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ANTM Cycle 22 Call-Out Order Averages

(Note: This is including the “lumped” call-out I made for week 7 based on the scores they received in panel. I also am not counting the call-outs in the finale, because those were not based on scores or the work produced that week in the same way the other weeks were.)

  1. Lacey Rogers - 3
  2. Mikey Heverly - 3.55
  3. Mamé Adjei - 3.91
  4. Nyle DiMarco - 4.27
  5. Devin Clark - 5
  6. Ava Capra - 6.2
  7. Justin Kim - 6.43
  8. Bello Sanchez - 6.86
  9. Hadassah Richardson - 7
  10. Courtney DuPerow - 8.29
  11. Dustin McNeer - 9
  12. Ashley Molina - 9.17
  13. Stefano Churchill - 10.33
  14. Delanie Dischert - 13

After looking at these averages, I’m starting to see why everyone thinks Ava was robbed. It’s because the show made her out to be one of the strongest ones there, so it would have made sense for her to make it further. I’m surprised that Nyle wasn’t second on this list, though, because I thought the way the judges always scored him extremely high would be reflected more in their call-out average. I’m also surprised that Mikey made it all the way to second in their call-out average. Nothing else surprises me, though.

4. Hot Diggety Dog 

The models - all 14 of them - gather for a photo shoot and, possibly, a funeral. I say that because the photographer today is… (dramatic pause) Yu Tsai?!?!

Is Erik Asla DEAD? I can think of no other explanation for him not to show up to his weekly gig. Unless Tyra dumped his ass. Who needs a photographer boyfriend these days now that selfie sticks have been invented? If they can rig one up so the handle vibrates, all of her needs will be met.

This shoot, each model will be paired with a dog that matches that model’s essence. For example, Bello gets matched with a siberian husky because they both have piercing eyes. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both wearing colored contacts. Are those contacts, pup? (Bark bark, of course they’re real, bark.) Oh well. Let sleeping dogs lie, and let lying dogs upstage Bello.

Mikey and his partner are so in sync that they even choke on their own long hair in unison:

Throughout the shoot, we see staffers yelling “stay!” and waving toys and treats around. It’s hard to say which of these tactics are meant for the dogs and which are meant for the models. If you ask me, Dustin seems just as likely to get yelled at for sniffing someone’s butt as the pit bull he posed with. 

Most of the models get paired with pretty dogs… some of which are too pretty.

Hey, she said it, not me! However, Devin gets handed a freaky, mangy dog and doesn’t understand why. The show clearly stated that models were being paired with dogs based on appearance and personality, so I don’t get why he’s so confused.

At least Devin gets to wear a suit! Courtney poses with the same dog and they do her hair to look like she’s an equally diseased dog. Here’s hoping Courtney ends up in a no-kill shelter or she doesn’t stand a chance.

At least her hair isn’t as bad as Stefano’s, who apparently has had to keep that horrid cut during sequester. His wardrobe this shoot is possibly even worse. It’s like the stylists didn’t know how to distract from his haircut and said, “How about we give him a vest made of even grosser hair?”


In case you’re wondering which of these dogs is the first to poop on set…

It’s actually Delanie.

Ava’s biggest problem is not posing with a dog, but… drinking from a tea cup. No really.

Three cheers for homeschooling!

No one has it worse than Justin, though. Yu Tsai encourages him to stop modeling and just “chill” with his pit bull. Pit bulls don’t exactly have a “chill” reputation, but okay. Ultimately, Yu Tsai is so bored by Justin’s shoot that I think he tells him to jerk off the dog.

Ewwww! Chilling is one thing, but “netflix and chill” is another.

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