Sterek Dance!AU (soon to be)

It’s not like Stiles has a dream and he’s expecting it to come true this year. It’s not like he’s expecting his life to become a fucking coming-of-age story cliché when he leaves his hometown to tag along with Scott to New York. No, he can specifically remember not wanting anything to happen over his gap year. That’s why he takes an undemanding job at the coffee place just around the corner and buys a Netflix subscription for a whole year; he’s been mentally prepared for just vegetating through it, and maybe figuring out his life somewhere after that.

But that’s exactly when everything goes not as planned, and Stiles ends up with his hopes up, his fouetté jeté needing practice, his heart hammering in his chest for all the wrong reasons and his name on a poster for a gay version of The Swan Lake.

Yeah, and that’s not even the half of it.

killym  asked:

Woah, you're like a gif machine XD I knew what I was doing, getting into Team Jessica with you ;p Anyway, season premiere. Am I missing something, or did they completely changed plotline for mr. Hardman? Or maybe this fella with a dead wife is mr- Hardman-from-pilot's son, or something? What do you think? ;>

The fact is, the scene we’ve seen of Hardman from the pilot was cut from the US version and Aaron Korsh (Suits creator) explained that it wasn’t supposed to air anywhere ever but it did in the UK, Italy and… basically everywhere except the US.

The reason it was cut was partly because Victor Garber wasn’t available for more episodes, and partly because they later decided to not show Hardman until the next season and change everything about him. That’s why he was chatting amiably with Jessica in that scene from the pilot and is now considered the antichrist.