kim and love

Youngjae sang Trauma in Japan, and Jinyoung told him to sing it in Japanese akgnlajskflaj

Trans from Japanese:

YJ: *singing Trauma*
/after finish singing/
Audience cheering
Got7: Amazing/that was so good/
YJ: (quietly) I’m embarrassed
JS: But, honestly, I can see Youngjae’s talent (he messes up a Japanese particle with a Korean particle)
YJ: (making fun of his mistake and laughing)
BB: (offscreen) Are you speaking Korean?

JY: Wait, Youngjae-san,
YJ: Yes?
JY: You’ve practiced this song a lot, so can you sing it in Japanese, please
Audience: (freaking out) What?? 
JY: (loudly) IT WAS A JOKE
YJ: *nervous and relieved laughter*
YG: (offscreen) Oh Jinyoung-san *fake laughing*
Got7: *all fake laughing*
YG: *starts turning his fake laugh into his imitation of Jinyoung’s laugh*
JY: *about to kill him*

(In the end theyre like “Ok next is Jaebum” and if he sang one of his soundcloud songs live i’d be liviNG but i cant find a video dskajhfk)