kiltedken replied to your post: Finished off a bottle of bourbon for no good…

What is your brand of whiskey?

Well, to be honest whiskey is a bit confusing to me.  As a rule I drink scotch whiskey…Johnny Walker Black when I can afford it, Johnny Walker Red when I can’t.  This is a blatant theft from Christopher Hitchens, for reasons.

The bottle (that was about a quarter full) that I just finished off was Ezra Brooks Bourbon, which my aunt and uncle left here after coming for Thanksgiving.

I imagine that there is a difference in taste between bourbon and scotch and plain whiskey.  Something to do with single or multiple malts and other stuff.  Mostly, I notice that all of this kind of thing burns my throat and makes my lips numb.

With experience, I could probably learn to tell the difference, but to be honest, I just don’t really care.  I’m happy enough with the buzz and the numb lips and I’ll leave the subtle flavor differences to those to whom such differences matter.