“We met under the stars after about a week of being apart. I was so nervous about this…what was going to come from it? Nothing, I said. I was convinced that Kiki could never see me as more than a friend. I had come to terms with that. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but not an unfamiliar one.

She told me about why she walked away on the day of my confession- that her ex had up and left without a word one day, leaving her high and dry. Between that and her parents being taken away by the Calamity, Kiki had become terrified of letting anyone get too close again. She doesn’t deserve to carry that burden. No one does. I tried to ease her fears because I wanted her to know love one day. Even if it wasn’t my love. No one should have to live alone for the rest of their days in fear of loss. That in and of itself is a loss.

After some time she admitted that our feelings were not as one-sided as I initially suspected. That truly surprised me, and I expressed my concerns about how I thought she only had eyes for Miqo’te. Apparently that wasn’t quite the case, or atleast, I’m willing to trust that she’s telling me the truth on that. After talking over the logistics of it, Kiki entertained the idea of trying to form a relationship with me, albeit a slow and steady one. I’m elated, but also quite scared, if I’m honest.

I fear that going forward my actions may make or break Kiki’s heart forever. She doesn’t deserve to suffer like that, and I couldn’t bear the thought of being the cause of it. I want to do right by her. I’m afraid of what might happen if it turns out that we make better friends than lovers but…I can’t think like that. This risk Kiki is taking is a blessing, and I mean to treat it like the boon it is. For better or worse, I will take great care to treat her heart with the tenderness it deserves for as long as she wants me.”



Tonight Sasamu went to the @luckysparrowffxiv housewarming party with her friend Zay, and met @inferniolusdeatas. Also, for the first time she saw and met @kikilukilu, @waltzconcerto, and @skyskip, which was very exciting as she’s been following their careers. They were her favorite performance for sure. Sasamu will definitely try to make it to Lucky Sparrow’s grand opening.


“Miss Kiki,

I have been…exhausted honestly.  Busy with the academy, so no extra performances this moon, you won’t miss anything yet XD.  Being bonded is…interesting, scary and wonderful all at the same time.  I hope all is well with you and Mr. Kip.

I love watching you two perform! Is there more for the both of you in the near future? Thank you for the letter I hope to hear again from you soon…I’d write more but…I have to work on
Miss Raeje’s assignment so, see you at our next 3B practice!

Lex =^o^=


((lol it was so hard to write this without adding his stutter hehe thank you for the letter <3))

Here’s my stupidass child again. Shes doing well, she’ll be doing better once i quit one job, but overall maybe she should not jump into places like underneath the oven and give me a heart attack.

Pic was taken after she did that, no real harm done, just stupid.

Pizza Time! A Trip to Stellazzio!

“Kiki and I decided to meet up at Stellazzio’s again so we can decide on what we wanted to sing during the competition next week. I got there a little early and bumped into Narani! She wasted no time teasing me about Kiki, asking about whether or not I was there alone. She read me like a book! It sounded like her lover didn’t come because he didn’t like eating with his hands. I can only imagine what he looks like when he eats if he’s that self conscious about it.”

“I decided to wait a little longer for Kiki after Narani went in. It was really nice out, so I didn’t mind relaxing in the shade for a while. I’m honestly not sure how much time passed because I think I drifted off at one point.”

“Eventually I woke up to Kiki giggling at me. (I literally can’t handle how cute she is plz send help). As much as I’d like to take this time alone with her, I thought about how lonely Narani might be feeling without knowing anyone inside, so I asked if Kiki was okay with us keeping her company. She said yes, so off we went!”

“At first it was just the three of us chatting together…”

“Then Roka came to join us!”

“Krick too! Our little table quickly became packed with friends! To be truthful and a little silly, I have to admit that I felt a little emotional. All of these new connections I’ve made recently, some meeting for the first time, all talking together…it was just really nice!! Not only did Kiki and I settle on one of the songs that she had been writing, but Narani actually offered me a job at Menphina’s Bosom as a bartender! So look for me there!”

“Before we knew it, Narani and Roka had to take off. In their place came Kiki’s brother, Kazo, and a young Lalafellin girl he had befriended named Lirara. It was really nice to meet both of them, and also to see how generous Kiki’s brother was! Lirara appeared to be a down on her luck crafter who was ditched by her client so she couldn’t afford a pizza. Kazo saved the day though and bought her one! Its good to know that Kiki’s family is a good one. Though, I did learn that her history is a bit darker than I initially suspected…poor girl.”

“When Krick went to leave I asked if I could walk with him. I had only met him recently, sure, but he seemed like a genuine guy who knew Kiki for a while. There were some things I wanted to ask him that I had a feeling he would be honest about if I inquired. I asked if he knew whether or not Kiki was seeing anyone, and that if he thought I had a chance with her at all. He laughed, at first, which made me get a little worried…”

“Thankfully he believed that, so long as I act like a gentleman and treat Kiki with respect I’d be able to win over her heart. Maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better, but from what little time I’ve spent with the man thus far, he is a gentleman through and through. I don’t believe he’d be the type to lie. So for now I’ll put my trust in his judgement.”

“That means there’s a chance!”

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Mam z nim tak zjebaną sytuacje :) zachowujemy się jakbyśmy sie znali od kilu lat ale nie mogli ze sb normalnie pogadać…a do tego ma dziewczynę,ktorej może i nie kocha,ale ma.Zabija mnie moje uczucie w stosunku do niego

Jeśli twoje związki to tylko zabijanie czasu, jeśli sprowadzają się do kilu ruchów, kilku przyspieszonych oddechów i taksówki rano z powrotem do domu, jeśli dajesz się wykorzystywać w każdej relacji, w której jesteś, to każdy kolejny twój związek będzie taki sam. Bo uczysz się byle jakości. Obniżasz swoje oczekiwania. Przygotowujesz się mentalnie na to, że znów ktoś cię wydyma. Przyzwyczajasz do porażki.
A book for furries, anthros, and monsters.

If you like anything specified in that title, you will LOVE this book that I’m working on called Animatricks.

It’s a story set in a futuristic utopian world ruled over by anthropomorphic creatures of all shapes and sizes, each with the ability to control a unique form of magic.
When eighteen-year-old Zethany Gomor’s little sister is kidnapped by the savage snatchers, she must venture into the vast unknown if she is to ever see her little sister again, but not without the company of her many friends: Bo, Kana, Kilu, Romeo, and Aki - as well as the rest of the survivors from the kidnapping of 2005.

Click here for the tumblr page!!

i want to make a series of killua in hats…. just him n some cool ass hats… i want it to be my Thing…. the girl who loves kilu in hats….(click for good res?)


Lex performed with fellow 3B members Waltz Concerto and Kikilu Kilu at Thaliak’s Embrace’s Spriggy Tide Festival today.  The busy performer happy to  be out and about with his friends enjoying the holiday and all of the games the festival had to offer.  It just so happened to also be his monthly anniversary to his beloved Enzy. 

You found me when I was lost and thought my past could award me comfort if I gave it proper time.  You showed me there was no place in my past for me to reside and offered your hand to help me to step forward.  I fumbled when I took your hand but you reached out with the other to steady me and remind me the future could still be brighter if we kept standing by one another.  You accepted me for everything I was, am, and will be flaws and all.  I am yours…for as long as you’ll have me.  Happy Anniversary my darling.