In the early morning hours of May 12, 1916, James Connolly, revolutionary, socialist, union organizer, signatory to the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and Commandant-General of the Dublin Division of the Army of the Irish Republic was taken by stretcher to the courtyard of Kilmainham Gaol, strapped into a wooden chair, and shot by a British Army firing squad. Connolly had been so badly injured from the fighting during the Rising that he was unable to stand.

‘’Apostles of Freedom are ever idolized when dead, but crucified when living’’

RIP James Connolly


The execution scene was especially important to Natalie: “By the end of the season, when I’m standing on that scaffold,” she told Michael, “I hope you write it the way it should be.  And I want the effect of that scene to remain with viewers for the length of the series. I want the audience to be standing with her on that scaffold.  I want those who have judged her harshly to change their allegiance so they actually love her and empathize with her. However the scene was scripted, this would require a lot of Natalie herself, especially since the show was not filmed in chronological sequence, and the execution scene was shot first, before the episodes that led up to it.  At dawn, standing in the courtyard of Dublin’s Kilmainham Jail, the site of many actual executions, she had “a good cry” with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  “It was incredibly haunting and harrowing—I felt the weight of history on my shoulders.” 

But because she had “lived and breathed Anne for months on end,” and had “tremendous sympathy for the historical figure,” it did not require a radical shift of mood to prepare herself for the scene.   “I was a real crucible of emotions for those few days.  By the time I walked on to the scaffold, I hope I did have that phenomenal air of dignity that Anne had.”  Anne’s resigned, contained anguish did not have to be forced, because by then, Natalie was herself in mourning for the character: “As I was saying the lines, I got the feeling I was saying good-bye to a character.  And when it was over I grieved for her.”

Hirst, too, recalls the heightened emotions of shooting that scene: “That was an amazing day.  Extraordinary day. After, I went in to congratulate her.  She was weeping and saying, `She’s with me Michael. She’s with me.’”

The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen - Susan Bordo


Another Rising-era pocket pistol. This one was made in America, and uses 25 caliber ammunition. It belonged to activist and political cartoonist Grace Gifford Plunkett, and was given her by her then-fiancee Joseph Plunkett.

He was captured at the end of the Rising, and she married him in the chapel of Kilmainham jail before he was executed.

Cartoon by Grace Plunkett

kuro1492  asked:

Hello! I am soon going to be in Ireland for two weeks, starting in Dublin and ending the trip in Dingle. Can you give me any tips on what I could visit and you'd think is worth to see?

Hey @kuro1492 !

Well, since you’re going from Dublin to Dingle, I’ll assume that you’re going to be travelling along the coast or at least through the counties from the south-east to south-west. So for this, I’ll try and stick to attractions around those areas!

(source/original photo)

(Here’s a map just to give you a better idea of the places you might pass through on your trip)

Firstly, I suppose we’ll start with Dublin! Obviously since its our capital city, it is a very popular destination for tourists visiting Ireland, with plenty to see and do.

The most popular tourist attractions in the city are The Guiness Storehouse, The National Museum of Ireland, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Trinity College (where the Book of Kells is kept), St Patrick’s Cathedral,Temple Bar, and many more!

There are also other places like O’ Connell Street, where you can see the General Post Office(there’s a museum inside, it’s not just a post office lol), and the Spire. Grafton Street is also a great place for shopping, as well as seeing many different street performers. And just as you walk to the end of the street, you’ll find St Stephen’s Green, a lovely park and one of my own personal favourite part of the city.

Of course there are many things to see and do in Dublin, so if you think you might not have the time to do everything, there are tour buses that take you around the city and you get to see a lot of the sights this way.

(Also, just as a heads up. If you plan on going out to any of the restaurants or pubs, streets like Temple Bar are prone to being ridiculously expensive as they are often crowded with tourists. Dublin is an expensive city as it is, so I recommend you stay away from very “tourist-y” areas to save and get better value for your money.)



OKAY MOVING ON. Since I don’t know what places your planning on passing through, I’ll recommend some places that might be on the general route that your going!

If you go a little north from Dublin, you can drive to Tayto Park, a crisp themed amusement park/zoo (its not as bizarre as you might think, I swear. I’ve been there a few times and its actually really fun) in just over 30 minutes.

If your driving a bit further south, you’ll probably pass through County Wicklow. There you’ll find Glendalough, an early Christian settlement established in the 6th century, along with the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains. It should also be known that Wicklow is particularly famous for producing the best strawberries in the country, so they’re definitely worth a taste! (especially since this is the perfect time of year when they’re at their ripest!)

From then on, you can visit the beaches in Co. Wexford and Waterford, Cork City is also worth a visit for shopping, and there are always different cultural and arts festivals taking place around this time of year, so be sure to check them out.

(Okay this next one is slightly biased, but I just had to cut me some slack here)

If you happen to be going through Co. Tipperary, I highly recommend that you go visit The Rock of Cashel (and not just because its my hometown what are you talking about). In all seriousness, it is a great historic site and is one of the most visited places in the country. Along with the Rock, there is Hore Abbey just at the end of the hill, and two heritage museums that are within close walking distance from the Rock. So Cashel is another popular tourist spot you shouldn’t miss out on! (also in Tipperary, Cahir Castle is another lovely site that you should check out, and its only a 15 minute drive away from Cashel.)


Now as your going on into Co. Kerry, the town of Killarney is really lovely and with its National Park and many restaurants, pubs and cafes, its worth paying a visit there.


(just look at that scenery tho. Kerry is just a really pretty place in general)

And finally, since you’re ending your trip in Dingle, the sights of the coast at the Dingle Peninsula themselves are enough to leave you in awe. While your there, you can also take a boat ride out along the coastline and you might even get a chance to see Fungie the Dingle Dolphin! All of this along with other sites and attractions in this area are a great way to end your journey here in Ireland

Of course, I’m only covering just a few of the countless things to see and do here on “The Emerald Isle”, but I hope this at least helps you gives you an idea of what you can expect here :-)

I hope you enjoy your trip here soon!

Slán go fóill


Proof that last night was probably the best Jack White gig for him so far
  • Jack refused to stop playing - the sound got turned off and there were people backstage telling him to stop but he just walked up to the front of the stage with his guitar (where I was hehe), told everyone and his band to be silent (which everyone did) and shouted “RIGHT SO THEY’VE TURNED OFF THE PA. I’M GONNA SING A LINE AND YOU REPEAT AFTER ME. OK? CAN WE DO THIS?” It was beautiful
  • Jack cried at the end when he was bowing (nvr seen that happen)
  • The Kills were supporting and at a point I didn’t even want Jack to come out because they were so amazing
  • When he first came out he hadn’t done his tie and he stood for 5 minutes at the front of the stage with a bottle of champagne doing his tie. He hadn’t even said a word yet.
  • Alison came out during “Love Interruption” with lyrics scribbled on a piece of paper, and her and Jack forgot all the lyrics and kept mumbling while leaning down to read them off the paper it was so cute
  • Alison AND Jamie came out for the last song (during which the sound was turned off) which was a cover of “Goodnight Irene”
  • He did a cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. YES. THE STOOGES. I WAS SCREAMING.
  • Jack played songs from De Stijl which happens to me my (joint) favourite White Stripes album, i.e. “Little Bird”, “Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?” and “Hello Operator" 
  • He played a really stripped down version of ”You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket" which was so beautiful and sweet
  • He also played “You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As Your Told)” - when he announced this he said the full title and actually said the word “parenthesis”
  • He played “Old Enough” which is my favourite Raconteurs song
  • It was Lille Mae’s birthday and he made each of the band members say “I love you Lillie Mae” into their mics and then dedicated “Steady As She Goes” to her even though he said that song was “the antithesis of her… I’m gonna bring you to the library to help you find out what that word means, Lillie Mae… I’m not actually sure I know either… But I’m pretty sure you’re the opposite of this song, Lillie Mae.”

26/06/14, Royal Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin

Green Day Release “Revolution Radio” Music Video

Green Day take us back to their roots with their new music video for their track “Revolution Radio” from their recent album bearing the same name. The video features archival footage of them playing at Berkeley venue 924 Gilman well over a decade ago,

Green Day are currently in Europe leg for their Revolution Radio tour, and will be following that up with the North American leg later this summer - find the dates under the cut.

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Radie Peat performing “Dark Horse on the Wind” by Liam Weldon at Saoirse | Freedom live at Kilmainham Gaol on Easter Monday 2017.

All those who died for liberty have heard the eagle scream
All the ones who died for liberty have died but for a dream
Oh then rise, rise, rise, dark horse on the wind
For in no nation on earth more broken dreams you’ll find

The flames leapt high, reached to the sky ‘til they seared a nation’s soul
In the ashes of our broken dreams we’ve lost sight of our goal
Oh then rise, rise, rise, dark horse on the wind
And help our hearts seek Róisín, our soul again to find

Now charlatans wear dead men’s shoes, aye and rattle dead men’s bones
'Ere the dust has settled on their tombs, they’ve sold the very stones
Oh then rise, rise, rise, dark horse on the wind
For in no nation on the earth more Pharisees you’ll find

In grief and hate our motherland her dragon’s teeth has sown
Now the warriors spring from the earth to maim and kill their own
Oh then rise, rise, rise, dark horse on the wind
For the one-eyed Balor still reigns king in our nation of the blind