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[NU'NEWS] NU'EST W attend VIP screening for Nana’s Movie debut ‘Swindlers’! Nana also became the 1st Pledis artist to ever renew their contract. She and AS have always supported Nu'est from the begining. She trained with them. She was literally right there for their debut. She supported them on Pd101 and after. Seeing Nu'est supporting her is so lovely. Recently she also said she was inspired by Nu'est courage to go onto Pd101. Honestly, all AS members even past, relationship with Nu'est members is so friggin strong its amazing.

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MM x BNHA crack

choose your fight(er):

jackson ignoring bambam for three months because he didnt wear the shirt he bought him.

jinyoung being petty over jackson for buying bambam meat and not him for Literal months.

mark throwing a laptop at 13 yr old!bambam because they couldn’t understand each other in a fight.

jaebum accusing jackson of eating his chicken and them fighting about it, when it was bambam who actually ate it. 

mark punching the aircon and breaking it because youngjae wouldnt find his mask for him


Like tbh Jumin’s GE - AE is the only possible route when everyone could be happy. I mean…


He get the reward money lol


Vacation? Check; Promotion? Check


He settled everything with V (highly likely also things regarding Saeran too)


Alive and happy *sobs*


Oh well… but still good; their relationship improved

And don’t forget with the typical drama/soap opera here~

Lastly… I love my savage friends~