Is the pressure getting to Ladybug?

So I was watching the newest episode, Ep. 13 Zombiezou, and something caught my attention.

Throughout the whole episode, there is something people keep saying to Ladybug. Keep reading to find out. (Also there might be spoilers *yes there are spoilers* so don’t read if you haven’t seen the ep yet)

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overhear ; Kim Namjoon

pairing: kim namjoon x female reader

words: 1,470

genre: angst, fluff??

summary: you accidentally hear namjoon call you clingy.

a/n: i missed writing again. yooo im so mad bec i had to write this twice bec my laptop suddenly shut down, its so annoying bec i liked the first version better :<


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You pushed open the front door to the boys’ apartment. Hoping to visit your boyfriend, Namjoon, who you haven’t seen in about a week. Voices echoed throughout the house, confirming that the boys were indeed home. You clutched the bags of food in your hands, figuring that they were probably hungry so you bought some on your way here. As you neared the living room, where they were all staying, you heard Namjoon’s voice. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop but his voice was booming loud.

“I’m so sick and tired of her!” Namjoon’s voice yelled out, making you halt and frown. “I can’t go through an hour without Y/N spamming me with texts and calls. She uses my clothes all the time as if she doesn’t have her own. It’s starting to annoy me,” You almost dropped the bags you were holding but you stopped yourself before anyone would notice you were standing just outside of the room they are in, “I just want my own space and time but she’s just so clingy. I wished she would just stop.” You heard him mumble the last part. Your eyes brimmed up with tears upon hearing his statement. You had no idea he felt this way.

You heard enough so you decided to creep into the kitchen and leave the food atop of the counter, leaving a small note saying to enjoy the meal. You left the dorm without further notice.

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