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Playing HxH Sims this morning :
-Leopika get married in the kitchen with Hisoka as their witness
-Gon throws a house party to show off his new clothes
-Illumi cries and plots Gon’s death because he hates parties
-Killugon is getting serious

Playing this afternoon :
-the crew moves into a bigger house so Illumi will have his own room to hide in during Gon’s parties
-Kurapika cheats on Leorio with Hisoka
-Hisoka gets arrested and has to stay behind bars
-Gon and Killua get into a fight and are refusing to talk to each other (hopefully they won’t break up)

………. This all happened in freeplay. The ONLY thing from the list that I did was move them into a bigger house.


Color Palette Meme

Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan

Why Gon was the one to arm wrestle people during the Yorkshin arc instead of his stronk Killua bf
  • Leorio: Killua just do it you brat! This way we'll see who's stronger and who should arm wrestle everyone, now shut your trap and do it!
  • Killua: *grumbling* *puts his arm out*
  • Killua: *thinking* I'm gonna kick his ass and get this over with
  • Gon: *puts his hand in Killua's*
  • Leorio: Ready? Start!
  • Killua: *is kicking Gon's ass*
  • Gon: *leans down and kisses Killua's hand*
  • Killua: !?!?!? *blushes and looses focus*
  • Gon: *wins* yay! I won!
  • Killua: *is melting*
  • Leorio: Whut-whut just happened

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I really love the miraculous au!!! its so cool! could you do that one masked ballroom scene from the original post? >u< if you don't mind of course <3

Its the coolest thing ever, I spent most of tonight freaking out over it XDDD Bless @emthimofnight for coming up with this amazing AU <3

So yeah I don’t mind writing more for it haha. Thank you again to emthimofnight who told me more about the ballroom scene so I could write this!

THE INCREDIBLE FANART THAT INSPIRED THIS & other thing I already wrote for this au & a third thing I wrote for this au

Miraculous Ladybug au, featuring Killua (secretly Chat Noir) and Gon (secretly Ladybug). Enjoy!

The sad thing was, Gon almost didn’t recognize his best friend.

Not because Gon was a bad friend. Far from it; he could usually find Killua in a crowd just from the hunch of his shoulders, the hands shoved in his pockets. Gon didn’t need to see the starlight-silver hair or flash of midnight blue eyes to recognize the person Gon had grown up with his whole life.

This, though. This was entirely different.

“What’s the matter, Gon?” Killua asked, familiar smirk growing underneath an unfamiliar mask. “Cat got your tongue?”

Gon was too speechless to respond to the pun.

Killua was dressed head to toe in a startling white suit, adorned with matching gloves and an intricate cat mask that hid most of his face. His eyes- beautiful, shining, the deepest blue Gon had ever seen- glowed in the dim light, sparkling like jewels. The final touch was Killua’s hair- instead of its normal chaotic mess, Killua’s hair was now swept back in a graceful arc.

Gon’s heart throbbed. He had always known Killua was pretty. It wasn’t hard to miss the way other kids at school stared at him sometimes, despite the fact that Killua was a Zoldyck and ‘not to be trusted’ for a reason that made Gon’s hands shake with fury.

But right now- this very moment, standing in the center of a crowded Masquerade Ball, with chandelier lights glittering in the background and sweeping music drifting through the air-

This was the first time Gon realized how utterly breathtaking Killua truly was.

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My fav boys in cute blue checkered shirts is what I’m here for 

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i doubt im the first to try it buuuut you mentioned bts and it was challenge accepted gon is 100% taehyung's outfit in Save Me and killu gives me some heavy yoongi Not Today vibes i may be wrong on that last one though, the pants and shoes aren't the same ;3;

Ding ding, you are the first one! And you are entirely correct! :D
Congratulations, here’s your doodle killua prize:

Thanks for participating <3 

WTWF, chp11 sneak peak

I’ve been feeling really bad for not posting any writing for you guys to read recently…so please enjoy this small snippet of WTWF’s chapter 11 which will be titled ‘Queesting’! The rest of the chapter will be out sometime this weekend :)

Killua could stare at Gon forever, if he had the choice. Gon’s sun-kissed face was an endlessly fascinating kaleidoscope of emotions, always shifting, always changing; he never wore the same expression twice. It was something that Killua had been drawn to when he first met Gon, because he could never be bored while Gon was constantly bending and dancing besides him like an open flame. Over the years Killua found himself memorizing the subtle changes in Gon’s face, searching for the slight quirk of his lips and the flash of fire in his eyes.

Killua wanted to spend his entire life learning the silent language of Gon’s face. He wished he had the time to memorize every single one of Gon’s beautiful emotions.

But he didn’t have the time. All he had were his memories and the fluttering in his chest, the burning pressure behind his eyes. He didn’t even have the strength to tell Gon the most basic and obvious truth-

That Killua loved him. That Killua wouldn’t give up a single second of their time together. That he would have willingly let his quiet and infinite adoration for Gon kill him from the inside out as long as it meant they could be together till the end.

“Hey, Killua?” Gon asked, pulling the silver-haired teen back to the present with a few choice words.

It was really amazing, the effect Gon had on him.

“Yeah?” Killua’s voice was rough. But it didn’t shake with the weight of his sorrow, and he considered that a kind of victory in and of itself.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Killua sucked in a breath as Gon’s fingers brushed against his. He didn’t speak as Gon slid their hands together, intertwining them like two puzzle pieces.

His blood roared in his ears. His mind was blank and all he could focus on was the comforting way Gon’s thumb rubbed up and down his own.

“Killua?” Gon repeated. His eyes glowed in the dark like twin suns.

After a beat, after somehow regaining his ability to speak, Killua said, “You know you can ask me anything, Gon.”

Gon squeezed his hand and Killua’s heart flipped. “Just making sure. Then, Killua-”

“What does it feel like, when you’re in love with someone?”
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 11 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 26650 -> Chapter 11 word count: 4226

Chapter 11 summary:

Queesting (Dutch) -when you invite someone into your bed for some pillow talk

School is currently destroying me but at least I have killugon and this story to make it better~

But, yeah, so here is the highly awaited chapter 11! I hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait :D I can’t thank you enough for all of the support and love this story has gotten, I’m so thrilled you all enjoy it so much <3 Thank you thank you thank you!

Gon’s bedroom always gave Killua a sense of peace, somehow. It probably had something to do with the fact that Killua spent more time within these four walls in the past five years than he had in his own bedroom in his entire life. He knew at what hour the sun would peek through the whale-patterned curtains, how to open the closet door without it screeching like a terrorized cat, and which dresser hid the large-ish hole Gon had accidentally punched into the wall two years ago.

To Killua, Gon’s bedroom was home, was belonging. It gave him a sense of comfort he could never find anywhere else.

So. The question was, if Gon’s bedroom was so soothing to him, why the hell couldn’t he fall asleep?!

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