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Ship meme: kilibo and kili and legolas



Who is louder? : 
Absolutely Kili.

Who is more experimental? : 
Kili; he enjoys knowing what
he can do to please his partner.

Who takes more risks? : 
This one’s about equal.

Lights on or off? : 
Doesn’t matter.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? : 
Definitely Kili. Bilbo would probably
die of embarrassment if he were caught.

Who comes first? : 
Almost always Bilbo; Kili loves
taking care of the hobbit. ;)

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 
Surprisingly, Bilbo is best at giving,
so generally speaking Kili prefers it.

Who is more submissive? : 
Bilbo is definitely the more submissive,
but he has his moments.

Who usually initiates things? 
Kili. Usually in a way that makes
Bilbo blush at least a shade of pink.

Who is more sensitive? 
Bilbo is more sensitive.

Kili x Legolas (Kilolas?)

Who is louder? :
Definitely Legolas. Although this
is sometimes because Kili knows
how to be irritating without getting
himself in too much trouble.

Who is more experimental? :
Kili, surprisingly. They're both young by their races’
standards, but the dwarf is eager to find new
ways to please.

Who takes more risks? :
This one’s about equal.

Lights on or off? : 
Doesn’t matter much, as long as they
have the privacy they desire.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? :
Probably Kili. Legolas is better at sneaking, though
the elf’s been caught once or twice… 

Who comes first? :
Usually they take turns, honestly.
Or turn it into a competition. 

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? :
Legolas is probably better, but it drives him
nuts, so Kili prefers to give it.

Who is more submissive? :
There is laughter to be inserted here.
They definitely battle it out, even though
it’s a playful habit.

Who usually initiates things? :
Kili. Usually doing something or other
less than appropriate to gain the other
prince’s full attention.

Who is more sensitive? :
Legolas is beyond sensitive, which in part
contributes to the volume he occasionally
gets. Kili loves it.