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Small Bump [1/3]

Request: Can you write a xiumin (or kyungsoo) marriage angst?

Adminidk if i should put i warning about this but it does feature a touchy subject in it… (without trying to ruin anything i’ll just say that it has to do with childbirth. or the lack of it thereof. if you get my drift.) ps. i hope this is marriage angsty enough for you lmao idk how “marriage angst” works so i wrote this lol

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parts: 2, 3

genre: angst

word count: 1579

pairing: xiumin x reader

“Where are you going?”

A puzzled Minseok sat up from bed as he heard the sound of his wife getting dressed, and blinked in curiosity as he watched her struggle to pull up her black stockings.

“I’m going- to work,” huffed the busy [Surname], adjusting the skirt of her dress as she pulled it down over her butt.

“Woah woah woah, wait, what?” At the mention of the word “work,” Minseok leapt out of bed and jumped in front of the bedroom door, eyebrow raised as he eyed [Name] out.

“What do you mean?” asked [Name], turning around and making her way to the adjoining walk in wardrobe in search of what shoes she would wear for the day. Dressed in a cute and stylish blue and white pin striped skater dress underneath a navy blue coat, [Name]’s small, but visible, baby bump could barely be seen. At twelve weeks pregnant, [Name] was feeling fine to go about her daily routine, something which her husband Minseok felt strongly against.

“Today’s Saturday. You don’t work on Saturdays,” said Minseok in an as-a-matter-of-fact voice, refusing to move from his position.

“They called me in and asked if I could cover someone’s shift, so I said yes,” called [Name] from the wardrobe as she rummaged through her shoes to find the right pair.

“You did that last week,” pointed out Minseok, earning an eyeroll from his searching wife. “And the week before that, and the week before that. Don’t they know you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, I did. And yes, they do. Your point is?”

“[Name]-ah, you’re pregnant! You should be taking it easy!” exclaimed Minseok bluntly, eyes widening as he chastised his workaholic wife. “Especially with your line of work! How many events have you organised in the last month, because of other people who can’t show up to work?”

“It’s nothing I can’t handle!” was [Name]’s reply as she walked out of the wardrobe, slinging her handbag over her arm. However, she was met with resistance from her stubborn husband, who looked at her with disapproval in his feisty eyes. “This is important, too! This is an important wedding we have to organise- it’s the prime minister’s son’s wedding!”

“[Name],” said Minseok warningly, a glint in his eyes. [Name] sighed and rolled her eyes at him with an unamused look.

“Minseok-ah, why are you always worrying about me?” whined [Name] in a high pitched tone, pouting at the auburn haired male.

“Because, I don’t know, you’re pregnant with our first child?”

[Name] laughed and playfully placed a hand on her partner’s face, pushing his face to the side.

“I’ll be fine. Mwah.”

“[Name]!” repeated Minseok in a more anguished voice as he watched her dance out of the room. With an irritated groan, he slapped his palms to his face, before slamming the bedroom door shut after her.


While the heavily troubled Minseok was trying to busy himself in the kitchen by making himself something difficult to prepare for lunch, he almost dropped his chopping knife on his foot as his phone started to ring. Already beginning to panic that it was [Name], Minseok answered it speedily, clutching his phone tightly to his ear.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Kim Minseok?”

“Yes, this is me.”

“Ah, hello, Mr. Kim. This is Doctor Lee Jihae, from the Cheil Hospital and Women’s Health Care Center,” said the female voice, introducing herself. “I’ve called in regards to your wife, [Surname] [Name].”

Minseok sat straight up, his full attention on Doctor Lee.

“What about her?!”

“She was admitted into our care earlier in the day. It would appear that she has run into some complications with the baby.”

Minseok’s heart dropped at the mention of [Name] and their child, his mind leaping to the worst conclusion.

“What kind of complications?! When did she come in?! What happened?! Is she-?!”

“Will all due respect, sir, it would be greatly appreciated if you could come into the hospital so that your questions may be answered more directly.”


“What happened?!” After weaving furiously through busy Seoul traffic, Minseok finally made it to the Cheil Hospital, where he found the room [Name] had been admitted to and burst in in a hurry. He was greeted by the sight of [Name] lying in bed with her eyes tightly closed, a female doctor by her side tightly holding her hand.

[Name] looked up weakly from her bed, the doctor turning around at the sound of Minseok crashing into the room.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Kim,” she said calmly, letting go of [Name]’s hand and nodding at Minseok in greeting. “Hello.”

“Uh, hello,” said Minseok, hurrying over to [Name]’s bedside. “So… what’s happened? [Name]?”

He looked at [Name] with such a ferocity in his eyes that she couldn’t bear to meet his gaze; instead, she turned her head to the side as she bit her lip, her already red and puffy eyes beginning to swell with a second bout of tears. When [Name] refused to look at him, a frowning Minseok turned to Doctor Lee for answers, who was stoic and motionless in her standing.

“Doctor, what happened?” With a concerned glance towards [Name], who was staring out of the room window with her salty tears streaming silently down her face, Doctor Lee motioned for Minseok to follow her out of the room. Shooting [Name] one last glance, Minseok followed the doctor out, sliding the hospital room door shut behind him. Arms crossed and a scowl on his face, Minseok raised an eyebrow at Doctor Lee.

“No doctor lingo, please,” he requested. “Just tell me- what’s wrong with [Name]?”

Doctor Lee sighed, and began rubbing the back of her neck. As a woman of forty, she understood [Name]’s grief.

After all, she herself had had the misfortune of losing one of her own children.

“Nothing is wrong with [Name] per se,” began Doctor Lee, “but the real problem is with the baby.”

Minseok shot Doctor Lee a deathly glare, a glare that challenged her, dared her, to tell him what was wrong with their baby.

“Mr. Kim, [Name] has had a miscarriage. Due to the growing amount of stress that was…”

After the word “miscarriage,” Minseok completely zoned out. It was as if all of his dreams and hopes for his future child had been violently torn away from him, and he stared blankly at the space of wall behind Doctor Lee’s head as her lips moved, but no sound came out.

His visions of holding his first born child in his arms. Shattered.

His expectations of staying up until the early hours of the morning to put his first born child to sleep. Gone.

His hopes of introducing his first born child to his expectant parents and family members. Dashed.

These things, among others such as teaching his child how to ride a bike, reading his child fairytale stories as they fell asleep, taking his child to their first day of school- all became skewed concepts in Minseok’s mind as he struggled to accept the fact that they wouldn’t happen.

Twelve weeks ago, when [Name] first announced the news to him, he had been ecstatic. Overjoyed. He had instantly begun making plans for their child’s future; starting a savings account, thinking about names. He began to do his research, from preparing baby bottles to changing diapers- he had begun preparing since day one.

A mindless zombie, Minseok slowly made his way back to the room [Name] was in, completely ignoring Doctor Lee as he opened the door. It felt like an eternity, as if the whole universe had been put into slow motion. But finally, he managed to make his way to [Name]’s bedside, looking down at her with his eyes burning with pooling tears.

After deciding that she couldn’t ignore her husband forever, [Name] took a deep breath and looked up at Minseok, who was shaking as he bit his lip.

“I… I told you…” was all he mustered, before the first tear fell from his eye and he looked up at the ceiling.

[Name] could feel the anger, hurt, and disappointment radiating from every single pore in Minseok’s body, and let out a little cry as she squeezed her eyes tight. Minseok ignored her tears and continued to look down at her, shaking his head as he spoke.

“How could you let this happen?” [Name] choked as she tried to reply to the anguished Kim, blinking furiously as she tried to formulate a sentence.

“I’m sorry, Minseok-ah…” Minseok merely shook his head at his stubborn significant other, seeing nothing but blame on her shoulders. After all his arguing and insisting that she not overwork herself, this was the price she paid. But it wasn’t only [Name] who was paying for her selfishness.

“Jagi, please… don’t go…” [Name]’s voice pleaded with anxiety as Minseok began backing away from her, his face contorted in a look that bordered between enraged and tortured as he felt the full force of his tears streaming down his face. Out of all the challenges Minseok and [Name] had faced in their marriages… this by far, was the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Minseok stepped out of the room, closing the door shut on [Name] as she let out a distressed wail, and turned to see Doctor Lee standing in the corridor, waiting.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Kim.”

Everything was a blur.

And what did the heartbroken Minseok do?

He ran.

Candid bitching about Unpretty Rapstar 3

Episode 1. Let the mess begin.

I love Nada for real but watch me bag on her.

I swear they tell them to come at different times just to build pressure

So do they ask someone to start mess?

Soyeon vs Nada, its lit.
There’s Soyeon, enthusiastic and real and Nada, shady like there’s fucking sun out

Miryo is a goddess. Let me just slip that in.

Kassy looks bomb, who’s Nada to come for her clothes?

I like the Grace and Euna bonding moment. More of that please.

Grazy Grace

WHAT. Is YDG wearing???

Jidam gives no fucks

Giant Pink. I love her why??? She’s just so wondersome

Janey grew so much woah, she badass but still cute af


Grace brought her damn set with her.

Kassy came dressed to slay. That is all


This is the best cypher track on unpretty. Season one was horrendous, season 2 had the ugliest hook of all time, this season is better

Speaking of season two. Its obvious this season will be WAY better, yeah?

Grace’s trolls are distracting

Euna is always so happy, bless her (can you tell I love her?) And her rapping is bomb

Jooyeon… Baby J or whatever… Eh, she alright

The sound effects when Kassy moves her head. Is this an anime?


Nah but for real, Giant Pink intimidating Nada was hilarious

Jidam is disappointed

I’m with Jidam though

WAIT IT WAS GRACE’S HOOK. I’m proud for some reason?

Idk why I like Grace. Her rapping I’m not crazy about but I love her.

Nah wait. Jidam don’t act like you above anyone. Miryo is there. Only she is allowed, toodles honey.

Miryo puts Jidam in her place. Enjoyable.

*whispers* Burn it down, burn it down, burn it down

Nada’s makeup. Who’s dick she sucking lookin all…? (Jk jk)

Soyeon, dazzle everyone.

Giant Pink vs Nada?

Nada been taking L’s :(

Miryo making everyone see the light

GP is competitive eh? I like her more now.

I thought Nada would be spiteful when choosing between GP and Miryo. I’m glad she wasn’t. A bit of my faith has been restored.

Jooyeon forgetting her shit again. OK

Miryo professional as FUCK. My mother, my love.

Jidam became high maintenance? Janey is an innocent bystander

Giant Pink. That’s what matters.

I love one take videos but fucking hell that looks difficult.

Grace been bringing shit from her MV. Gotta clear the company’s storage room.

are Grace and YDG competing for worst outfit?

Nada went back to the loud and bubbly girl I know her as. Thank you.


Grace be crazy as fuck

Why was the arrangements changed live? I like that version. But this sounds great too.

I love Euna. But she looked sick and was out of sync :(

GP feeling herself

Appreciate Soyeon, yes.

Her gestures were cool, I’m glad they noticed.

Anyone know GP’s insta? 👀👀

Dramatic ass editing ugh

Jooyeon cries a lot. Wow.

Miryo is everyone’s mum

The music belongs on Attack On Titan, not here.

Jidam’s laugh is demonic, what was that?

Euna’s verse was really good she just messed up during shooting

I feel like I shit talked Jidam a lot. I still love her tho

Can I be one of those dancers? Mnet hit me up when you need a black girl.

Will be updated when sub’s are out 👀

Exotic Names (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

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“Maximiliano, it’s exotic.” Sebastian said from his slouched position on the couch. You turned in your chair to face him, giving him the most muddled look ever. “Sebastian are you even trying?” You asked in a monotone voice. He shrugged as his gaze turned from the TV to you before he snapped his fingers, “Easton… Weston!” He suggested. Your expression contorted into a straight face, “Were you by chance planning on saying ‘Southen’ or ‘Northen’ next?” You asked.

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