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R E A D       T H I S!!!


As we wait for their much anticipated comeback, let’s continue to show our support and excitement for them by joining this mass streaming event!! Not only is it an easy way to show the boys some mad love, but it’s also an excellent chance to expand our fandom and let more people fall for Madtown!!

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I’d personally like to invite @bubblegeon, @fuschsiaflowerrising, and @madtwn to join the stream team!

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 Don’t fall victim to King Buf’s judging stare; join the team and let’s stream!!


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Please be sure to reblog this flyer and comment if you are interested in joining our fandom’s stream team!


what she says: I’m fine

what she means: madtown is an amazingly talented group yet receive so little appreciation :( I just really really love and miss them. Are they doing okay? Are they happy? Are they resting enough? Are they eating well? When will people realize that their vocals are god-sent, that they have stunning visuals, and that they all have cute/dorky personalities like??? I need to know when my babies will be given the love and appreciation they truly deserve!!!

MADTOWN reaction to you saying “I love you” for the first time

Anon said aka MADTOWN ANON:  Yes hello madtown anon BACK with another request!!! Madtown reacting to you saying ‘i love you’ for the first time? You got this!!! 파이팅!!!!! (fighting!!!!!) 💕

- AYE! Hope you enjoy!  사랑해!! (Saranghaee!) <3 ^^

H.O: “I love you too” *is freaking out but is happy af*

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Jota: *heart beating fast* “I..I love you too” *gif*

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Lee Geon: “Wait. Can you say that one more timee?” 

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Buffy: *gif*

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Daewon: *stares at your eyes…. Smiles* “I love you!” *kisses you*

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Moos: “omgjustdontfreakoutstaycool” *thinks to himself* 

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Heojun: “I love you too Y/N” *kisses you right away*

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Madtown, MadTown, MADTOWN, madTOWN, MADtown, stan madtown, STAN MADTOWN, Madtown, MADTOWN, MADTOWN, MADTOWN, STAN MADTOWN, I dont think I mad myself clear so I’m gonna say it one million more time; Stan Madtown, S.T.A.N. M.A.D.T.O.W.N. MADTOWN!!! StAn MaDtOwN. Look, the point of this post is that I just really love MADTOWN and I want other people to love them too. So, in conclusion STANMADTOWN,  STAN MADTOWN,  MADTOWN, tho. Stan MADTOWN, STAN MADTOWN.

madtown reaction when their girlfriend suddenly kisses them and then runs away

What…just…happened? *Still processing*

cr. yangjunpyo

This girl…I’ll get her back later…

cr. moos-ur-toxic

Aaaaaaaaaaah! So nice!

cr. gothnam

*Talking* * Girlfriend kisses him* *Stops talking mid-sentence*

cr. woopyun

Lee Geon:
*Calls name* *Girlfriend turns around*

cr. leejonghwas

Did she just…she did, didn’t she?

cr. jaeyongi

Come back Baby! Baby please! I need youuuu~

cr. 91moos

Top Ten Biases

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I am going to do both girls and guys because I bias a lot of girls. Also, I will try to put this in order as best as I can but that isn’t going to happen


1. Kim Taehyung (V) - BTS

As most of you guys already know, BTS is my bias group and Taehyung (V) slays my entire existence. No explanation needed- my blog is enough. 

2. Park Daewon (Daewon) - MADTOWN

(R.I.P Kim Sangbae (Moos) my first bias. Daewon is such a biaswrecker he actually became my bias) Please check out MADTOWN, they are so underappreciated and then check out Daewon yourself and you will find out why he is my bias. I still can believe this lil dimwit took over my life I am so mad.

3. Im Junghoon (J.Hoon) - B.I.G

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO CHECK OUT B.I.G (BOYS IN GROOVE) I SWEAR YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT THEIR SONGS ARE SO GOOD YET SO UNDERAPPRECIATED- LISTEN TO Aphrodite, Taola, 1.2.3. THEY ARE HAVING A COMEBACK ON THE 23RD Now that the promo is over, let me tell you that the leader of B.I.G J-Hoon may seem cute at first glance but he is a smol violent man ready to fight at all times.

4. Kwon Hyuk (DEAN)

Dean is a solo K- R&B artist. The way he acts in his music videos and his vibe makes him seem like he would be intimidating and extroverted BUT KWON HYUK IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE HE IS SO SOFT AND INTROVERTED ANY INTERVIEW IS HIM LOOKING DOWN HALF THE TIME i love him


1.  Chang Seungyeon (Seungyeon) - CLC

CLC is my ultimate girl group and Seungyeon is my ultimate girl bias! I love her so much, my dancing queen. She is the leader of CLC and is so cute <3 (SHE ALSO SLAYS THEIR LATEST CONCEPT) look at how hot she is i am so gay 

2. Jeon Somin (Somin) - K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D is about to debut soon and I CANT WAIT! Somin has been though so much, being part of Puretty, a Japanese girl group that disbanded in 2014, getting 2nd on BABY KARA, being the leader of APRIL, but I feel like she fits K.A.R.D so well and it’s concept. I love my queen

3. Kim Miso (Miso) -GIRLS GIRLS

Y’all are missing out. That is all that I can say. Nobody knows about GIRLS GIRLS or Miso and her new single, but really, I feel sorry for you. Her song is so damn good and same with every single GIRLS GIRLS song. Too bad they are from a small company that has a low budget and can’t promote properly. If any of you need a girl group that does bad-ass concepts and their sound isn’t cute- GIRLS GIRLS is for you. Miso, the maknae, released her new single, KKPP. Miso’s dance tho. She also does dance covers of BTS, Seventeen, and more. Miso is god’s gift- too bad for anyone who doesn’t know her.

4. Jennie Kim (Jennie) - Blackpink

My YG Princess is literally that- a princess. Her vocals and visuals make me more and more gay every day. She is so talented and can speak Korean, Japanese, and English and can play the flute. Excuse me while I sob over her voice. 

5. Jang Dahye (Heize) 

ALL. HAIL. THE. QUEEN. Heize is also a solo artist AND DAMN HER VOICE. AND HER VISUALS. AND HER EVERYTHING. If you search up perfection, you will find Heize. (Also, she’s done collabs with Dean so that is just perfection overdose) 

Bonus: Heize and Dean

6. Kim Eun Mi (Grace)

To quote a random comment: “I don’t understand how more people don’t know about Grace when her songs are lit.” To that I say: Same. Grace is also a solo artist. She is a Korean-American rapper and I love her songs?? so much?? and more people should listen to them?? just maybe? Trust you will fall in love too. 

Well I feel like this entire thing was more of a promo (BUT PLEASE GUYS, CHECK A FEW OF THESE GUYS OUT YOU WILL NOT REGRET I BIAS THE RIGHT PEOPLE albeit them being nugus like girls girls :’) ) ANYWAYS I DONT KNOW WHO TO TAG TO DO THIS NEXT SO I WILL TAG A FEW OF MY MUTALS :)))

@park-jiminnie-got-jams @goldenyugyeom @kookmiinie @stan-hoseok @junghoesuc and anyone else who wants to do this