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Ziggy (Stardust) has been here once before. This time I thought I’d share some nicknames she’s acquired: ziggster, keety, keety cat, killy cal, killy, ziggsteranious, Ms. Priss, and princess.

In the years since we adopted her I don’t think I’ve ever once called her ziggy even though I picked the name


For everyone who’s saying that Hook loving Emma made him weak… No. Flat out no.
  Sure, you can go and ask “Well look at Hook with Milah… he’s entirely a different person." 

That’s the point

Hook loved Milah selfishly. And a selfish love is not a True Love. Love is sacrifice and putting the other person before your needs and yourself. You do everything in your power to make the day brighter and easier without expecting anything in return. 

    I can not even count how many times Hook has gone out of his way to say something or do something to make Emma smile and take her mind off her troubles even if it is only for a brief moment. 

"That’s quite the vessel you captain there, Swan.”

Emma’s world is about to crumble. She’s breaking. Enter Hook, who jumps to her side and makes a silly little comment to try and make it better. Make the burden easier to deal with. No matter what he’s feeling, no matter what he wants to say… they can be left unspoken as long as she smiles. 

Hook with Emma is selfless.

Hook with Emma is True Love.

Who Hook is with Emma is the person he is. He truly is. Who he’s always been, though sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find. 

At long last, it’s time for more Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Well, almost.

First, just in case you missed it, my “live”blog of Madoka Magica: Rebellion is up! If you missed it, please click this link to read it, if you wish.

Second, I’d like to give one more shout out to Killi Cat from the Discord who made a splendid FMA:B AMV that is a tribute to this liveblog. Check it out here!

Third, this is Episode 28. It came to my attention that Episode 27, which is a clipshow recap episode, actually spoils a reveal made here in this episode. After much debate in the Discord chat, the matter came down to a literal coin flip! It has been decided that I will watch Episode 28 before Episode 27. To be honest, I’m glad I’m doing it this way because this is the way the original author intended whatever this reveal is to be revealed.

Because Episode 27 is a recap episode, I might actually just liveblog it immediately after this episode is done. There probably won’t be much to cover.
We’ll see.

Right, then. We’re starting off with the show’s third OP here, so that means I must close my eyes to avoid spoilers and take a listen to the song. See you on the other side!

Can't Get Enough

Just a short little smutty one-shot based on Killy’s new threads. (x

Emma shows Killian just how much she appreciates his new modern clothing based off the new spoiler pics of Killian’s new clothes.

AN: My Apologies. This is not beta’d. Sorry for any mistakes you may or may not come across. 

Word Count: 1100

Rated M for smut



Emma had her lips buried in his neck, her tongue flicking against the sensitive skin, her teeth scraping against him while she rocked her hips over his leather clad erection. With his newly acquired modern style leather jacket falling slowly from his shoulders, his hand threading in the silky blonde hair at the back of her head, holding her steady against him, he rolled his hips toward her center eliciting a soft drawn out moan from his savior as her hands dipped underneath the material of his waistcoat, burying her fingertips into his chest hair that had him growling fiercely in response.

He knew he was a devilishly handsome pirate but never did he expect that his new attire would have this sort of effect on his Swan. He should have made the change ages ago if he knew it would render this kind of response from her…

Killian pulled her from his neck, attacking her lips with his, his tongue diving in and out of her mouth as her hand traveled south, palming at his erection that had him gasping in her mouth. Emma’s hands found themselves tucked into his jacket briefly before pushing it completely off his shoulders leaving him clad in his barely visible v-neck shirt covered in a black waistcoat that was all him. The perfect combination of his alter ego and the modern man he was becoming. It fit him to a T.

Emma pulled him towards her by the chain around his neck, her lips soft and demanding against his as the two bucked furiously against one another in search of friction. She was damn near insatiable.

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