Seeing the hologram tupac just goes to show he’d kill all those poppy, fake ass rappers like drake, Wayne, etc. Idc if it wasn’t the real tupac it was nice seeing someone in hip hop we truly miss #killumanti (Taken with instagram)

The Wavyest (5 AM In 925) Lyrics

Verse 1

I’m on a roll

check the sample got dope flows

I be with bad hoes

that keep the kitty on Amber Rose

It’s still Wavy Winter I gas the track like its propane

I ain’t sellin cocaine

but I’m after them stacks like the dope man

tryna get my back up off the ropes 

I write these raps to be acknowledged and give my city some hope

Understand I ain’t I a criminal

all I do is visuals

Xbox games new tv up in my living room

I’m sext messaging estrogen

call up some of yo girls I’ll hit up some of my friends

we sippin gin outta red cups

wavy niggas all we do is turn up

get a pound break it down roll it up

if the cake right then we showing up

play our song bitches going nuts


I’m done talkin witcha

ya girl is a freak I got all them pictures

tryna keep it lowkey cause them stalkers getcha

so I tint the backseat no laws against it

Just know I’m on top of my job no beans and weenies

got yo girl on my jock and she feelin needy

Niggas lame out the game go eat ya wheaties

Lebron James in the lane on checkerboards they king me

Verse 2

Wavy Winter gametime

I do my thang wave nights

might snatch ya chick gametight

lame niggas left ain’t right

my mind is a beautiful lie

it comes alive when the fantasies die

wake up to dreams what do you believe?

when the pressure overcomes how do you achieve?

Heart of A Diamond you fold for gold

lookin at ya eyes for hours searchin for ya soul

been walking the earth for years what we searchin for?

Truth, Power, & Love NOT Sex, Money, & Drugs


Doin me focus on doin you

I’m doin me focus on doin you

doin me

doin me

Focus on gettin loot nigga


If you knew how powerful your thoughts were youd never have a negitive thought again. I have my Third Eye Open ive worked my whole life on one thing and thats my imagination as my belief involves being able to create your own reality. You are basically if you will a shareholder of reality and you have more say about how things are run than you think. I live for the free world and my lifes mission is to give the people back what was and will once again be! And that is consciousness itself. < Real Talk. - Feel Me or Unfollow Me. #killumanti #freeworld #onemind #onelove #peace

Not even close to what I sketched up to get councils permission to do one of these p.s. I love box. But I myself think its a much better painting for the community. #killumanti