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The Evolution Of Batgirl

Barbara Gordon debuted 50 years ago in Detective Comics #359 (published November 29, 1966)!

The original Batwoman appeared 60 years ago in Detective Comics #233 (May 22, 1956), and Bat-Girl appeared 55 years ago in Batman #139 (January 12, 1961). The modern Batwoman 10 years ago in 52 #7 (June 7, 2006).

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After seeing some posts regarding on making petitions, emails, and letters to Disney on requesting more content for Wander Over Yonder after the show isn’t picked up for a 3rd Season, I decided to point out how a mailing campaign could work if enough effort is placed.

For instance, Kim Possible from the 2000s finished production after 65 episodes (a rule Disney followed at the time before abandoning it in recent years). The KP fans were disappointed that some formed a website called, Save Disney Shows with Save Kim Possible Page where they created a plan to mail their polite and requested letters to Disney via email or physical form.

Granted this website is pretty outdated now that social media and ways to find email addresses and contacts are more accessible. But the way this site organized this plan to convince Disney to renew Kim Possible for one more season did the trick. You could find a bit of inspiration in what they did here and use it for what we can do for Wander here with today’s technology. So anything is possible.

Apparently, 2 Seasons standard order by Disney is the new “65 syndicated episode order rule” of today for shows that aren’t too popular as GF and Star Vs., but still have solid ratings. So that could be why Wander is ending there.

Now I know some would still disagree that it’s not gonna work, no one can vet their frustrations to send to Disney, not enough would be able to pull this off due to the fandom not as big as GF, or that it needs to end for the sake of creative integrity (well, how come Star Vs. got a third season before Season 2 premiered?). Which I understand that notion. But while I wish the crew and Craig McCracken luck on churning out the last chunk of Season 2, and finding other projects to work on, I think Wander still has some bit of potential to explore on the Main 4 and even Lord Hater’s backstory beyond Season 2. At least Season 2 will end in a satisfying manner, not a cliffhanger.

So with that said, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your message is polite and positive, clear, has good grammar, and getting to the point of what you love about the show, and what to request for future Wander content and merchandise. 
  2. Don’t vent your frustrations and complaints. Disney ignores this kind of negativity.
  3. Use this contacts for email:
    3. some more here
  4. Mailing Addresses can be found here
  5. Online Petitions can be found here, here, and here
  6. Find a bit of inspiration from the Save Kim Possible site

And again, no matter how it could succeed or fail, at least we know that we still care and support the show for what it is. We got in the last chunk yet to premiere, so let’s enjoy and keep the momentum for what’s left.