{Signs of life detected. Approaching in 5.3 kilocycles.}

The readout had been ticking down for a good half a microcycle now. Ram, personally, had never been this far into the Outlands, and the lights of Tron City were all but invisible behind him. His Encom cycle hummed steadily, providing the only noise aside from the occasional pings of incoming data. Hopefully the bike would hold out. It’d been tweaked to handle off-Grid conditions, but this was the farthest off the central power system that he’d ever taken it.

{Signs of life detected. Approaching in 2.7 kilocycles}

There was something in the distance, half-visible though the foggy, jagged landscape. It was big, certainly not a program, and it didn’t appear to be moving.

{Signs of life detected. Approaching in 1.3 kilocycles. Origin unknown. Proceed with caution.}

Well, that was interesting. Ram had made the trek because whoever this was was giving off rather Flynn-like readings, although perhaps they was closer to CLU than the User. It was odd, whatever it was. But now, he could make out a… tank? As the shape grew nearer, Ram pulled up on his light cycle and deactivated it behind a jagged bit of obsidian data. It was probably better to stay hidden until he knew what he was facing.

Peering from around his hiding place, Ram determined that there was nothing outside of the tank. Inside, perhaps? With no other means of getting the program’s attention, the hacker picked up a stray clump of data and threw it, and watched as it clattered against the turret. Then he ducked back down and waited to see what happened.