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Rising Sign/Ascendant Describtions

In this post, I will try my best to be as precise & informative as possible. This actually works if at least ¾ of the description fits a person. Try this out! 


Behaviour: activity, initiative, striving forward; a confident, dynamic even aggressive look, but sometimes a quite naive one

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face; rather wavy, chestnut brown hair; big eyes with bushy arched brows; usually a straight but droopy nose; thin or medium lips; small chin; very athletic; men often have granular skin on their face; blush; scars or marks on the head. 

Celebrities with Aries Rising: Rihanna, Shakira, John Lennon, Heath Ledger, Che Guevara, Penélope Cruz, Kendall Jenner, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby

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Behaviour: serenity, good manners, charm; a soft, friendly look

Physical Characteristics: square shaped face; thick, straight, rather dark hair; natural, gradual eyebrows, big beautiful eyes with long lashes; full lips; often an upturned button nose; a short and thick neck, hunched shoulders; tendency to corpulence; women usually have large breasts and hips. 

Celebrities with Taurus Rising: Martin Luther King, Lana Del Rey, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, David Beckham, Dave Gahan, Taylor Lautner, Zinedine Zidane, Snoop Dogg, Michael Schumacher, Cate Blanchett, Serena Williams

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Behaviour: restlessness, multitasking; fast and permanent movements; countless contact with people, enthusiastic, charming, sociable with strangers,

Physical Characteristics: Oval face; thinning, sparse hair; rather small, close-set, squinty eyes, thin eyebrows; a direct, open, interested look; a straight middle long nose; slim & thin, rather short; usually look younger than they actually are

Celebrities with Gemini Rising: Lady GaGa, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Sheen, Matthew McConaughey, Ricky Martin, Tim Burton, LeBron James, Julianne Moore, Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, Amy Adams

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Behaviour: quite talkative when it comes to someone’s problems, moodiness, somnolence, stubbornness, sensitivity, compassion; slow moves

Physical Characteristics: round face but cheekbones, quite pale; big, watery eyes, a naive, confused look; a small, upturned or even snub nose; a quite weak chin; full lips; often plump, small hands and feet, for women: rather big, well-formed breasts

Celebrities with Cancer Rising: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Juliette Binoche, Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson, Tyra Banks, Mila Jovovich, Cindy Crawford, Romy Schneider, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, William Shakespeare, George Michael, Liv Tyler, Gary Oldman, Michael Phelps, Amy Lee

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Behaviour:  brightness, cheerfulness, confidence; high self-esteem; expressive manners

Physical Characteristics: mane of hair, usually ginger, auburn copper, if dark: premature greying, for men: premature alopecia; big, a little slanting, beautiful eyes, a friendly, playful look; Roman or Grecian Nose; massive upper body, muscular, broad shoulders but thin legs, large bones; confident, proud port

Celebrities with Leo Rising: Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Al Pacino, Freddie Mercury, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, Robbie Williams, Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep, Drake, Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Marilyn Manson, George W. Bush, Katie Holmes, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Tina Turner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robery Downey Jr, Adam Levine, Kate Moss, Muhammad Ali, Emma Stone, Sting, Eva Green

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Behaviour: measured moves; a soft, melodic voice; cleanliness, discipline; classic dressing style

Physical Characteristics: large oval face, pale skin, especially unremarkable lineament, since all the features are proportional; rather hooded eyes; full lips; often small birthmarks around the nose/lips

Celebrities with Virgo Rising: Madonna, Nicolas Sarkozy, Keanu Reeves, Kurt Cobain, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Nicole Scherzinger, Audrey Tautou, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Woody Allen, Chris Martin, Hugh Grant, Winston Churchill, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Leonard Cohen, Tiger Woods

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Behaviour: grace and beauty, dislike fraternising, prefer to stay distant,  diplomatic flair and perfectly able to engage the public; tact and delicacy, softness; elegance, dressed neatly

Physical Characteristics: a heart-shaped face, beautiful almond eyes but a cold and distant look; a smile that might seem forced, usually ash/honey brown hair; a slim button nose, dimples; a weak chest, narrow shoulders.

Celebrities with Libra Rising: Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, John F. Kennedy, Catherine - Duchess of Cambridge, Bill Clinton, Alain Delon, Jared Leto, Kate Winslet, Benedict Cumberbatch, George Harrison, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Frank Sinatra, Yoko Ono

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Behaviour: personal magnetism, attractiveness, excessive seriousness, deep, raucous voice; unemotional, cold

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face, usually a dark, curly hair; close thick brows; rather small, squinty eyes, sneak-like, icy, piercing look; long, hooked nose; thin lips; big chin; men usually have a beard and longer hair; athletic body

Celebrities with Scorpio Rising: Nicole Kidman, Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Vladimir Putin, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Napoleon I, Prince, Vanessa Paradis,  Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Bjork, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud, Clint Eastwood, Edward Norton, Rafael Nadal, James Franco, Ludwig van Beethoven, Enrique Iglesias, Eva Longoria, Mike Tyson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Douglas, Margaret Thatcher, Claudia Schiffer, Vin Diesel, Lewis Hamilton, Jimmy Page

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Behaviour: Optimism, sense of humour, kindness, enjoy their authority

Physical Characteristics : long, square-shaped face, high forehead (early alopecia for men); thick, bushy eyebrows; a confident, almost arrogant look; very tall, often plump; large, bony hands

Celebrities with Sagittarius Rising: Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Scarlett Johansson,  Diana - Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Brigitte Bardot, Leonardo DaVinci, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Jude Law, Bob Marley, Mila Kunis, Nelson Mandela, Sylvester Stallone, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, Angela Merkel, Bob Dylan, Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Cage, Winona Ryder, Coco Chanel, Michael Fassbender, Elton John

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Behaviour: grouchiness, seriousness, overconcern; usually look older while they’re young and extremely young at older age; calm and restrained

Physical Characteristics: very sharp-cut features, many wrinkles; short stature; big, dark, deep-set eyes, thick but short eyebrows; high forehead, a long nose, a sharp chin; the look is direct and stubborn; earth colours: tanned skin tone, dark hair; thick bones

Celebrities with Capricorn Rising: Monica Belucci, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Giselle Bundchen, Gwen Stefani, Sean Connery,  Prince Harry of Wales, Bono, Zac Efron, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner, Sophie Loren, Zooey Deschanel, Novak Djokovic, Anthony Hopkins, Lenny Kravitz,  Lorde, Carrie Fisher, Chuck Norris

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Behaviour: friendly, open to new ideas, but intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and overly sarcastic; look & dress very unusually, like to play the clown; eccentricity and freedom in every movement; ever-young; provocative, but confused & innocent at the same time

Physical Characteristics: excessive growth, very thin; squinty, upturned, darting, blurred eyes; long fingers; thin lips

Celebrities with Aquarius Rising: Barack Obama, Cristina Aquilera, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Russell Crowe, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Matt Damon, J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Lionel Messi, Ian Somerhalder,  Janis Joplin, Ayrton Senna, Oscar Pistorius, Yves Saint-Laurant, Whoopi Goldberg

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Behaviour: daydreaming, shows good towards others; mystic, self-oriented and tired look, kind but a little shy

Physical Characteristics : a round face; thick, shiny, dark hair; long straight nose; bright almond, extremely beautiful eyes; pale and with eye circles; small hands and feet

Celebrities with Pisces Rising: Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Zayn Malik, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adriana Lima, Demi Lovato, Antonio Banderas, Vanessa Hudgens, Johnny Cash, Kaley Cuoco, Andrew Garfield, Ellen Pompeo

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Anyone else go through that phase when you just discover a song of an artist you’ve never given a try before. Then you listen to that song. You get obsessed with it. You check their latest album. You’re obsessed with the album. And then comes the moment when you just have their entire discography on your phone and you’re truly madly deeply in love with the artist and his/her fucking voice. Hmm ? Is it just me or does everyone goes through this ? 

  • Charming for Libra is a likeable sign that can be incredibly sensitive to the way they seem to others. Tactful, finely dressed and balanced, this is someone who seeks love and approval, and often finds it due to their ability to communicate and say just the right word at the right moment.
  • Detached for this is a sign that exalts Saturn. Libra can become too strict in their judgment and lose the ability for true compassion and intimacy with other people. 
  • Balanced as a sign of balance itself, Libra will never give up on their need to find it, dig it up and find middle ground in any situation that comes along.
  • Indecisive until they drive everyone around them crazy. The good thing in this trait is their certainty of the decision made, once they finally make it. 
  • Diplomatic for this is someone who knows exactly how to handle an argument, remain calm and focused on the solutions that will bring results in the long run. Their zone of comfort lies in settled relationships and they will enjoy creating them wherever they go.
  • Lazy and to understand this, we have to understand that this is a sign opposite to Aries. This puts them far from initiative, energy to take on challenges, and ruled by Venus – simply lazy. If they could avoid stress they would do it at any cost. 

Mercury〽️ the celestial buzz.

Mercury Aries or mercury in the 1st:

they are loud! Aha they talk with what seems like there whole body and can be very animated speakers. The love to argue and aren’t really hardheaded persay but they do like being the head honcho in charge of the conversation. They’re goofballs and are little bullies. Have abrasive and kind of rough/raspy voices. Low in tone and sounds like a growl.

-Jesus Christ, Hilary Clinton, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Keanu Reeves, Selena Gomez.

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Mercury in Taurus or mercury in the 2nd: slow talkers. Not huge on “changing their minds” once it’s been made. They’re hard people to convince and have a very deep moral code that they live by. They can be extremely perceptive and hyper aware of their surroundings and little nuances of others(chewing, breathing ect) very sensual and erotic sounding voices that can seem like they’re only talking you even if there’s a crowd. It can at times feel like they’re looking right through you.

-Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Elvis Presley, Cameron Diaz.

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Mercury in Gemini or mercury in the 3rd:

They just have a way with words. They can easily talk there way through a crowded gathering and have met every single last person in under a minute. They are the original charmers and can easily seduce with how detailed they are. Fast talkers and can stutter from time to time do to their mouths not being able to keep up with how fast their minds are moving. Time means a lot to them and they do tend to have a sad Gemini twin living in their minds! They are either bubbly and optimistic or melancholy and self deprecating depending on which twin is present in the mind at the time.

-Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lana del Rey, Russell Crowe, Jared Leto.

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Mercury in cancer or mercury in the 4th:

Slow and kind of you speak and I answer types. They spend a lot of their interactions feeling their way through the convo and usually reply in response to the emotions they’re feeling from you real or otherwise. They seem to be reminiscing a lot or talking about things that have already occurred. “I feel” and “how do you feel” are repeated often. They don’t forget anything. Ex. Jennifer Aniston.

-Bill Gates, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, jay z, Drake, Harry styles

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Mercury in Leo or mercury in the 5th:

Aha man loud voices and dramatic story telling. They often embellish or exaggerate stories and make them 100x more interesting then it really is. They easily attract a crowd with how charismatic and entertaining they can be! They can have intimidating and deep voices that can echo in a room. Tend to be naturally positive without trying.

-Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, marlon Brando, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tyra Banks.

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Mercury in Virgo or mercury in the 6th:

Ok I mean this in a good way but they are sooo critical and it’s to a point of which it’s cute and hilarious because they honestly just “talk” like that. They hate stupidity and tend to read people a lot. They are extremely high of mind and can see things most people don’t. Dry humor and dark humor describe them! They’re very solid in thought and don’t like to speak without knowing.

-Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Kurt kobain, Adolf hitler, Mikey Cyrus

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Mercury in libra or mercury in the 7th:

Cute! CUTEEEEE. They tend to be extremely low toned and can often speak in a compassionate and caring way even if that’s not their intention. The manners are peak here. They tend to not speak over you and usually let you speak out of a genuine interest in what your saying especially if they have romantic feelings for you. Can be hard to read in a conversation unless they like you as well because of how detached they are from there words.

-John Lennon, Ariana grande, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston

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Mercury in Scorpio or mercury in the 8th:

Slang! Can talk with Rhythm or with a sort of swagger. Dry humor and in a way mean confrontational manner of speech. Can have deep voices that make you stare at them or look them in the eye. The types of people you talk to and spend the whole conversation thinking you know them only to realize all you know is their favorite color. Not as blood and gore as they’re made out to be lool but do see life for what it is.

-Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Mark Zuckerberg, Sylvester Stallone(piece of shit/excuse my language)Adam Levine, pink, Kylie Jenner.

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Mercury in Sagittarius or mercury in the 9th: boisterous and carefree manner of speech! They can talk in a slurred and sort of “different” way not in a Aquarius different but they sound a bit “not from here” they also can fluctuate a lot when taking between really excited to really chill. Naturally philosophical way of talking about things. They tend to make things deep and trail on into deeper topics from out of nowhere. Aha things get blown out of proportion

-Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Al Pacino, Jessica alba, Gwen stefani

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Mercury in Capricorn or mercury in the 10th: the types to speak when it’s necessary or when the situation calls for it. Can be a bit somber when taking and talk in a sort of mature way even if everything else about them isn’t. They have a heavy mind and can refrain from taking to people that they feel are too childish in nature-so in that sense they’re not overly open minded aha. Extremely well spoken-but can self restrict themselves from using their mind to its highest octave.

-Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther king, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Christians Aguilera.

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Mercury in Aquarius or mercury in the 11th:So ok. These natives usually have something strange about their voice and can have minds that work on a fundamentally different mental capacity than the rest of us. They think quickly and can see things most of us wouldn’t because of how oddly there brains put things together. Speech wise they can swing you in circles because of how theatrical there manner of speech is aha. They jump from concept to concept quick so if you can’t keep up you might get frustrated. Similarly to libra they aren’t connected to what they say but they get passionate if you don’t see things the way they do.

-Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, David Bowie

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Mercury in Pisces or mercury in the 12th:

Nervous talkers. Can stutter a lot only because it can be hard for them to put what they feel or are envisioning into words. Can have very sensitive voices and be easily emotionally aroused by specific triggers. Extremely nostalgic and can remind you of the past when you talk to them. Very warm natured minds and can seem to talk better when alone then when in front of people. They don’t like eye contact and unless they’re deeply in love with you they avoid it! They look all over the place so to speak. Natural poets and can talk in a very vivid way like something not of this world.

-Madonna, Beyoncé, Heath ledger, Vladimir Putin, Kristen Stewart, Mariah Carey.

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Note: I only put celebrities with the house placements not the actual sign itself Incase anyone was wondering aha!