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Genji, McCree and Hanzo headcannons with an s/o who sticks their tongue out,bites onto their lower lip or/ and twirling a string of hair around a finger when concentrating or daydreaming. :3


• He’d catch himself watching s/o as they worked and take in everything that is them.

• Not to mention he finds it cute that they have little ticks when they’re concentrating.

• Being the observant person he is, he’d notice subtle differences in the ticks if s/o was more stressed than usual and try to help them.

• He’s honestly just so in love that he’d be perfectly content just watching them work or wait a few moments to speak if he caught them daydreaming.

• ‘Genji, you’re doing the thing again.’ ‘You just look beautiful/handsome like that.’


• Similar to Genji, he’d enjoy seeing s/o in a state of concentration of daydreaming. However he’d occasionally mess with them a bit.

• If he can, he’ll sneak a little kiss on their cheek. Usually before leaving to go do something.

• Being the dork he is, he’d probably put his hat on s/o to give them a little warning that he’d be needing them back in reality soon.

• And by probably, I mean definitely.

• McCree has his own little ticks too, but they’re the constantly moving leg tick.


• 100% would spend hours just watching his s/o and get caught in his own little daydream.

• If he needs to get their attention he’d do so shyly, not wanting to disturb them. Gently saying their name and slowly getting louder until s/o notices.

• Little does Hanzo know, s/o does the same thing in that they watch him as he’s practicing or doing something that requires concentration.

• If it’s been a long day and s/o seems stressed out, he’ll hug them from behind in an attempt to soothe their stresses.

• He’s just so enamored by his s/o. It’s adorable.