more than anything but start to realize their feelings for each other” ships are ruining my life

Bon Bon the Birthday clown is Kim Possible So the Drama.

Okay, so the mid season finale preview for Star vs the Forces of Evil have just aired and I can’t be the only one who see the similarities between these two. I mean:

A blond main character get jealous when their best friend is going to a school dance with someone else 

and deals with some kind of threat 

And question their feelings for their best friends 

While the other main characters and their love interest are having a good time 

With them ignoring important phone calls 

Seriously, did the staff watch a lot of Kim Possible or something? Starco is already compared to Kim and Ron relationship so it can’t be that far of a stretch. Honestly, the only thing that would make this crazier is if Jackie was like a evil robot, a double spy from another dimension, or some kind of shapeshifter disguised as Jackie to separate him from Star  which I highly doubt even though any of these theories would be one of the most mind blowing twists ever!

tfw you know its not endgame but you gotta enjoy the little things the creators make you hope for :’)

neighbor!monsta x

author’s note: let’s just blame @wangpuppo for enabling me to write this mess.

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  • the relatively quiet neighbor
  • very self-sufficient, can cook like eggs, bacon, and rice pretty well
  • does his own laundry and usually likes to kick back, watch some tv when he has nothing else to do
  • his friends love to come over and pester him so sometimes he pretends he’s not home
  • will even fall asleep when he’s hiding from minhyuk or jooheon
  • sometimes you forget he lives in the building bc literally no sound comes from that side of the wall
  • well, not always (you found this one out come about a week into your arrival into the complex)
  • so unknown to everyone else’s knowledge except his buds that inhabit the building, hyunwoo’s actually a dance instructor
  • a lot of the time he’ll actually do his routines at home, often having to rearrange furniture and play the dance song and all, and unfortunately, this means making a lot of…. sounds
  • this is the first time you’re experiencing this so you’re actually not sure what to think considering you’ve just moved in next door
  • all you hear is the furniture getting moved about and music starts playing and oh god you hear grunting too
  • you’re actually very sure you heard someone enter his apartment too though you can’t really hear their voices
  • it’s not like you tried to hear it or anything though you admit your neighbor’s extremely attractive you’re seriously not trying to think of what he’s doing and why he’s being so goddamn loud and oh god it’s like the fifth time in a row you hear the next bout of music and grunts and you’re actually a little traumatized
  • for the most part, you try not thinking about it whenever you see him but jesus it’s too hard when you’re grabbing your mail and he comes out looking all sweaty and exhausted and yeah nope abort
  • you do your best to avoid making eye contact with him even if he’s your super attractive neighbor with nice arms and a nice smile :(
  • the only time you’ll ever notice him is if he sees someone (either you or one of the elderly tenants) struggling to carry some things like groceries and he’ll be there in a flash
  • like you were at the entrance with like two boxes stacked from your old place and hyunwoo just appeared and said “oh!! lemme help you with that”
  • and of course you couldn’t really say no bc he’s already taking them from you and already making his way up the stairs since the elevator would be under renovation and he actually makes an effort to chat with you about life and how you like it in the building and even though you feel awkward about remembering that tidbit he apologizes for always dancing so late and probably blasting his music so loud
  • and you’re like “wait what”
  • and he goes “well, yeah i’m sure you’ve noticed the music! i’m a dance instructor so i practice a lot and my friends come by since they dance too so if we’re loud then i apologize-”
  • you’re just like “oh thank god”
  • him: o: “what”
  • you sheepishly admit you thought he was having sex for like five hours straight and he really almost drops your stuff in shock and he cheeks get all beet red and he’s stammering like that isn’t possible
  • and you just laugh, trying to calm him because you’re just grateful he wasn’t banging someone for that long so many times a night
  • and he goes “i assure you i’m very single” and oh dear lord he really actually set the boxes down at your doorway to facepalm
  • and you just wink at him and say, “well, i’m glad. i’ll see you around, hyunwoo! maybe you can teach me a dance or two~”

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i really love the kingdom hearts series,don’t get me wrong, but i wish they would remember that Disney has shows too. I want to see…

Sora with the part-time hero crew, helping Penn save his parents.

Riku protecting New York for the huntsclan with the American dragon, Jack Long.

Kairi helping Phineas and Ferb and friends with one of their projects.

Lea fighting monsters with Star and Marco.

Aqua and Kim Possible cartwheeling after bad guys.

Ven and Roxas, confused for another set of mystery twin, helping the Pines family protect gravity falls from Bill and his henchmen.

Actual human disaster ™ Terra going on an adventure with jr. human disaster ™ Milo Murphy.

I’m just saying, Kim Possible is proof that a Disney show can have its two main characters become a couple before the show ends and have an entire amazing season with them as a couple without the plot needing to resolve around their relationship and still be the amazing show we love. I’m looking at you Star vs the Forces of Evil.

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I did this art a while ago but I had only now the time to publish it.

As you guys know I really like to compare KimXRon to StarXMarco. And with the recent reveal of Sonic Forces something like this popped into my head. I’ll probably do more Disney XD Forces fan art in the future.

I hope you like it!

The return to Gallery Nucleus - Signing and Panel (Photos)(Video links at the end).

The stage is set. I got real excited when I saw the seats.

While in line, I met a talented young woman that made these plushies. I believe she gave one or both to Daron. EDIT: Star was given to Daron and Marco was given to Adam.

More plushies. EDIT: These two were made by the user @cure-orchid

I also made good friends with “Papa Diaz”. We sat next each other. He was really cool.

The panel.

I got really excited ‘cause I thought they were about to play the “sneak peek”. Turns out they were just setting up.

The crew as they were sitting down. It was about to begin.

During one discussion, they were talking about character design and the process it took to come up with adult Marco. Of course, I only take the more “important” pictures.

I was seated second row. This was the crowd behind me.

There were some awesome cosplayers!


Star and Bloodmoon Ball Marco

I was told that Hekapoo was, “Best Girl”. So I made sure to implement that.

Selfie with Daron herself! She was delighted when I told her that I bought one of her originals. She said that is was, in fact, her favorite piece to work on. It was my favorite too.

Okay, so some quick explanation: During the QnA, someone asked Daron what were some deleted scenes she wished made it to the final cut. She talked about this scene (which pretty much explains itself). She thought is was funny that no one noticed this cell in the back of the exhibit. Originally, they sent the draft to the animators and she was surprised as she described it, “They went to town” on Marco’s love-making with that bike. But in the end, Disney said no to that scene. I wonder why.

More cosplayers. 

The best StarFan I’ve seen!

To me, the highlight was getting this signed. It was so cool talking to the crew members about the show and their work. Brian Kim (the composer) and I had a fun talk about Gravity Falls. I thought he worked on the show but turns out he was just a big fan. Adam (VA of Marco) was a really cool guy! I clearly loves the fans and the feeling is mutual.

I forgot that Becky Dreistadt (Character designer. Her name has the butterfly) drew the print that I had signed. She got really excited when I brought it up to her. It was cute! :3

Going to this event was SUPER fun! I feel bad that not everyone could make it :( I’ve made a good amount of friends there and I plan on going to more events like these. 

I would also like to thank all the cast and crew that worked on this show! Going to this event has been a HUGE inspiration to me! I would like to be at their level someday and host events like this. 

If any of you guys and gals have any questions about this event (’cause I know not everyone could go. Heck, I almost couldn’t go myself!) my ASK is always open. 

Thanks for reading!

Oh, I also got this stupid meme signed. LoL.

I also can’t figure out how to post all the videos I took at once. So here are some links:


For @mrevaunit42’s fanfic “Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence”

The first sketch was from his latest chapter “Uncle Ferguson comes to tooooown”.
The rest are all just previews of the story arc we’re gonna co-write… Right E??? :3 be warneeeddddd……… C'mon E theres a lot of writting to do…. *drags E to the fanfic portal*