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Genji, McCree and Hanzo headcannons with an s/o who sticks their tongue out,bites onto their lower lip or/ and twirling a string of hair around a finger when concentrating or daydreaming. :3


• He’d catch himself watching s/o as they worked and take in everything that is them.

• Not to mention he finds it cute that they have little ticks when they’re concentrating.

• Being the observant person he is, he’d notice subtle differences in the ticks if s/o was more stressed than usual and try to help them.

• He’s honestly just so in love that he’d be perfectly content just watching them work or wait a few moments to speak if he caught them daydreaming.

• ‘Genji, you’re doing the thing again.’ ‘You just look beautiful/handsome like that.’


• Similar to Genji, he’d enjoy seeing s/o in a state of concentration of daydreaming. However he’d occasionally mess with them a bit.

• If he can, he’ll sneak a little kiss on their cheek. Usually before leaving to go do something.

• Being the dork he is, he’d probably put his hat on s/o to give them a little warning that he’d be needing them back in reality soon.

• And by probably, I mean definitely.

• McCree has his own little ticks too, but they’re the constantly moving leg tick.


• 100% would spend hours just watching his s/o and get caught in his own little daydream.

• If he needs to get their attention he’d do so shyly, not wanting to disturb them. Gently saying their name and slowly getting louder until s/o notices.

• Little does Hanzo know, s/o does the same thing in that they watch him as he’s practicing or doing something that requires concentration.

• If it’s been a long day and s/o seems stressed out, he’ll hug them from behind in an attempt to soothe their stresses.

• He’s just so enamored by his s/o. It’s adorable.

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I saw the answer you did for Hanzo, Genji and McCree for a S/O with ticks when their concentrating. Could you possibly do one for Reaper, Reinhardt and Junkrat?


• At first, he wouldn’t really pay that much attention as he’d be busy with his own things

• After noticing it, but dismissing it, he’d ask s/o about why they twist their hair/bite their lip/insert other tick herd and his s/o wouldn’t even realize they had been doing that.

• He wouldn’t really spend too much time watching his s/o concentrate on things as he finds it a bit odd, but he’ll glance over. If s/o is fast enough they’ll see the ghost of a smile on his face.

• ‘Gabe, I totally saw you smile. Do it again.’ ‘You saw nothing.’


• Would notice the ticks immediately and think that his s/o was stressing out about things. Which they might be, but s/o will tell him that that’s just their ‘focusing face’

• ‘That is a rather….interesting focus face.’

• He’d totally just bust in and attempt to help s/o with whatever they’re doing, even if it ends up making his s/o groan loudly in response

• He just wants to help out his dear s/o in any way that he can, sometimes in the form of food, sometimes in the form of hugs, other times in flowers, etc.


• This boy is a mess tbh a mess that more or less worships his s/o and loves to watch them do everything. Well, everything that other people would call mundane.

• He gets to see them do awesome stuff all the time on the battlefield, but watching them cook things or type out reports? He finds it fascinating that his s/o does that.

• Many a sigh and groan are heard as Jamison cracks puns and bad jokes hoping to make his s/o break their concentration for a moment.

• ‘Jami, get off of me, I’m trying to finish this.’ ‘But you need to take a break sometimessss.’

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Do you think that Blizzard is being so mist and shadow about Sombra because they want us to feel apart of Overwatch by letting us figure everything out?

*incoherent screaming* I swear to god if that’s why they’re delaying this. I’VE SPENT SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO DECODE ALL THE PUZZLES AND WATCHING THE ARG AND I SKIPPED CLASS YESTERDAY BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE’D BE OUT, BUT NOOOOOOO. Like, I love solving the puzzles and stuff, but my god Blizzard. I’m going to tear my hair out if I have to wait an entire month for the ‘download’ to be done. - Admin Killymin

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what's your opinion on joke rounds; like everyone going one hero and junk like that?

I LOVE DOING THAT OH MY GOD. My personal favorite is having a full team of Genji and then syncing our ults. Angry Japanese everywhere. - Admin Killymin

ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! Junkrat, Reinhardt, Soldier 76! Gimme dat shiz and I will be so happy; even if the team loses~ Admin Marshy

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*raises hand* oh oh! I have an oc! Her name is Elizabeth but she's known as Wild Child! She's only 19 and is stuck living in the jungle after being kidnapped, feigned for dead and then left. She mainly uses archery skills but does well with hand weapons. She knows a little about metal prothisis and helped out a jaguar after it was injured by poachers. He is named beast and helps her out in return, they're best friends. ^_^

Oh, that’s so cool! Having a jaguar partner is always interesting. Kind of like a support animal, like you know Ganymede with Bastion? If that’s what you were going for I like it!

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(2/2) so she joined overwatch to kick ass and inspire hope among the younger generations. idk the specifics of her play style but she uses plasma weaponry and she's a support hero. her ult is called incandescence and basically it heals allies when they damage enemies and damages enemies when they try to harm her allies. she's demisexual and i love her and lowkey ship her w genji. thank you for letting me ramble, i love the blog! hope ur having a good day/night!

Ah, I read both of the things you sent in. And I wanna say I love this oc. Let me love themmm <3

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(1/2) ocs??? i have one named nyx (which is the greek goddess of night), she's 5'5 ish, 34, afro-latinx, and an astrophysicist! she spent her adolescent years struggling with depression and self harm issues but once, while monitoring a mission her astronaut comrade went on, a tear in her co-workers suit that resulted in their death helped her realize that the universe is a pretty hostile place, so she should at least be on her own "team" and not hurt herself

Do I get bonus points for knowing who Nyx was? Haha just kidding! I do really like this concept though. Realizing that in order to be your strongest you need to be rooting for yourself. That’s something that a lot of people need to know and I really hope that the people reading this know that. HUGS FROM ADMIN KILLYMIN, COME ON EVERYONE, BRING IT IN.

Killymin’s oc

Ahhhhhh, I figured I should probably post about my oc since I’m asking about your guys’ ocs. So here it goes!

Nessa Raschke | Codename: Voltage | Cybernetically Enhanced Human | 28 | Female | Demiro Heterosexual |


| Shock Blaster |
Nessa’s primary fire is a pistol fueled by the electricity her cybernetics can generate. Can be charged to fire one powerful shot, must be reloaded after this.

| Enhanced Mobility |
Her cybernetics allow for quicker and more efficient movement
| Cloaking Suit |
Raschke’s cybernetics, as well as the body armor she now wears can reflect light for a limited time, essentially making her invisible.

| Direct Neural Interface |
As a result of her having a DNI, Naomi is able to control electronics with her mind. Controlling drones, cracking firewalls, shutting off power to certain areas, etc. As well as having an enhanced sense of what is around her, what the options are, and general knowledge of the battlefield.

| Shockwave |
Her ultimate sends a devastating shockwave from the electricity generated within her cybernetic limbs, but she remains stationary while activating it.

Nessa Raschke was a Lieutenant in the USMC and was one of the few selected for the Cyber Soldier Initiative at the age of 18 years old.Being that she had only been serving for a year, she graciously took the offer and underwent the operation of removing her limbs and replacing them with cybernetics, as well as surgically installing a Direct Neural Interface. Raschke went on to continue leading her designated squad into high risk operations and succeeding in their objectives.

However, the Cyber Soldier Initiative was dissolved a few years after it had begun leaving Raschke unemployed. Wanting to continue using her abilities and catching the eye of Talon, she was recruited by the organization. Using the woman’s DNI against her, they convinced her that the assassinations she was now committing were for the greater good. This continued for a few years before a sympathetic Talon agent freed Naomi from the programming she had been under.

Now 28 and wanting to redeem herself for the heinous crimes she has done, she wanders the world using her abilities to fight and protect those who cannot do so themselves. She is generally disliked by many because of her past, and she understands that, but she is trying to prove to herself and others that she is not the person that killed for Talon. She is her own woman now and nothing can take that from her.


Hey guys! As you can see from the title of this post, there is gonna be a new admin coming in~

They’re coming in from their previous blog of @under-n-overwatch, so please be kind and welcoming~

I will also be now be known as Admin Marshy, but my own, personal posts will still be tagged with “admin babbles”. They will be going by the name of Admin Killymin and their personal post tag is “admin chitters”.

If you would like to message us, feel free to do so! But I would also ask if you specify which admin you would like to chat with, like putting in ‘Admin Marshy’ for me, or ‘Admin Killymin’ for them~ And, any current convos that I have up with any of you will stay with me unless you wanna chat with the new admin too!

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Killymin how long will you be streaming? I want to watch your gloriousness but I am currently in class with no wifi ;-;

Honestly I’ll probably be streaming all day. With periodic breaks. I’ll post on here when we do take a break

Hey guys! Admin Marshy here~

I just wanted to tell y'all I’m sorry for not being very active on here for the past few days. With work and stuff around the house to do, it’s hard to really sit down and concentrate. Also, my internet connection decided to fail on me today and tomorrow, so I’ll be doing my usual hand-writing out requests for until we can fix this little issue and things back up and running!

I’m also really glad to see y'all welcoming Admin Killymin with open arms ;w; it makes me really happy~

Anywho! Like I said, I won’t be able to post any requests myself until this Wi-Fi issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience!

Hello there~!

Hey guys! I’m the new admin, Killymin! I used to run the under-and-overwatch blog as Admin Marshy said before. I’m the biggest nerd as some of you may know from my little-not-so-little theories from my past blog. So, uh, yeah! Looking forward to being the admin here!

Hey guys, Admin Killymin here. So I’ve been playing Overwatch a ton lately and my friend suggested I stream it. So if I did stream it (probably on youtube) how many of you guys would want to watch it?


Oh also, my youtube is City_Lights. I’m going to start using it for videos and such. My friend that I’ll be streaming with, and he’ll also be streaming, his channel is Comtra_Fox_Gaming. We’ll probably be streaming around noon MST. Come join our insanity!