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If I had to pick one aspect of Wonder Woman that I really liked that hasn’t already been enthused over at length:

The fight on the beach between the Amazons and the Germans which managed to avoid both  the “untouchable fairy warriors” and  the “mechanized weapons obliterate savages with spears” tropes

Like – the amazons definitely won that one hands down, and they won it with arrows and swords against machine guns. But it hurt them to do it. They took casualties. That victory cost.  And that’s important, because it puts their refusal to leave Themyscira to join into the war into a more realistic perspective. If the Amazons had curbstomped the Germans and walked away without a scratch, then their refusal to get involved would have seemed… kinda selfish honestly, at the very least entirely a decision of principle and stubbornness rather than an actual consideration of the logistics. The amazons are warriors, yes, but they’ve got their own charge and their own business. They aren’t here to fight your wars for you.

But also, yes,  the badass ladies in the leather kilts and headdresses with arrows and knives kicked the crap out of a modernized infantry force with guns, because guns are not the be-all and end-all of combat.

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I'm so sorry about your mom! I hope everything will be fine!! 😊 Could you do fluff with any acomaf pairing?

Thank you!! And thank you for sending me a nice distraction. I really appreciate it. :)


When Cassian first sees her, he sobs. Great big, filthy sobs. Nesta would roll her eyes at him if it were any other day, but she supposes on her wedding day she should at least pander to him a little.

He’s decked out in Illyrian garb - it’s kilted and full of leathers and badges that allow her to see the thick muscles of his calves and arms. Dark greens and reds and gold run through the ribbons and fabrics. And much to Nesta’s delight, he’s kept his hair down in a silky wave that falls evenly to his shoulders, little curls coming off the sides here and there. Rhys and Az are behind him dressed in a similar fashion, but Nesta liked Mor’s suggestion to go with Nesta’s own personal style for her wedding dress.

She chose something plain and largely unadorned of details save for some small embroidery on the cuffs. Nesta’s never liked to make a fuss with things. But the dress is full of color - a deep burgundy like a fine wine brought in from the Summer Court. It moves around her like wine too, flowing freely about her legs and hugging her loosely around her generous chest and arms in a way that blends the fashions she was used to in the mortal lands with those of Velaris.

She’d had… fun getting ready. It was hard to realize that’s what it had felt like. Fun. Between being Made, fighting the war, and all of the aftermath that had come about, Nesta wasn’t sure she could ever get back to happy. Not even when she’d let Cassian in and he’d eventually proposed. She knew she liked being with him. She knew she loved him and didn’t want anyone else but him. But it didn’t really hit her until she turned the corner and saw him standing there in the temple waiting for her, a priestess at his side ready to join them together for life.

This was happy.

This was her future.

This was her Cassian.

And she was his Nesta.

She walks down the aisle alone. Her father isn’t there anyway and he would never have been allowed the privilege to begin with.

But Feyre and Elain are there, who did her hair up with simple purple orchids and smiles and hugs a plenty.

And Morrigan. The Morrigan who is beaming at Nesta from where she stands in front. Mor winks and Nesta has to stifle her own tears because it hits her then, in full force. That this is all really happening. She has friends now and a family who aren’t obligated to her by blood. And she loves them.

Only her short, short life full of keeping tears at bay holds them back, but Mor knows. So does Cassian, as he takes her hands and tells her, “You look beautiful, Ness,” leaning in to whisper it at her ear.

“Can we just get on with this stupid thing?” Nesta says, but there is no bite to it. Cassian chuckles.

“Of course.”

The ceremony is short. Again, Nesta doesn’t like to make a fuss. And afterward, they go out for drinks and dancing. Nesta herself even lets Cass pull her out for a few spins.

When darkness falls and stars glitter through the air of the courtyard, Nesta snuggles into Cassian’s broad chest and inhales the wood smoke she finds waiting for her there. Cassian brings her hand up to his lips for a sweet kiss.

This is happy, she thinks one more time. This will always be happy.


check please renaissance fair au

- bitty has a meat pie stand, obviously

- ransom and holster are the two idiot knights who have an intense jousting rivalry but are secretly best friends

- shitty is that dude in a leather kilt who just walks around and talks in a vaguely scottish accent for no apparent reason

- dex is the blacksmith who does all his work shirtless

- nursey is the guy with the hair braiding stand next to dex’s blacksmith shop and he is constantly Thirsting

- chowder and farmer do the horse rides for kids

- lardo has a booth where you can design your own family crest and she’ll paint it for you

- ollie and wicks are in charge of archery

- ford sells elf ears and fairy dust. she helps everybody pick the ears that look the best on them, then paints them to match their skin tone and throws glitter periodically

- tango and whiskey are the two dudes in tights who look sort of like court jesters and greet you at the entrance

- jack is the information kiosk guy, and he’s in full costume even if he doesn’t ever get into character (much to shitty’s dismay)

- tater sells those horns you drink out of, and fur pelts, and leather stuff

- kent is that one dude who inevitably draws furry art

The Lion grabbed the shackles that bound Curze’s hands to a chain belt around his waist. The prisoner was garbed in a kilt of black leather, his white hair tied back. His fingers were tipped with cracked nails, his bony feet the same. Without his armour he seemed a lot shorter, though he was still rangier than his captor. Curze’s skin was as pallid as a deep-sea fish, blue veins stark against the white. Scars marked much of his body, some so old they were nothing more than pink smudges, others much fresher, like the scabs where the Lion Sword had pierced him, and the cut across his throat.

—-from “Angels of Caliban” by Gav Thorpe

Sanguinius: What did I say about this, Lion?

Lion El Jonson: It’s all I had, okay?

Curze: He admits it is his…(Sporting a leather kilt)

Roboute Guilliman: My eyes….

Woman in Night Lord’s outfit waving a flag in the background (Gee, I wonder who that is…): Woohoo!!!!

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The Castlevania series, summarized in one sentence each
  • Castlevania: Go kill Dracula.
  • Simon's Quest: ["Pick up the pieces" by Average White Band begins playing]
  • Vampire Killer: Go kill Dracula's portrait painting.
  • Haunted Castle: Go kill Dracula because god dammit I just got married and it's a good thing I had this leather kilt and chain whip under my tuxedo.
  • The Castlevania Adventure: Go kill Dracula while wearing soggy boots.
  • Castlevania III: Invoke the power of friendship, but not more than once at a time.
  • Super Castlevania IV: Guess what? Dracula still needs killin', so get to it, buster! And don't spend too much time playing with the whip because you're on the clock. Chop chop!
  • Belmont's Revenge: Go kill Dracula and probably also your son because vampire hunter parenting is hard.
  • Rondo of Blood: Go kill Dracula as a 13-year-old girl, with doves and a cat, then tell him how disappointed you are and how big a meanie he is.
  • Dracula XX: It's way harder and you can't be a 13-year-old girl and throw cats at Dracula anymore but some people still like it, for....some reason?
  • Bloodlines: Go kill Bram Stoker's Dracula because there obviously can't have been more than one version of the story and they must all be connected, _riiiiiiight_?
  • Symphony of the Night: Who's the black magic priest that's a rez-machine to all the vamps? SHAFT! (You're damn right.)
  • Legends: Go kill Dracula and then have a baby with his son, so that baby can grow up to also kill Dracula (until you get written out of the timeline).
  • Castlevania 64: You're a Belmont except you're not, but you still act like a Belmont except when you don't, and also a little girl can go kill Dracula if you really want.
  • Legacy of Darkness: Aaaoooooo, Werewolves of London.
  • Chronicles: Go kill Dracula, now with leather fetish gear and rockin' red-pink hairdo.
  • Circle of the Moon: _Waaaahhhh_ I wanted the whip but you got it instead, not that it matters because Igarashi pretends none of this ever happened.
  • Harmony of Dissonance: We really, really just wanted to make Simon's Quest and Symphony of the Night again, and Igarashi has this weird thing about furniture.
  • Aria of Sorrow: YOUR SOUL IS MINE. [Mortal Kombat theme begins playing]
  • Lament of Innocence: So it turns out that generations of Belmonts have all essentially been wielding this one guy's dead wife for a thousand years or so, and nobody thought to question this until now? (also NATHAN SPENCER IS A BELMONT HEADCANON CONFIRMED)
  • Dawn of Sorrow: I'm Dracula! No, *I'm* Dracula! No, *neither* of you are Dracula now get in the car or nobody gets any ice cream!
  • Curse of Darkness: Y'know how Dracula has a huge army at his disposal? Go play as the guy that made those armies except he's not a bad guy anymore because reasons. Also more leather fetish stuff, because I guess someone enjoyed it the last couple times?
  • Order of Shadows: An obscure relative of the Belmont Clan goes and does the usual Belmont thing because for some reason people wanted to kill Dracula on a Java phone.
  • Portrait of Ruin: Go kill this other guy that isn't Dracula while a know-it-all schoolgirl tags along and slaps people with encyclopedias and sometimes turns you into a frog.
  • Portrait of Ruin alternative joke: Go kill not-Dracula and his not-daughters with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.
  • Dracula X Chronicles: We finally get the good Dracula X in English, except you have to play through a weird remake of it to unlock the good stuff.
  • Order of Ecclesia: Go kill Dracula by resurrecting Dracula with the thing that's supposed to kill Dracula, then using the thing that's supposed to resurrect Dracula to kill yourself in order to kill Dracula, then your best friend who's been trying to kill you the whole time takes the bullet because he secretly just wants to see you smile for him.
  • Judgment: Our timelines are completely fucked up, so let's fuck them up even more by having the personification of time summon a bunch of random Belmonts and make them fight each other.
  • Adventure Rebirth: We're so sorry that the Game Boy one sucked so much, so here's an apology...about 19 years later.
  • Castlevania Puzzle: People really wanted Symphony of the Night on phones, so we took Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and threw Alucard into it because iPhone users won't care.
  • Harmony of Despair: Left 4 Dead is really popular guys, and people really want a high-def Castlevania game, so let's take the DS games, throw co-op into them, and let the player zoom out to see the whole castle at once because that's not totally unplayable or anything.
  • Lords of Shadow: God of Whip: Chains of Belmont.
  • Lords of Shadow alt joke: What a horrible night to have a quick-time event.
  • Lords of Shadow alt-alt joke: A glorious waste of Sir Patrick Stewart, and oops I guess you're actually Dracula.
  • Mirror of Fate: People really wanted another classic-style Castlevania so we said "to hell with them" and made the one nobody liked into a 2D game like nobody could tell the difference.
  • Lords of Shadow 2: Castlevania and Metal Gear had a baby and this is exactly why inbreeding is illegal in most states.
  • Resurrection: We really wish Sonya Belmont was canon, guys. Also another Belmont with a gun.
  • Kid Dracula: Go kill Dracula. Oh wait, YOU'RE Dracula. Go kill Galamoth.
  • Wai Wai World: A superhero, a scantily clad robot girl, a samurai, a pipe-wielding ninja bandit, a Moai head, King Kong, and Mikey from The Goonies join Simon Belmont to go kill...uh...something?
  • Wai Wai World 2: Simon Belmont joins a machine-gun-wielding mercenary and a baby (among others) to go kill more shit.
Guardians’ Halloween

The Guardians take Groot trick or treating - Anon

Okay, so there is very little actual trick or treating in this, but I’m pleased with the way it turned out :)

First time writing a fic that isn’t reader insert or features an OC, wish me luck, but I didn’t think this would work with another character to add to the mix

(Also, Yondu lives AU)

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Did El Jonson let you keep that sexy leather kilt? Maybe you can show us a picture of you wearing it 😍

Actually Lion had insisted I wear nothing but a fur pelt, but Sanguinius gave him the look that said no.

In Plain Sight

Erik gave a tug on the leash and Charles trotted after him. Erik was in his best tux, but without a tie. Fucked if he’d wear one. Charles was wearing a tiny, blue-leather kilt that skimmed his ass and gold, laced-up-to-the-knee sandals. A touch of gloss on too red lips, a touch of blusher on high cheekbones and too blue eyes outlined in kohl. His nipples were gilded.

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